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Monday 18 January 2010

Weekly Wrap Up (6) Jan 11-17

So if you have missed anything, or everything, this post is kind of excellent for you! And if this is not your case, well, you get to know about other blogs who are quite excellent.

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I gotta go finish Magic Under Glass so, see ya later guys.

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  1. I wonder what you think of Magic Under Glass, I just saw on Kristi's blog that people are bitching about the cover? What do you think? I myself haven't read it yet and really don't have the urge to :)

  2. I actually thought the cover was pretty nice. For me a cover doesn't have to be PERFECT in all details, I mean come on. I think the cover is very magical and I like it.

  3. The controversy is that once again, Bloomsbury (publisher) took a character that's supposed to be dark, or brown in color and protrayed her as caucasion on the cover. There's a part in the book where the character talks about her brown skin.

    After the problems with Liar, (white model, black character) same publisher, you would think that they would have been a little more careful about this.

    For kids and people of color who have grown up with little or no positive representation of themselves in any media, books, t.v., movies, this is like a slap in the face. For the writers who write about diverse characters to always have them portrayed on the covers as caucasion, is like, "no matter what you write, we decide what's important to show, and it's white."

    That's the problem.
    linkage http://blackteensread2.blogspot.com/2010/01/really-bloomsbury-im-done-publishing.html

    and an open letter to publisher - http://blackteensread2.blogspot.com/2010/01/open-letter-to-bloomsbury-kids-usa.html

  4. We're referring to the US cover, btw. The UK cover is more like a doll under glass look. The US cover has a woman standing, looking at a glass with something glowing in it, and she's caucasion, where the character is brown.

  5. Well for me it's just not that big of a deal really. Sure she said she was darker in skin tone than the other girls, she is foreign, but it doesn't specifically say "Oh I'm brown".

    I even read a few pages ago where Hollin describes her skin as, and I quote, being a "golden glow". Trust me, if I were to describe my skin I would say it was a golden glow too and that girl in the cover ain't white white.

    I understood the Liar cover controversy, I mean the girl was super white when she was suppose to be dark, but you see authors don't have much to do with the covers anyways and there is a lot going on in the process of publishing that some things may slip up or end up just not being perfect.


  6. Oh, the cover controversy. Nothing this big since Liar. Glad to hear your thoughts.

    My fav posts of yours this week were Zombie Evolution and New Goodies. Love the Weekly Wrap Up. You're so organized!

  7. This is a great way to wrap up your week! :)


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