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Saturday 30 November 2013

Review: Seven Seasons of Buffy Edited by Glenn Yeffeth

Title: Seven Seasons of Buffy
Author: Various
Series: Nope
Book #: 1
Pages: 240
Reading Level: For Anybody
Book Rating: Photobucket
Goodreads Rating: 3.84
Published: Sept. 10, 2003


This collection of irreverent and surprising essays about the popular television series "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" includes pieces by leading science fiction and fantasy authors. Contributors include bestselling legend David Brin, critically acclaimed novelist Scott Westerfield, cult-favorite vampire author Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, and award-winner Sarah Zettel. The show and its cast are the topics of such critical pieces as Lawrence Watt-Evans's "Matchmaking in Hellmouth" and Sherrilyn Kenyon's "The Search for Spike's Balls." An informed introduction for those not well acquainted with the show, and a source of further research for Buffy buffs, this book raises interesting questions concerning a much-loved program and future cult classic.

Taschima's POV:

Are you the kind of Buffy fan that declares that Buffy was the ultimate T.V. Series? Are you the kind of Buffy fan that bought the series and watched it over and over and over again? Are you the kind of fan that discusses with your fellow Buffy mates various points of the series? Like what went wrong, what went great, and things like that? If you answered yes to any of these questions then this IS the book for you. This book will give you plenty of things to ponder long after you finish reading it. The essays will stay with you for days, even the ones that annoy you because they just don't think like you think. And at the very least I can assure you that after finishing it, or heck even while reading it, you will go to your special DVD space, pick up that beloved yet used up box set and sit down to watch it all over again.

The Smart Pop books are not like normal books. Smart Pop books are basically a bunch of essays put together that deal with a specific main thing in pop culture, literature, etc. This book in specific deals with a pop culture phenomenon that is very close to my heart, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. How much of a vampire slayer geek am I? I love it with every fibber of my being. The show, the characters, the romance, relationships, bonds, Spike, Spike, Spike, everything! And speaking as a Buffy Geek I can tell you that it was fun to read various different ideas when it comes to Buffy. Some of these essays went against everything I believe in when it comes to the Buffy universe(like one essay discusses how Willow and Tara's relationship is not the healthiest relationship in the entire Buffy Universe -I think it is-, and Spike not being the ultimate mate for Buffy -which he totally is and I could write my OWN essay listing the reasons why) and some others had me screaming "YES!", "Exactly!", and "I am go glad you pointed that out!".

Some of my favorites: 
  • Is That Your Final Answer...? by Roxanne Longstreet Conrad 
  • The Meaning of Buffy BY MARGUERITE KRAUSE 
  • Love Saves the World BY JEAN LORRAH 
  • Dating Death BY JENNIFER CRUSIE 
  • A Buffy Confession BY JUSTINE LARBALESTIER (It was a good essay even if the ending sort of screw it up a bit)
There are a LOT of essays. So because of this these book won't go by in the blink of an eye like if it was a normal fictional story. You have to take your time and not hurry yourself through it because if not you will not completely enjoy it. That's my advice. What I found interesting about the essays is that I enjoyed the essays written by people that I basically know nothing about, but the people I do know something about (Charlaine Harris, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Scott Westerfeld) I didn't enjoy as much.

There is definitely a little of everything for everybody. A lot of different interesting opinions. Like I said if you love Buffy and love talking about it and discussing it read this book. It's totally for you.

PS; something that disappointed me is that no one tackled the question of who is in reality the better man, who is gooder (if that is even a word), Angel or Spike? This question is one me and my fellow friend talk about a lot. We think Spike is the better man, more good, for many many reasons.So, disappointed nobody tackled that, but maybe I will take the time sometime to tackle this in an essay on my own free time.

Wednesday 27 November 2013

Review: Balthazar by Claudia Gray

Title: Balthazar
Author: Claudia Gray
Series: No T_T
Book #: 1
Pages: 374
Reading Level: YA
Book Rating: Photobucket.5
Goodreads Rating: 4.35
T.B.Published: March 06, 2012

Haunted by memories from his first days as a vampire, Balthazar has spent hundreds of years alone—without allies, without love. When he emerges from his isolation to help Skye Tierney, a human girl who once attended Evernight Academy, Balthazar has no idea how dangerous it will be. Skye’s psychic powers have caught the attention of Redgrave, the cruel master vampire responsible for murdering Balthazar and his family four centuries ago. Having learned of Skye’s powers and the remarkable effect her blood has on vampires, he plans to use her for his own evil purposes. As they stand together to fight the evil vampire, Balthazar realizes his lonely world could finally be changed by Skye...just as Redgrave realizes that he can destroy Balthazar once and for all by taking her for his own.

In a story filled with forbidden love and dark suspense, one of the most beloved characters in Claudia Gray’s New York Times bestselling Evernight series will captivate readers with his battle to overcome his past and follow his heart.

Taschima's POV:

Let me start by saying that I was not a fan of the Evernight series. I liked it, the ending sucked, and that was it. But Balthazar? I am such a fan of Balthazar. This book is more, mature, more fun. More... hot.

The beginning hits you fast and hard. Skye gets attack, Balthazar saves her, and so it begins. The good thing about this book? This scenario doesn't repeat itself over and over again. I love Skye, because she is a kick ass heroine who isn't afraid of fighting and defending herself. She is strong, and even when Balthazar says that they can't possibly be together because of x or y she is like "dude, if we want to be together we will find a way". Plus she isn't like the other girls who are completely oblivious to the male's interest. She  knows what she wants and she goes for it. In this novel we are introduced to a very ancient and effective form of art: that of flirting. It was so much fun reading those scenes between Skye and Balthazar. They really leave you with a crazy little giggle.

Which leads me to the vampire himself. In this novel we not only get to see the present Balthazar but we also get to see flash blacks into his past. The flash backs were confusing, since they aren't very chronological and it gets annoying placing the time and space, but it isn't the end of the world. Balthazar is a dream boat, but the real star in this book is Skye. She is freaking awesome!!

The book is full of action and it has an interesting plot line. It really has the full package, and its so much better than Evernight!!! My only disappointment when it comes to Balthazar is that it doesn't have a freaking sequel. It deserves a sequel, and to be honest there are some things that need following up to (things involving Charity, the vampire community, and their relationship). I so need another shot of Skye and Balthazar.

PS;Also just so you know, a character from Evernight makes an cameo if anybody is interested in knowing who they can message me.

Sunday 24 November 2013

Review: The Hunger Pains by The Harvard Lampoon

Title: The Hunger Pains: A Parody
Author: The Harvard Lampoon
Series: No
Book #: 1
Pages: 157
Reading Level: YA
Book Rating: 
Goodreads Rating: 3.46
Published: Feb. 07 , 2012

Winning means wealth, fame, and a life of therapy.
Losing means death, but also fame!
This is The Hunger Pains.

When Kantkiss Neverclean replaces her sister as a contestant on the Hunger Games—the second-highest-rated reality TV show in Peaceland, behind Extreme Home Makeover—she has no idea what to expect. Having lived her entire life in the telemarketing district’s worst neighborhood, the Crack, Kantkiss feels unprepared to fight to the death while simultaneously winking and looking adorable for the cameras. But when her survival rests on choosing between the dreamy hunk from home, Carol Handsomestein, or the doughy klutz, Pita Malarkey, Kantkiss discovers that the toughest conflicts may not be found on the battlefield but in her own heart . . . which is unfortunately on a battlefield.

Taschima's POV:

I finally made it through that. It was hard to make myself read till the very end, but I managed it! I give myself props for that, and I will tell you why.

First off, this was supposed to be a parody am I not correct? Well, where is the funny? I can count the amount of times I CHUCKLED while reading this book with one of my hands. I have a sense of humour, I am not one of those readers who gets offended if someone makes a joke about a book I like, but if it's not a funny joke I'm not gonna laugh! This book was just written because The Hunger Games is all the hype now and they wanted to take a stab at it. They did it with Twilight (and that one was actually kind of funny) but this one? They couldn't get a funny angle on it! Some of the "funny" points of the book include:
  • Peeta (in the book Pita) is super fat, loves to eat, and can't move from point A to point B without needing assistance. First off, why would this be funny? With better writing I could see someone making a joke out of Peeta being SO IN LOVE with Katniss (her name in the parody is Kantkiss, ha ha... not). But no, they decided to play on the fat jokes, and trust me they don't make you laugh at all.
  • Gale (in the book his name is Carol... why again?) is super into himself and is always plaguing Kantkiss' thoughts. Again with better writing I could potentially get into this, but it really had no comic effect in the story. None what so ever.
  • Rue (Run in the book) is a baby. LITERALLY. She is a freaking baby (quite deadly at that; she manages to kill a couple of people). I just... no. What's even badder (if that is even a word) is that they use the farts jokes with her. Please just stop it, you are making it worse.
  • Kantkiss is just a narrator throughout the story with no original voice of her own. She is incredibly naivee and holds more of her share of stupid stocks. You are killing me book. 
At least if you are going to poke fun at a book (which I am totally for) do it in a funny way! With GOOD writing! This book seems like someone scrambled to put it together at the very last minute with a lot of bad outdated jokes (much like Cinna does in the book with Kantkiss's dresses- at one point she was a mummy made out of toilet paper, sounds funny in theory but in the book is torture). And god it took me so long to finish, I had to make myself sit down and finish it because I wanted to have the right to say to you guys that I finished this book in its entirety and it sucked. The most enjoyable part of The Hunger Pains in my opinion was when the hovercraft people collected the dead bodies and we got a glimpse of what they were talking about, which was their boring day to day lives. By the end of the book I even wanted Kantkiss to die to know how Dave was doing (the last convo he wanted to open his own fish restaurant but needed help in getting money for said opening, I hope everything works out for you Dave). 

And because I don't want to seen as being completely negative (even though this is the first book I have given a one star to in over 2 years) here is one of the parts that made me chuckle:
"Just as I'm realising how difficult it will be to dig a hole with my bare hands, a parachute drops down containing a metal shove. Great, another brainteaser from buttitch. What could it mean? 
That's when I understand the meaning of the shovel, and with a quick smack on the back of the head, Pita is out like a light." 
I would have looked for the other one that made me chuckle, but I don't want to go through it again. Please don't make me.

Friday 22 November 2013

Review: Harbinger by Sara Wilson Etienne

Title: Harbinger
Author: Sara Wilson Etienne
Series: none
Book #: 1
Pages: 320
Reading Level: YA
Book Rating: Photobucket
Goodreads Rating: 3.82
Published: Feb. 2nd, 2012
by G.P. Putnam's Sons BYR

Plagued by waking visions and nightmares, inexplicably drawn to the bones of dead animals, Faye thinks she's going crazy. Fast. Her parents believe Holbrook Academy might just be the solution. Dr. Mordoch tells her it's the only answer. But Faye knows that something's not quite right about Dr. Mordoch and her creepy, prisonlike school for disturbed teenagers. 

What's wrong with Holbrook goes beyond the Takers, sadistic guards who threaten the student body with Tasers and pepper spray; or Nurse, who doles out pills at bedtime and doses of solitary confinement when kids step out of line; or Rita, the strange girl who delivers ominous messages to Faye that never seem to make any sense. What's wrong with Holbrook begins and ends with Faye's red hands; she and her new found friends--her Holbrook "family"--wake up every morning with their hands stained the terrible brown of dried blood. Faye has no idea what it means but fears she may be the cause. 

Because despite the strangeness of Holbrook and the island on which it sits, Faye feels oddly connected to the place; she feels especially linked to the handsome Kel, who helps her unravel the mystery. There's just one problem: Faye's certain Kel's trying to kill her--and maybe the rest of the world, too. 

Taschima's POV:

This book is just plain weird. In a good way? I am still on the fence on that. I saw so many excellent reviews on the book, so I thought "ugh, maybe this book will be kick ass (even though the cover isn't my favourite)" but after reading it, I was more looking for the 3-4 star reviews, because to be completely honest I was confused for the most part of the story, with the story line and how the things, like the hallucinations, were taking place, and I just didn't seem to take full enjoyment out of the book.

It has some very good qualities to be sure, but it also has some very annoying and potentially unpleasant features. Let's start with the good and work our way to the bad.

The good: The ending is pretty exciting, and getting to learn what the hell was going with the story was my favourite part (even though after all the explanation I was still a little confused on the particulars, but oh well). I also liked the major twist at the end of the story involving the main two characters, that was interesting. The dangerous sort of connection between the main two characters was exciting to read about, though...

The Bad: I didn't connect with the characters. I didn't connect with Faye, the main girl character, because her thoughts were so fragmented and I just didn't get what the hell was going on in her head or why. There is a line between keeping things hidden and mysterious and keeping them so hidden that you can't connect with your main girl because of it. The guy, Kel, was made to be the bad ass character, but he seemed to have more than 5 personalities at the same time. His past and his present didn't seem to connect that well, and at some point was even discarded and forgotten about (actually, this happened with every character's past). As to the rest of the supporting characters, I liked Nami (the rebel girl) and Damion (the Marine guy with issues and the hots for Nami), they seemed super interesting, too bad we don't get to hang out with them that much. Another interesting character was Rita, a young girl who seems to hang out around Holbrook Academy, but we get to see too little of her at the beginning and then she comes back and she is all changed. So, character disconnect. As I said before, I also had trouble with the plot line. I understood the main point of the story, I just got a bit lost in getting there. There was just so much happening at the same time that I guess getting to the end was like a battle and not a battle I enjoyed.

All in all, I finished it, but it wasn't a fave. The whole story seemed to work for a lot of readers, just not this reader. 

PS; Do you like the new black background? I am trying to slowly make a new layout for Bloody Bookaholic, but I am not good. Just found that pattern and thought it was pretty cool.

Did you Know? Jeaniene Frost writes YA.

So the book's title is The Beautiful Ashes and the series goes by Broken Destiny. This new YA title, which is scheduled to release in 2014, is going to be written by none other than the amazing Jeaniene Frost.
"...a young woman discovers she's the last member of an ancient line with an unwanted destiny; and that her only ally, a mysterious young man is destined to betray her... and doom the world, to Tara Parsons at Harlequin, with Margo Lipschultz editing, in a major deal, in a three-book deal, by Nancy Yost at Nancy Yost Literary Agency."

*Pause so that it sinks in*

Jeaniene. Frost... writing YA. HOLY HELL!!!



List of things that I absolutely need in order to stay alive:

1. Oxygen
2. H2O
3. This book.
4. Chocolate


*Singing* This book is going to be awesome, this book is going to be awesome, this book is going to be aweeesome... *singing trails off*



There isn't much to go on yet, only a small description on Goodreads, but no matter what this book will be part of my collection. For those unfamiliar with Jeaniene Frost she is the writer of my favorite adult vampire series, The Night Huntress Series. This series will change your life, it has a very powerful independent the motherload of kickass woman lead, a very british and very enticing male counterpart (who is not afraid to take off his enemies heads and play soccer with them... he will do it), and a addictive plot line that is sure to keep you awake waaaay past your bed time. Every single person I have told to read this series has not been disappointed, and usually call to thank me after they finish reading the first book.

Now imagine her writing a YA novel?

Cannot. Freaking. Wait.

Thursday 21 November 2013

I Started reading Harbinger by Sara Etienne

"When Mom saw me standing in the doorway, she was startled into looking me. She started right into my eyes and shuddered. I didn't imagine it. She actually shuddered, and her obvious disgust shivered through me too. 
Before that moment, I'd only ever sensed strong emotions emanating from people. But that day my mother's repulsion was so strong that for the first time, a clear word emerged from the murky surface of her thoughts: "Abomination."
"I almost crashed straight into her. She'd blended right into the trees. The girl, frozen in mid-scream, panic engraved into her metal face. 
Her weathered bronze hands were thrown up in front of her. Her eyes hysterical and huge. The girl reminded me of hose statues cast from the ruins of Pompeii. People stuck, for all eternity, watching everything they loved be consumed by the fires of hell."
I am on page 43, and I gotta admit that this girl seems freaking crazy. I have no idea whats happening with her half the time, or why she is having hallucinations, or if they are even hallucinations, I guess it's supposed to keep you at the edge of your seat, but it really is just too much confusion for the beginning. I want some answers pretty soon. Also the setting and how it's written it's pretty creepy, I am liking that, it reminds me a tad bit of Bleeding Violet by Dia Reeves.

PS; I already randomized and came up with the winners for the contests!! I just need to make a list out of the books in the pic so that people can choose them and then it will all be done with. The only left contest is for Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver (ends Feb 22), don't forget to enter!

Has anyone read Harbinger yet? Any reviews? I sort of went quickly through the reviews in Goodreads and almost all of them were 4 stars and up, so I sort of have high hopes for this one. Hopefully it will be great!

Monday 18 November 2013

Sneak Peak, Chapter One: The Forever Song (Blood of Eden #3) by Julie Kagawa

I am so excited for The Forever Song! It's one of my top 5 expected books for 2014. But, April 2014 is a LONG time to wait, so here is a little sneak peak of The Forever Song, a little bite of chapter one, that was at the end of The Iron Traitor review copy (another fantastic addition to the The Iron Fey: Call of the Forgotten series if I say so myself). 

Release Date: April 2014
"Where were they? It wasn't possible that an entire outpost of mortals would up and disappear without a trace.
And then, as we followed the path around the pasture and up to the huge barn at the top of the rise, we found the townspeople.
A massive, barren tree stood beside the barn, twisted branches clawing at the sky. They creaked and swayed beneath the weight of dozens of bodies, hanging upside down from ropes tied to the limbs. Men, women, even a few kids, swinging in the breeze, dangling arms stiff and white. Their throats had been cut, and the base of the tree was stained black, the blood spilled and wasted in the snow. But the smell nearly knocked me over regardless, and I clenched my fists, the Hunger raking my insides with fiery talons.
"Well," Jackal muttered, crossing his arms and gazing up at the tree, "isn't that festive." His voice was tight, as if he, too, was on the edge of losing it. "I'm guessing this is the reason we haven't found a single bloodbag from here all the way back to New Convington." He growled, shaking his head, lips curling back from his fangs. "This guy is really starting to piss me off."
I swallowed the Hunger, trying to focus through the gnawing ache. "Why, James, don't tell me you feel sorry for the walking meatsacks," I taunted, because sometimes, goading Jackal was the only thing that kept my mind off everything else. He snorted and rolled his eyes.
"No, sister, I'm annoyed because they don't have the decency to be alive so I can eat them."
This sneak peak is so bloody and intense! I can picture that tree so clearly, this book is definitely not for the faint of heart. Men, women, even little kids... Oh gosh, I don't want to be creepy but this is just so dark, I can't freaking wait. Julie Kagawa seems to not be pulling any punches, she is writing it like it is. Vampires are Vampires, and they can be merciless and scary as all hell. What do you think of this sneak peak? Too bloody for you? Not bloody enough? I can't wait for more!!

*Quotes are subject to change.

Wednesday 13 November 2013

Divergent Official Trailer is made of awesomeness.

This trailer confirms it, Divergent seems like it's going to be amazing. And I am so glad! With the Vampire Academy trailer leaving us doubtful I am glad that the Divergent movie seems like it's going to be great, and as closely as the book as it can be. It hurts to watch it though, knowing how everything is going to turn out, who is going to die and who will survive. Allegiant left me in a state of depression, all of us really. But watching Divergent might bring back some of the joy I found in the series in it's beginning :)

PS; I cannot wait to see Will, Cristina, etc. I love the side characters as well!

Tuesday 12 November 2013

Review: A Visitor's Guide to Mystic Falls: Your Favorite Authors on The Vampire Diaries

Title: A Visitor's Guide to Mystic Falls
Author: A Whole Bunch
Series: Nope
Book #: 1
Pages: 224
Reading Level: For Everybody
Book Rating: Photobucket
Published: Oct. 19th, 2010
by Smart Pop Books

Vampires are hot right now, especially among teens, and The Vampire Diaries in a few short episodes became the CW’s most-watched show.

The Vampire Diaries brings together today’s best YA writers of the supernatural to talk about the show’s first season: the characters, the storyline, the magic, the town. From a history of the Salem’s witches from whom Bonnie is descended to family therapy for brothers Stefan and Damon, the anthology is guaranteed to keep Vampire Diaries viewers entertained—and make them see Mystic Falls, and the rest of the show, in a whole new way.

And the webmasters of Vampire-Diaries.net, a popular fansite for both the books and show, also provide a primer on what viewers should know before picking up the books.

Taschima's POV:

A book a la true Smart Pop books fashion. A bunch of author's coming together in a single book, essay format, to talk about the wonders and amazingness of what is The Vampire Diaries, season 1. Being a Vampire Diaries fan myself, TV Show not books (though I did read those before watching the TV show a long time ago), I found this book sooo freaking enjoyable, because as I always say when it comes to Smart Pop Books it's like coming together with your favourite authors (Bree Despain, Alyxandra Harvey, Kiersten White, Claudia Gray...) and just talking about and gushing about Vampire Diaries.

Amazingly, they talk about more than how attractive Ian Somerhaulder is and how his gaze can pretty much make any panties fall instantly to the ground in complete surrender (Team Damon here). They talk about how the history of Mystic Falls is in itself like a character to the series, an essay focuses on who is the true villain of this tale (supposedly Stefan- a judgement I find very appealing), and just basically about a whole bunch of things that if you are a Vampire Diaries fan will find super interesting. I specially enjoyed the end, where they start talking about how the books differ from the series. The only essay I didn't enjoy that much was Claudia Gray's, not because it wasn't greatly written but because I didn't join in her opinion of making the show that much more historically accurate. It is about the history of mystic falls, but not in that fashion.

Anyways, awesome essay book. Only thing I would request now is a follow up book on the second season of The Vampire Diaries, have the authors who made speculations about season 2 see how their argument changes or not, and see if they themselves change in their opinions. I would certainly buy that book! I would also enjoy some pics of Ian shirtless... You know, for the sake of research and what not.

Sunday 10 November 2013

Oldie, but goodie: Fangirl by Laurie Crompton

Expected publication: August 2012
by Sourcebooks Fire
Laurie Boyle Crompton’s debut is about a comic-obsessed girl who gets into an online war after her first major crush dumps her supervillain-style.
It sounds weird, and unique, and interesting. I want to read it!

Friday 8 November 2013

Review and Farewell: Daylighters (Morganville Vampires #15) by Rachel Caine

Daylighters (Morganville Vampires, # 15)
Title: Daylighters
Author: Rachel Caine
Series: Morganville Vampires
Book #: 15
Pages: 368
Reading Level: YA
Book Rating: Photobucket
Goodreads Rating: 4.44
Published: Nov. 5th, 2013

While Morganville, Texas, is often a troubled town, Claire Danvers and her friends are looking forward to coming home. But the Morganville they return to isn’t the one they know; it’s become a different place—a deadly one…

Something drastic has happened in Morganville while Claire and her friends were away. The town looks cleaner and happier than they’ve ever seen it before, but when their incoming group is arrested and separated—vampires from humans—they realize that the changes definitely aren’t for the better.

It seems that an organization called the Daylight Foundation has offered the population of Morganville something they’ve never had: hope of a vampire-free future. And while it sounds like salvation—even for the vampires themselves—the truth is far more sinister and deadly.

Now, Claire, Shane and Eve need to find a way to break their friends out of Daylighter custody, before the vampires of Morganville meet their untimely end

Taschima's POV:

I cannot believe it has come to an end. I've been reading the Morganville series for years, it was comforting to think that every year I would come back to read about Claire's crazy adventures, Myrnin's insane driving skills, Michael's dreamyness, Eve's gothic soul, and Shane's oftentimes moronic state of mind. Morganville is a dear old friend, and I am sad to have to say goodbye.



I am just glad the series ended on a good note, that it gave us closure, and that it's last book was a marvelous one. It certainly manages to turn the world and rules we have come to expect from our heroines and heroes upside down, that's for sure! Which leads to great entertainment and some serious soul searching.
"I'm bringing trouble to Morganville. They've finally got their peace, what they always wanted, and I'm coming back to rip it apart.I'm the villain."
At first glance Daylighters doesn't seem very different from previous Morganville Novels. It has it's bad guy to be defeated, vampires to be rescued, Shane being a knucklehead and Claire being a hero. An every day Morganville tale, right? Yes, but this one is quite different in that it plays in the gray zone. Peace is back in Morganville's streets. The human residents can walk freely at night and breathe without fearing the vampires will attack for no reason whatsoever, but at that cost? The Daylighters corralled the vampires into an enclave and more than likely are ready to kill every last one of them. Claire is troubled, she knows the Daylighters are not good news but at the same time the people in Morganville are finally safe, what is she to do? Let the vampires perish? Let Michael, Myrnin, Amelie, Oliver, and Jesse die? You know the answer to that, and thus begins the Morganville title in which Claire Danvers, Eve, and Shane are somehow the villains of the story, for better or for worse.
"He stared at her for a long moment, and his anger turned to something oddly like... interest. "You know, you are not the mousy little thing I met that morning in Common Grounds," he said. "You've become something else entirely. It's to your credit, but it's also extremely inconvenient."
Truer words have not come out of Oliver's mouth. I recently re-read Glass House again and I have to say Claire has grown up so much. She is a woman now, a fiercely intelligent and brave woman. She would make a kick ass vampire (fan fiction anyone?). But it isn't only Claire, I will admit Shane has also grown up a lot, and changed. For the most part he let go of his prejudices and even helps the vampires from time to time. He has also grown out of most of his anger issues, though he is still good for a brawl every so often.
"Come on, Shane. Do you really intend to sit this one out?""You're right. There's a fight, and I'm not in it? That seems wrong."
I must admit my hatred of Shane was zero in this book. I have come to accept him, and even find him kind of hilarious at times. He has some really funny quotes in this book. Michael... Oh he is so dreamy. Though I wouldn't like to read a book from Eve's POV I would still LOVE to spend more intimate time inside Michael's head (again, Fan fiction ANYONE? Feed a starving woman!). He is the one who changed drastically on the outside, but not on the inside. He was always caring and strong and sweet, even as a ghost and then as a vampire. I feel like Eve became a little lost herself in the love she felt for Michael, which isn't bad but what does Eve actually want to do with her life? Other than being married to Michael and living happily ever after in a Vampire populated Morganville? I don't know really. Still she can handle herself in a fight and has a quick tongue, which we all appreciate.

Myrnin... Oh my love. I have loved you ever since you were first introduced. I will miss you a lot, and I hope you are happy with Lady Gray. I hope you don't accidentally kill her, and put her brain in a computer. Again. Though if that makes Rachel Caine write more Morganville books then by all means! It would also be extremely cool if Mrs. Caine were to write about the days before Morganville. How Morganville came to be, the lives of Amelie, Oliver, and Myrnin before Morganville and Claire, etc. I would totally BUY that. So many possibilities!

The ending was sweet, though expected. No real surprises but it's nice to see a series that you come to love end with a happy note for a change (after Allegiant I don't think I could have survive another tear jerker). The whole book was a really nice add to the world and ended things on a good note, giving the reader, and the residents of Morganville, some type of much needed closure. I wish there were more titles but if this is how things need to end then I approve of this book, and encourage EVERYONE out there to start reading the Morganville series. It is the kind of wild ride that you will never want to leave.

*ARC provided via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Quotes subject to change.

Wednesday 6 November 2013

Review: Fateful by Claudia Gray

Title: Fateful
Author: Claudia Gray
Book #: Only One :')
Pages: 356
Reading Level: YA
Book Rating: Photobucket.5
Goodreads Rating: 4.01
Published: Sept. 13th, 2011
by Harper Collins

In Fateful, eighteen-year-old maid Tess Davies is determined to escape the wealthy, overbearing family she works for. Once the ship they’re sailing on reaches the United States, she’ll strike out on her own. Then she meets Alec, a handsome first-class passenger who captivates her instantly. But Alec has secrets...
Soon Tess will learn just how dark Alec’s past truly is. The danger they face is no ordinary enemy: werewolves are real and they’re stalking him—and now Tess, too. Her growing love for Alec will put Tess in mortal peril, and fate will do the same before their journey on the Titanic is over. 
Featuring the opulent backdrop of the Titanic, Fateful’s publication is poised to coincide with the 100-year anniversary of the ship’s doomed maiden voyage. It is sure to be a hit among Titanic buffs and fans of paranormal romance alike.
Taschima's POV:

While containing no real substance this novel serves as a guilty pleasure who lets you further explore the danger and allure of the Titanic in a never before attempted setting- through a supernatural scope. Who knew werewolves and housemaids were battling for their lives long before the ship ever dared to sink?

While everything in the book isn't strictly true to reality (there's an author's note at the end of the novel that says as much; she might have created some personnel and stuff like that; it's based on the historical moment but the characters and some of the things in the ship are a bit made up) the novel is still enjoyable and you can intensely feel the desperation of those last few hours on the ship, which really is the big allure from a story that shows such a terrible historical moment. Just as the main character was running around all over trying to save the people she loved the most I was clutching my pillow, biting into it, and hoping like hell she at least get so save a few of them(fair warning though, the sinking part of the story doesn't last as much as you might otherwise prefer; It's no Titanic -the movie-).

As for the characters, I was not impressed. The main guy (Alec; love this name) was okay, interesting, but nothing really out of the ordinary. He is rich, he is cute, and he is a werewolf. The main girl (Tess), is poor, a house-maiden to a rich in status yet poor family, and a little too bland for my taste. I only really started taking a liking to her in the last few pages, when she finally started showing some spunk, but by then it was a little more than half the novel. The two character's romance though was very enjoyable, and is what made me keep reading through the first part of the novel. It may have been a little cliched, but it still pulls at the heart strings all the same. Even the dialogue at times made me roll my eyes a little (believe in yourself; you can do this; etc etc- the message felt like it was being fed down our throats). Overall the stories of the characters we're a bit too cliched and expected, nothing really caught you off guard, but you still manage to care a bit about the likable characters all the same- well, enough not to want them dead at least *grins*.

There was also some other things, something about an evil Brotherhood who wants to rule the world with it's werewolf members -wasn't fully developed, all we really know from it is what we know from the main evil guy (Mikhail) who is really annoying, and kind of scary -I dislike him very much.

I read the book in two sittings, so I really did enjoy it, I just think that it could have been better, the werewolf part of the story could have been more developed, and the Tess could have grown a spine a little bit earlier in the story. That's all.

PS; It is a stand alone, but there were a lot of questions left unanswered, things to do with the Brotherhood, the main characters' future... I think the book works as a stand alone though, I guess the rest is left to the readers imagination.

Monday 4 November 2013

Review: Rainbow High by Alex Sanchez

Title: Rainbow High
Author: Alex Sanchez
Series: Rainbow High
Book #: 1
Pages: 272
Reading Level: YA
Book Rating: Photobucket
Published: May 31st, 2005
by Simon Pulse

Jason Carrillo, the best-looking athlete in school, has had his eyes on the prize from day one: a scholarship for college.

But then his eyes turn to love -- and Kyle.

Kyle Meeks, swim team star and all-around good guy, is finally in the relationship he wanted. Being in love feels so good, in fact, that he can't imagine giving it up to go to Princeton.

Something he's worked for his entire life.

Nelson Glassman, outgoing and defiant, might be HIV positive. Jeremy, the boy he loves, is HIV positive. Although Nelson fears testing positive, if he is infected Jeremy might stop protecting him and pushing him away.

They can be together.

High shool's almost over. Graduation is ahead. Life's a bowl of cherries, right? Right...

Taschima's POV:

High school is difficult as it is right? Well for these guys is even harder. Jason the star athlete is gay, knows it but its still afraid of completely "coming out of the closet". I mean what would his teammates think? His friends? Though choice, then again life is full of those. Meanwhile Kyle, a.k.a. Jason's honey, is struggling with the hardest decision of his life, Princeton or Jason? and Nelson is scared not only for high school, but for his life. What will the future bring these young men? I guess you will have to read it to find out.

A realistic novel of growing up Gay. It is unbelievable all the crap gay people have to put up with just for being different. I cannot understand, I don't know Ill ever understand, why people are so close minded. Gay people are the same as us, they worry about school, college, their family's, teenage drama, etc. I admire homosexual people, some times they are stronger that all of us together. This book is amazing and everybody should get a chance to read it, it open your eyes to things that are happening all around the world, things that may be happening in your very own school.

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