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Thursday, 21 November 2013

I Started reading Harbinger by Sara Etienne

"When Mom saw me standing in the doorway, she was startled into looking me. She started right into my eyes and shuddered. I didn't imagine it. She actually shuddered, and her obvious disgust shivered through me too. 
Before that moment, I'd only ever sensed strong emotions emanating from people. But that day my mother's repulsion was so strong that for the first time, a clear word emerged from the murky surface of her thoughts: "Abomination."
"I almost crashed straight into her. She'd blended right into the trees. The girl, frozen in mid-scream, panic engraved into her metal face. 
Her weathered bronze hands were thrown up in front of her. Her eyes hysterical and huge. The girl reminded me of hose statues cast from the ruins of Pompeii. People stuck, for all eternity, watching everything they loved be consumed by the fires of hell."
I am on page 43, and I gotta admit that this girl seems freaking crazy. I have no idea whats happening with her half the time, or why she is having hallucinations, or if they are even hallucinations, I guess it's supposed to keep you at the edge of your seat, but it really is just too much confusion for the beginning. I want some answers pretty soon. Also the setting and how it's written it's pretty creepy, I am liking that, it reminds me a tad bit of Bleeding Violet by Dia Reeves.

PS; I already randomized and came up with the winners for the contests!! I just need to make a list out of the books in the pic so that people can choose them and then it will all be done with. The only left contest is for Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver (ends Feb 22), don't forget to enter!

Has anyone read Harbinger yet? Any reviews? I sort of went quickly through the reviews in Goodreads and almost all of them were 4 stars and up, so I sort of have high hopes for this one. Hopefully it will be great!

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