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Saturday 2 January 2010

First Drop of Crimson Video & Excerpt

Can you just tell I'm dying to read the book? I am! Great trailer too, and I'm not one for trailers.



  1. I'm hooked. Thanks for posting the trailer. I'll have to pick this one up after it comes out : )

  2. oh sounds good...can't wait! i'm not one for trailers either but this is good!

  3. I'm interested in it also. Then I saw that it's not written in first person, and that lowers my interest a little. I like books better in first person - not sure why- I used to be the opposite. Only read books in the third person pov. I'm weird.

  4. This does seem great Love the vid for it.

  5. @Jenn-ay You welcome!

    @KailiaSage It does sound good... and hot... and amazing...

    @Mardel we all have a little weird in us not to worry. But maybe you'll like it anyways! Let's hope

    @CleverlyInked =]

  6. I read the prologue and first chapter. It really starts out with a bang!


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