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Wednesday 27 January 2010

US VS UK, Round Seven...

There are always two version's to a cover, but in this post we are putting the US and the UK head to head to see who comes with the best cover. Our contestants are...

Blood Feud by Alyxandra Harvey and Blue Moon by Alison Noel

And Now We Shall Begin...

Round 1


I like them both in different ways. I like the UK one because I have always liked covers with red, black and white colors. The background looks pretty neat too. Now I like the US cover because it continues the cover theme of the first cover (although a little less creepy). Now I assume that those two are Isabeau and Logan Drake. Logan looks a lot like I thought Nicholas would look like, then again they are brothers. For me, I would pick the US cover because I have the US cover for Hearts at Stake, but if I had the Hearts at Stake UK cover I would choose the UK.

And if it's just between these two I pick US cover.


The action and romance continue as the Drakes face a new vampire with a 200-year-old grudge.

It’s been centuries since Isabeau St. Croix barely survived the French Revolution. Now she’s made her way back to the living and she must face the ultimate test by confronting the evil British lord who left her for dead the day she turned into a vampire. That’s if she can control her affection for Logan Drake, a vampire whose bite is as sweet as the revenge she seeks.

The clans are gathering for Helena’s royal coronation as the next vampire queen, and new alliances are beginning to form now that the old rifts of Lady Natasha’s reign have started to heal. But with a new common enemy, Leander Montmarte—a vicious leader who hopes to force Solange to marry him and usurp the power of the throne for himself—the clans must stand together to preserve the peace he threatens to destroy.

This second adventure in the Drake Chronicles—told from both Logan’s and Isabeau’s perspectives—has all the same butt-kicking action, heart-pounding romances and snarky humor that readers loved in Hearts at Stake, as well as exciting new revelations about the vampire dynasties to keep readers coming back for more.

Out on: June 22, 2010.

Round 2

I like the font of the UK one but the background of the US one. I just don't like the UK picture that much. I do like the little yellow flowers (I wanna say daisies?). So this round it's pretty simple. It's a US win.

And there you go! I'm only doing two rounds today cause I have to talk about something else. The cover for Dark Flame, The Immortals book 4, has been released. Wanna see it?

Pretty, simple, dark. They keep getting better as the series gets worse. I just hope the series gets better because I just don't know if I can take it any longer, kind of like the house of night series. But I am a series junkie, I have to read it till the end!


At the start of this mesmerizing new installment in the Immortals series, Ever is helping her friend Haven transition into life as an immortal. But with Haven drunk on her new powers and carelessly putting them all at risk, their friendship becomes more and more strained. At the same time, Ever delves deeper into magick to get control over her enemy Roman and free Damen from his power.

But when the spell she casts on Roman backfires, she’s bound to her deadliest enemy. Frantic to reverse the spell the moment the moon enters a new phase, she finds her efforts are fruitless—there’s a strange, foreign pulse coursing through her, one that propels her toward Roman. Desperate to break free of the curse before Damen discovers what she’s done, she turns to Jude and delves deeper into dark magick, ultimately risking everything she knows and loves— including her beloved Damen.

Out and About: July 6, 2010.

That is it for today ^^


  1. For Blood Feud I like the UK cover better. And the girl on the U.S. cover sort of reminds of a young Danielle Fishel,(Topanga).

    Blue Moon I like the UK cover because it fits with the first book. Dark Flame is a really great cover, I haven't read the series though and I doubt I will anytime soon.

  2. I like the US cover of the first one and I'm torn on Blue Moon. I like them both. And I love the cover of Dark Flame-I hope it's good!

  3. actually i quite like how the house of night novels are coming along, i cried at the end of the last one and i cant wait for Burned. on the subject of The Immortals, i just cant see myself going any further with it, i read evermore, and i would have stopped there but i picked up blue moon as well that day, so i read that and have disregarded shadowland althogther, and WTheck, Haven is immortal now? i thought that was supposed to ya'know.. be special? -rolls eyes- whatever. its just gotten.. bleck. though the covers are pretty.

  4. For Blood Feud I'd have to go with the US one, it's really cute. For Blue Moon I agree with the fonts for UK and the background for US.

  5. I agree on the second one. The US image with the UK font would look lovely. On Blood Feud I love the US cover but I liked the UK cover for the first book in the series better. Mostly because on the first novel the main girl... well not the best makeup idea. So I love how the UK one corresponds with the first novel's UK cover which was my favorite but that one is a hard pick!

  6. What is the Immortal Instruments? A joint project between Alyson Noel and Cassandra Clare? :)

    I prefer both UK covers. The US cover for Blood Feud creeps me out because it looks like the girl's head was Photoshopped onto a curiously small body. If her arm is any indication, she's emaciated (and probably quite top-heavy as a result). As for Blue Moon, I like the artwork about equally; however, I prefer the font on the UK version. I think they used a similar font on the UK version of Evermore, so both covers tie together nicely.

    I'm not crazy about the cover for Dark Flame at all. Compared to the covers of the previous titles, this one looks like it was thrown together at the last minute. (I haven't read Shadowland, so this new summary has a few spoilers for me. I nearly laughed out loud at the Haven bit. That girl was annoying enough as a mortal. Now she's going to be around forever? Oh dear...)

  7. I prefer the UK cover for Blood Feud. I like the red and black. The US cover looks too much like everything else that's being released these days.

    I can't say I'm a fan of either cover for Blue Moon are nothing new. :S It's like I've seen them before and, if I saw it in Waterstones, I'd assume it's nothing new.

  8. I'm with you on US for both, but only because the first US one fits better with Hearts At Stake and err, not quite sure what the second one is getting at. Maybe red ribbon... Eclipse? Haha. The only thing that still bugs me is that Solange still has long hair!! She has short hair in the book though. :(

  9. For the head-to-head pairings, in both cases, I prefer the cover on the right-hand side.

    Deciding on a cover is tricky, and then designing it is tough.

    "Dark Flame" looks pretty cool!


  10. @LunaMoth yeah the ending of the last book was good, but the series as a whole? Ugh, too many books, not even story line. And yeah, I hate Haven's character too, so annoying and noisy, I don't even know why Ever calls her "best friend" anymore.

    @LaCocinnelle Yeaeeaaah, exactly! lol Thanks for the heads up.

    @Jenn Actually that's not Solange in the cover, it's the new girl, Isabeau.

  11. I like the UK cover for Blood Feud better. It's simple yet elegant in my opinion. The girl on the US cover just creeps me out :/

    US wins for the Blue Moon cover though! I'm not liking the model for the UK version.

  12. I'm going to have to go US on both of me...they are just more eyecatching.

  13. UK for both! Why is it I seem to like covers from the UK better?????

  14. In defense of House of Night, I think the most recent book, Hunted, was the best one yet since its ending was the most satisfying. The only thing that really bugs me about the series is the amount of real time that the books occupy. Hunted took place in less than a week, and Zoey is supposed to be in school for about 4 years. What's with the contrast?
    *Stepping off the soapbox*

  15. I love the UK version of Blood Feud a lot more than the US version. But for Blue Moon I like the US cover more. But both are pretty.

  16. I actually loved "The House of Night novels. But in response to US vs. UK . I really love the UK version of Blood Feud. N I agree with you on Blue Moon.

  17. Since I have the UK version of My Love Lies Bleeding/Hearts at Stake, I prefer the UK version of Blood Feud!

    I have to say that I like the UK cover of Blue Moon much more than the US

  18. I LARGELY prefer the UK version of Blood Feud and only somewhat prefer the US version of Blue Moon.

  19. Just wanted to tell you that I love this meme! It's so fun to look at different covers! Actually I was thinking about doing this on my blog, but with Swedish and American covers instead! I would give you credit of course ;)

    Trying to think about a name for it though, Swe vs. US doesn't exactly has the same sound as US vs Uk!

  20. I have to say that with these, the UK covers are my favorite. They seem DEEPER somehow... :)


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