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Monday 4 January 2010

Super Exciting News!

So, you guys know how I just love the series Vampire Academy? Yeah we've been over this a couple of times so I will just skip to the point.

There is a live online chat with Richelle Mead, author of the Vampire Academy series. The chat will be taking place on Thursday, January 7th in the Publisher’s Office Watercooler at 8:00 PM EASTERN time. Here’s the link (you can even sign up for a reminder if you think you’ll forget!).

It's a chance to talk to a wonderful author and it would be so amazing if you guys could attend. Like really guys consider it xD I sadly cannot attend because of stupid work. Oh well, enjoy it for me.

And extra extra! New cool and awesome widget! It allows you to read an excpert from the book, watch the trailer, and read advanced reviews at the touch of a button. Link.

Take it and enjoy!


  1. I'm so sad that this chat is happening in the middle of the night for me - I think I would have loved to participate!

  2. Ill be at work, on the computer in that chat room friday! lol.

  3. This sounds like fun! Vampire Academy is a great series.

    Very cool widget. Incarceron is one I'm looking forward to.


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