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Thursday 28 January 2010

Interview With Jeaniene Frost

I was going to wait a lil' bit before I posted this interview, but I asked myself why wait if you can do it now? So here we go...

Jeaniene Frost is one of my , and other thousands of people, favorite authors. She writes The Night Huntress Series and The Night Huntress World. I love her first series, and can't wait for the second one to hit the book shelves.

Let the fun begin.

First off, a little summary of The Night Huntress Series and Night Huntress World:

The Night Huntress series features half-vampire Cat Crawfield and Master vampire Bones as the main characters. When readers first meet Cat, she’s determined to kill as many vampires as she can in revenge for her undead father assaulting her mother. After Cat is captured by Bones and forced to work with him, she realizes that most of what she’s believed about vampires – and her other nature – isn’t true. Cat also finds out that more than vampires go bump in the night, and that evil isn’t limited to creatures without a heartbeat. When Cat’s relationship with Bones heats up, so does the danger surrounding them, plunging Cat further into the undead world than she ever thought she’d go.

Night Huntress World books are spin-offs from the Night Huntress series featuring side characters as the main characters. FIRST DROP OF CRIMSON, Night Huntress World book one, features Spade (a.k.a. Charles) as the hero and Denise as the heroine. ETERNAL KISS OF DARKNESS, Night Huntress World book two, features Mencheres as the hero and a new character Kira as the heroine. Both books will stand-alone novels, not the start of a new series, and will be set in current times with their storylines running parallel to the Night Huntress series.

Have you always known you wanted to be a writer?

I knew since twelve that I wanted to write a book, because that’s when I really fell in love with reading. But I never thought I’d be able to make a career out of it. I just wanted to write as an outlet for all the stories I had swirling around in my head. Since I’m a classic procrastinator, however, it took me until I was almost thirty to quit talking about writing a book and actually do it. I was halfway through writing a truly awful time travel romance when I got the idea for the Night Huntress books, so I stopped working on the Awful Time Travel novel to start what was to become HALFWAY TO THE GRAVE.

Why enter the Supernatural realm? What attracts you about the supernatural?

I’ve been a fan of the supernatural since I was a child sneaking to watch horror movies. The “what if” factor of the paranormal is fascinating, terrifying, and exciting to me. There’s so much room for larger-than-life heroes, heroines, and villains when you take out the restrictions that apply to “normal” life and introduce supernatural elements. Plus, I’ve been a vampire fan since I first saw Dracula – and wanted him to win over VanHelsing ;-).

When you aren't writing, what do you do in your spare time?

Spare time? What’s that? *wink* Kidding aside, I try to read as much as I can, because with deadlines, my reading time has been cut down a lot. When not reading, my husband and I like to watch movies (usually with a paranormal slant!), go out to dinner, take walks with the dog, or hang out with our families. Yes, sounds very tame, but it’s my characters who like to live on the edge, not me.

Who/what do you consider to be your influence?

As I said earlier, I’ve been a fan of horror movies since I was way too young to watch them. Most of them were paranormal horror movies, so I’m sure that had a big influence on me. I’ve also been a romance reader since age twelve, so that’s had a big influence on me too. Writers who inspired me when I was first psyching myself up to jump into the publishing world were Laurell K Hamilton (first writer I’d read who had vampires as heroes, not just villains!), Diana Gabaldon (Claire’s humor and wit really sparkled), Dean Koontz (his books blend elements of horror, mystery, romance, and the paranormal - all while managing to still be character-driven) and M.M. Kaye, because The Far Pavilions pulled me so deeply into the story that I almost cried when it was over.

How did you derive the idea for your Night Huntress Series?

I came up with the idea from a dream. In my dream, I saw a man and a woman arguing. Somehow I knew the woman was a half-vampire, the man was a full vampire, and they were arguing because he was angry that she'd left him. The story of who they were, and what led up to that point in their lives, evolved and became HALFWAY TO THE GRAVE, but I hadn’t even scratched the surface when I finished that book. In fact, the argument I'd glimpsed in my dream takes place in the second book in the series, ONE FOOT IN THE GRAVE. By the time I was done writing that, I had ideas for the third and fourth books, too.

Do you have favorite characters? If so, why? I love Bones, Cat, Dracula, and Spade.

I’m fickle, because my favorite characters tend to be whoever I’m writing at the moment. Cat and Bones will always have a special place in my heart, because they were my first heroine/hero. However, I’ve emotionally cheated on them, lol. I developed a huge crush on Spade while writing FIRST DROP OF CRIMSON, and Denise also really shined in that story. She’s far stronger and more complicated that I realized when I was writing her as a side character.

Vlad’s character was a complete surprise to me, because when I started writing the series, I resolved never to add Dracula to it. Then in AT GRAVE’S END, Vlad showed up, fully formed in my mind, derisive of his fictional representation, and far too fun to delete because of my former resolution. When writing ETERNAL KISS OF DARKNESS I got very attached to Mencheres, who also surprised me with his many complex layers, his dry wit, and his amazing powers. Kira, the heroine of that novel, started out as someone I *thought* I’d had pegged in the outline stage and then turned every assumption I’d had of her on its head, stymieing my progress until I wrote her the right way. I also have a lot of fun writing Ian, Annette, and yes, even Justina, because they’re sometimes despicable, sometimes honorable, and frequently outrageous.

See? Told you I was fickle!

When did you decide that you were going to do another series from The Night Huntress? Why?

I’ve had the plot ideas about Spade, Denise, and Mencheres swirling in my mind for a long time. About a year before HALFWAY TO THE GRAVE even hit the shelves, I told my editor I wanted to write a book featuring Spade as the hero because I knew exactly who he'd end up with and that she'd meet Denise in my second Cat and Bones book (which my editor hadn’t even read at the time). Then I told her I had even more ideas about Mencheres, who also hadn’t shown up in the series at this point. My editor very gently pointed out that first we'd have to see how this series sold before we could see about doing spin-offs on it. Publishing is a business, so if the Night Huntress series flopped, my odds of readers being interested in spin-offs featuring side characters from it (or my publisher buying those books) were extremely low.

After my first two Night Huntress novels came out and did better than expected, I had my agent approach my editor with proposals for those spin-off books. My editor bought both of them, to my delight. The timing was perfect, because the plotline in the Night Huntress series had progressed to where the first spin off book, FIRST DROP OF CRIMSON, would fit exactly into the events after DESTINED FOR AN EARLY GRAVE (even though Spade and Denise’s story can still easily be read by people who've never picked up a Cat and Bones book). Then ETERNAL KISS OF DARKNESS picks up right after that and segues perfectly into Cat and Bones’s next adventures. Without reader enthusiasm for the Night Huntress series, I wouldn’t have gotten to write the books I’d spent years thinking about, so I can’t express how thrilled I am about that.

How did you come up with Bones? Do you know that almost every female that reads your books is instantly in love with him? (love the British accent).

Hey, I adore him, too! And it’s no accident that Bones is English - I’ve loved that accent since I was a teen. As I mentioned before, Bones showed up in my head as a stubborn, lethal, sexy Master vampire who was very in love with Cat. So right away, I knew what he was, but I didn’t know how he’d gotten to be that way. Finding out the “why’s” became the starting point for his history, and his character – and the story - grew from there.

Where you thinking of Spike from Buffy when you created Bones?

No, but if Bones reminds readers of Spike, I don’t have a problem with that. I’ve had readers say Bones reminds them of Eric from the Sookie Stackhouse series, Jean-Claude from LKH’s series, Lestat from Anne Rice’s series, Legolas from Lord of the Rings, Marcus from Blade the TV series, Acheron from the Dark Hunter series, Spike from Buffy, Edward from the Twilight series…the list goes on. With how Bones changes his hair color from book to book, I expect he’ll remind readers of even more fictional characters in the future, too. Whatever makes readers happy while they’re reading is fine by me.

When writing about Bones’s appearance, I was thinking of Viggo Mortensen’s cheekbones,

Billy Idol’s bleached hair (yes, that SO dates me, I know!),

and Bruce Campbell’s dark eyebrows,

...all mixed with a body that came straight from my naughty imagination. The English accent resulted from my long-time love of them (I blame my teenage crush on Billy Idol, but really, is there anyone who doesn’t like English accents?). Then Bones’s swagger, attitude, and biting wit were combinations of things that cracked me up, plus hints of John Cusack in Grosse Point Blank and the “hail to the king, baby!” arrogant hilarity from (again) Bruce Campbell in Army of Darkness, all mixed with how his character appeared in my head. So in many ways, Bones is a stir-fry of a lot of different people and things simmered together with my own twisted imagination.

If your book/books were turned into a movie, who would you like to play the main characters?

I really don’t know. I have yet to see an actor who makes me think “he could be Bones!” Cat might be easier. I’ve said before I thought if Scarlett Johansson dyed her hair red, she’d be a good representative of Cat.

Or Emily Blunt, also assuming her hair was dyed red. Bones…there’s a reason he’s fictional. In real life, most men just don’t look as amazing as he does in my mind =].

And finally, could you give us a glimpse into First Drops of Crimson?

Sure! When Denise is forced by a demon shapeshifter to locate a relative who backed out of a dark deal, she turns to Master vampire Spade for help. Spade swore he'd never fall for a human again, but as they scour the undead world together, his desire for Denise becomes too great to resist. But once the true depth of the demon’s hold over Denise is revealed, even Spade’s power might not be enough to save her.

Back cover description, teaser page, first chapter, and book trailer for FIRST DROP OF CRIMSON can all be found here. Book releases February 9th.

I love this interview! When FDOC come's out I'm going to be at border's front step screaming 'My precious O.o'.

Now in honor of this interview, and the release of First Drops of Crimson, whoever comments on this post will be entered on a special giveaway. You will be able to choose one of Jeaniene Frost's books, which are:
  • Halfway to the Grave, Night Huntress Series book 1.
  • One Foot in the Grave, Night Huntress Series book 2.
  • At Grave's End, Night Huntress Series book 3.
  • Destined for an Early Grave, Night Huntress Series book 4.
  • First Drops of Crimson, Night Huntress World book 1.
If you want to be entered leave a comment that is regarding the interview, the novels, the author, additional information perhaps, etc. Please don't just leave 'Enter me!' Because it won't be accepted xD

Also leave your name and email address. If you don't feel comfortable leaving your email address email me at bloodybookaholic (at) hotmail (dot) com

The giveaway will end on February 14 at 11:59. Have a nice day!

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  57. Hi all. Thanks so much to Taschima agian for having me here. What a bunch of amazing comments! You guys are awesome.

    Re-"Jeaniene, are you thinking by any chance of writing a book about Vlad?! I love that character!!"

    Thanks, I love Vlad, too! I'm hoping for the chance to write books on Vlad. When it's contract time, I intend to broach that with my publisher. Cross your fingers for me that my pub house likes the idea, too :)

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    Yes, I did. I also have one that size for DESTINED FOR AN EARLY GRAVE because of a publicity push my publisher did at last year's RWA convention. They're so big (and my townhouse, kinda small), so I only have one up. If I get a bigger place one day, maybe I'll have room to hang both, lol.

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  77. Great interview! I absolutely love this series and can't get enough of it. I have recommended it to all my friends. I truly enjoyed reading your interview with Jeaniene Frost, and can't wait for First Drops of Crimson!


  78. have been following Jeaniene Frost's books since december 2008. Jeaniene Frost is possibly one of my all time favourite authors. The reason i got into the Night Huntress Series was because i read jeaniene's Bio (on her 1st offical web page why it still had the grey grave yard scene) that when she was little a preist had asked her "what she wanted to be when she grew up?" her answer was that she wanted to be a vampire, therefore embaressing her parents. to this day her answer makes me giggle like a fool because after telling my mother this answer she told me i had done something similar.
    I would love to win a copy of First Drop Of Crimson. Although i live in the UK so im not sure if that is possible.
    Thank you for holding the competition.
    Hugs and Loves,
    Bethan West

  79. Awesome interview! I can not get enough of Jeaniene Frost and her spectacular series. She is my absolute favorite author. So far none of the guy characters I have read about in other books compare to Bones. He is my favorite male fictional character. Oh how I wish he was real.....


  80. Wow...I must say that the interview was very interesting. Especially the Bones part a lot of the characters that are listed that are like him I see no resemblance to other characters. Honestly, Bones to me cannot be topped and it seems like everyone wants to compare them to others, but I see him in such a different way. Bones to me is so unique that you cannot compare him to Edward, Jean-Claude, Acheron, or other fictional characters. But then again that's just my opinion. Anyway I really enjoy these books and I would love to see more interviews.

  81. I love the fact that you created characters, such as Bones, that can only live in our imagination. They are not look-a-likes or cookie cutter characters.

    I've had this series on my wishlist and would love to win it.


  82. What an insightful interview! I love Ms Frost and LoveLoveLove Cat and Bones, but esp Bones :) No character is like Bones IMO. He's truly a unique and special vamp whom I'm happy to share with friends & family! I truly enjoy reading their roller coaster of Love and am looking forward to the other novels in the Night Huntress series!

    gaksgrl at gmail dot com


  83. Jeaniene, I love your combination of facial and hair traits for Bones. Those three, especially Billy Idol (big fan of his in the 80s) and Bruce Campbell. I have not read your books yet, but people like Taschima speak so highly of them...and after reading this interview...I'm truly intrigued and really want to read them now.

    Taschima, thanks for the giveaway...please enter me.


  84. What an interesting interview! I'd really like to see Jeaniene's books to turn into movies.

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  85. Love this series. Can't wait to read this book. Can't wait to see Spade get his. Hea i mean lol. This series just keeps getting better and better.

  86. @Aik(and anyone else who has expressed a want for the movie version of the series)

    I would actually want the books to turn to a good T.V.Show a show with class that stays true to the series. MUCH more entraining, and less chance to kill the book, that way don't you think?

  87. OMG Scarlett Johansson is my favorite actress. And if Jeaniene says thats who her main character reminds her of I Have To Read This Series. And I was a HUGE Buffy fan in high school. ( Ieven own the book series of Buffy)I am so psyched to read these.

    O n my email is: Hot87Tamale(at)aol(dot)com

  88. Great that you are having an international giveaway. I have never heard about this series before, but it sounds really good! Please enter me!


  89. I've never read any of Jeaniene Frost's books, but they sound like they're really good. I also love the covers of all of her books!


  90. Hi, Jeaniene! Congratulations on creating a truly fabulous fantasy world with vividly memorable characters! It's the layers of the characters which fascinate. They are as beautiful as they are repellant.

    Please enter my name in the drawing. Follower & Subscriber.

    gcwhiskas at aol dot com

  91. I have been wanting to try this series for a while now...after this interview and all the fantastic comments, I am definitely moving it up on my TBR list!!!

    Thanks for the great interview and contest!!!

    ktulanko AT aol DOT com

  92. sigh. deff inspired now... :D one of my stories came to me in a dream, too !! only i ended up trashing the story line and keeping the character. He stars in a 10+ book world right now (of course i haven't finished it...) who knows maybe i'll actually publish it one day. Thank you, Jeaniene, for being inspiring and encouraging :D

    I have the first book in the series but haven't had a chance to read it... Hopefully over summer vacation while i'm not crunched for school :D especially if Bones has an English accent... maybe I should move it up to the top of the tbr list? :D love it.

    awesome interview!!

  93. I'm so addicted to this series and it keep me anticipate every second for the new coming series "First Drops of Crimson". At the same time,I really hope Jeaniene could continue the 5th book for Night Huntress Series as I loves Bones & Cat character so much. The 4th book "Destined for an Early Grave" is totally amazing piece of writing as I personally feel with the new character of Gregor,Jeaniene is really good in drawing suspend and doubt on the reader. Bravo all the way for your new book Jeaniene!!!


  94. I came late to the party only recently discovering these books. But once discovered they quickly became favorites. The advantage of being late was that I could read all four books without going crazy waiting for the next one to be published. I am very much looking forward to reading First Drop of Crimson. I would love to have an autographed copy of it.

  95. This comment has been removed by the author.

  96. Thanks for the interview. Can you let me know how I can get one of these dreams all these authors keep having. I can't even remember half of my dreams.

    findjessyhere at gmail dot com

  97. im gonna see if its on kindle right now! that was a spiffy interview =)

  98. Great interview - love the pic of Viggo, and English accents make me swoon... This is one of my favorite series and is on my keeper shelf (my space is limited so being on the keeper shelf is a big deal in my world!) I was trying to get my sister in law to read this series, so I googled "Jeaniene Frost Chapter 32" and sent her what came up - she wants to borrow them all!!

    Thanks for the giveaway: pspinney AT cox DOT net

  99. Man I just love all her books. I'm really excited that she's starting this night huntress world, so many options with where to go! I'm not sure Scarlet Johansen is who I picture when I think of Cat. I think I see her much more hmmm angular? Where as Scarlet is very soft. Honestly I'd be scared if they made a movie about Cat and Bones. They're just too perfect in my mind, there's no way they would live up to my expectations :-)

  100. I love Cat and Bones so much and I cannot wait for First Drop of Crimson. Spade so deserves his own book. For that matter so does Vlad if the publishers let you do another Night Huntress World book *hint hint wink wink*

  101. Awesome interview!

    Thanks for the giveaway. Please enter me into it.


  102. Great interview! Bones sounds like my kind of character. <3 And I like how his appearance is inspired by flattering bits and pieces of various people. xD

    wakeupangel at gmail dot com

  103. This has got to be my favourite series! I love the fact that it isn't always a happy ending with Cat and Bones. The interview was FAB!!


  104. How am I just finding out how great this series sounds now?!? I really want to read the books. Great interview. I love how so many writers get ideas for books in dreams, maybe I should sleep more lol!!!

  105. I am waiting for these books to come in from the library so I can read them. I have heard so many good things about this series. Great Interview!


  106. I just recently got Halfway to the Grave and am pretty excited to start reading this series!!


  107. I've yet to read any Jeaniene's work, but it sounds like I really should! Fun interview. =]


  108. I've never read any of Jeaniene's but I've heard so much about here I think I should try it out!!! :)


  109. I loved horror movies as a kid also. And now about half of what I read is paranormal. My son is just like me! He can't get enought of the scary stuff. But since he's a pre-teen, its hard to find the scary without the sexy these days.

    lizzi0915 at aol dot com

  110. I LOVE LOVE the Cat and bones books. They tie for first place with my Kate and Curran. (sorry I can't pick LOVE LOVE them both) I think David Boreanaz (Buffy) would make a good bones and Amanda Righetti (the mentalist) would make a good cat.

    Misty Galvin

  111. I can't wait for First Drop of Crimson to come out! I already have a spot for it on my very cramped bookshelf. I love the the Night Huntress series. They are one of my fave books. I want to read them again, and again, and again until I remember every word in the book. I plan to read J. Frost's wonderful series plenty of times in my lifetime. I admire how Mrs. Frost can come up with the books because they are so freaking awesome! I don't think many books can compete with her series--to me--and I hope there will be more and more books to sate my thirst for Cat and Bones and all the other characters.


  112. Hi, I'm Jason. I have heard such awesome things about these books but don't own them in print. I was given ebook copies of them for christmas but would love to be able to hold the books in my hands. Please enter me in the contest. :)


  113. OK I have given in and will get ahold of the first book and read the series.
    bgstoner AT gmail(dot)COM

  114. Love this series, can't wait to read FDOC!

    Van P.

  115. The books look fantastic and I love that the author laughs at the thought of free time! I have not read her but I would love to!

    journey through books @ gmail dot com

  116. I have to say that it was thanks to Jeaniene's books that I eventually developed my current obsession with the entire paranormal genre! I loved reading the interview and hearing her (your) ideas of bones, I agree with you that no matter who they choose for the part it'll never live up to him in my imagination :) pity.

    Stephanie S

  117. Oooohh... for ages I've been hearing of Jeanine Frost, and for some reason or the other, I've not been able to get her books. I'll be so glad to enter this one! Yay!

    readingonarainyday AT gmail DOT com

  118. Thanks Jeaniene for creating such a wonderful world and sharing it with us. I love Cat & Bones. I hope that the series continues for a long time to come.
    Best Wishes.

  119. Ohhhhh, A Huge opportunity to win Jeaniene fabulous books :)
    I'm soooo want to have one of them. SInce she's a new for me author.

    uniquas at ymail dot com

  120. I love every book this lovely author has wrote. The series with cat and bones is in my top three series of all time. Love love love them I can hardly wait for the rest. Oh and I'm totally in love with bones too. One question I would put in the interview is how is the progress on getting a vlad spin off too.

    Would love to win FDOC

  121. wishing i could win and wondering if ch 32 made JF blush!

  122. I'm really really sorry if this posted twice but...

    I've been waiting for Spade's story ever since Cat smashed his head into the cave floor in the first book. I'm a sucker for dark hair and an english accent. =) Can't wait for this book!


  123. This is an awesome interview and giveaway! I love these books and can't wait for FDOC!!! I'm also curious about a Vlad spin off, since he turned out to be my favorite secondary character in the Night Huntress series. I don't think anyone can quite compare to Bones though.

    Amanda Leigh

  124. Hi Jeaniene!!! If you had to pick your fav vamp of all time, who would it be? Ok, that is really hard...how about top 3?

    I'd love to win - Halfway to the Grave, Night Huntress Series book 1


  125. Awsome interview!! My friends and I have been trying to picture who could play Bones, Viggo Mortenson totally fits the bill! Can't wait for First Drop of Crimson! I keep checking the website daily for another snippet. Jeaniene has me salivating for more! Hope she writes a book for Vlad and Ian too. I can't get enough of her vampires!

  126. Omg I love love love the Night Huntress Series! I have read many books and i'm proud to say that this series is my favorit! I love Cat and Bones and I think im falling for Vlad too! lol These books r so well written that I hate to put them down and when I finished reading I was mad that book 4 was the end... I want more.

    I would love to have the FDOC book to add to my books.


  127. I find it interesting that so many authors say characters show up in their books and develop seemingly on their own. The appearance of Vlad for AT GRAVE'S END is a good example. Makes one wonder who is in charge of the story.

    P. Barraclough
    librarypat AT comcast DOT net

  128. Jeaniene, if there is a snowball chance in hell that you're reading this...I LOVE YOU!!!

    and i love this contest so generous hun! i loved your interview, it was very well thought out and i loved the questions that you ask...

    this i think is my favourite series of all time...so far, but it will take a hell of a book to knock it off.

    i love the series as a whole, i couldnt just pick one book, they are just that good.

    i got so excited when i heard about first drop of crimson...thats out today!!!

    i would love to enter this contest because i dont have FDOC yet and its an awesome opportunity, and im totally in love with Bones!!!

    wings (dot) reviews (at) gmail (dot) com

  129. Awesome interview!!!

    I sooo can't wait to read Crimson! :) I've been checking out the snippets on her blog/website. :)

  130. This series looks so good! I've been dying to read it, but haven't had the opportunity yet! I'd love to win Halfway to the Grave!

    Lisa Pridgen

  131. justpeachy36@yahoo.com

    The Night Huntress Series is one of my favorites and I've been waiting for the latest one to come out for awhile now. Can't wait to read it. I always wonder about the writers inspiration for their novels?

  132. Hello Jeaniene! I stumbled across your books through a friends shelf on Shelfari and since then... well... I'm addicted!

    I'm a huge fan when authors pull and push and tear and yank a pairing about before and after you've established them. You do that so wonderfully. I love all the trouble Cat gets herself into and how Bones doesn't take her crap... okay he takes it a bit but she takes his too so its got a nice balance going.

    I can't wait to read "First Drops of Crimson".

    Thanks for weaving such addictive tales for us all.

    lisarattai [at] gmail [dot] com

  133. Loved the interview! I liked the questions that you asked, thanx! I love Jeaniene! She has amazing talent. I would LOVE First Drop Of Crimson! I love Bones, but I have a felling after reading this I will fall for Spade!

    vampiregirl813@gmail.com :]

  134. I love that when you created Spike, you partially based him off of Bruce Campbell. Bruce is my hero!


  135. Excellent interview! My coworker Tasha got me hooked on the Night Huntress Series and I love them. Bones is definitely hot and I love him too! I guess if I had my choice on what book to win, and its a hard choice, would be First Drop of Crimson since I haven't read it yet.

  136. I love the Night Huntress Series and I can't wait for FDOC to come out. This is one of my all time fav series.

  137. Great interview, I loved it!

    I love Cat and Bones, and I'm looking forward to First Drop of Crimson because I really want to know more about Spade.

    And I think Scarlett Johansson would be great as Cat, I thought about her when I imagined Cat.

    Thanks for the interview and the book contest!

    i.am.dorottya @ gmail.com

  138. Lunamoth forgot to give her email!


  139. Oh man, I love this series, and I simply cannot wait until this new book comes out!! I've never really thought of what actors or actresses might best represent the main characters, but now that Jeaniene Frost mentions it, Scarlet might just be who I see from now on when reading about Cat.

    And I totally agree, Bones is far too delicious for any mortal man to come even close!!

    I'd love to be entered in this contest, so I can get my hands on a copy of this book!
    ~Morning Glow

    ohmorningglow AT aol DOT com

  140. I so want to read this series.

  141. Hi again, everyone! Such awesome comments you guys have :). Heatwave asked, "If you had to pick your fav vamp of all time, who would it be? Ok, that is really hard...how about top 3?"

    You're right - no way could I pick just one. In books, outside of my own vamps, my favorites would have to be Jean-Claude, Eric Northman, and Dracula from the newly-released Dracula: The Undead.

    Thanks again, everyone, for such a great response to this contest!

  142. I absolutely love Cat and Bones. The Night Huntress series is probably the only paranormal romance series I've read where I like the hero and heroine equally. I also like Bones' ghoul friend (I can't remember his name at the moment...)

    I'm definitely looking forward to First Drop of Crimson. :)

    Sara M
    sara_UFblog [at] yahoo [dot] com

  143. I absolutely cannot wait for this book! I am a cat and bones fan and Spade touched my heart as well! I can't wait for Cat and Bones HEA either! *smiles*

  144. I have had so many people recommend her books to me lately. I had been trying to avoid getting myself into any new series, but clearly that is not going to happen, so she's on the list...
    And I LOVE her little character amalgamation she's got going on there, right down to Bruce Campbell's eyebrows. Awesome!


  145. I seriously cannot wait to read this book. The characters are witty and really cute.

    Please count me in.

    cindyc725 at gmail dot com

  146. If you developed a crush on Spade in First Drop of Crimson - then I have GOT to get that book!


  147. I've just recently gotten into these books and love them. I must say, that I'm really REALLY starting to like Spade, although Bones is awesome too!

    The author is so creative and I hope she keeps writing these side stories to her series because they're the best!

  148. Hi Jeaniene,

    I absolutely love all 4 of the Night Huntress books... although DfaEG 'bout dang near killed me. But I guess if everything had been sunshine and roses, Vlad wouldn't have had his chance to shine. I just wanna take him home with me and cuddle... carefully... with him, lol.

    Thanks for keeping the stories coming! I can't wait for First Drop of Crimson. :-)

    HappyTwilighter at aol dot com

  149. I have not read any of Jeaniene's books but from this interview and a reveiw I read on another site I am adding her to my to buy list. I think I already love Bones and Cat.
    The interview was delightful and full of interesting facts about Jeaniene and her books.
    Thanks for the great giveaway.

    misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com

  150. I have yet to read the series but they are absolutely on my list. I would love to have the chance to own one of the copies. I have heard such good things about this series.

  151. Great interview! I have been meaning to start this series, I have heard so many good things about it

    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  152. This series has just made my TBR list lol. Personally I think all men should have Billy Idol's bleach blonde hair. haha.


  153. Thank you for the interview. Because of it I have added this series to my TBR list.

  154. I have just finished reading Destined for an Early Grave....a Co-Worker and I have read the whole series so far and can't wait to get our hands on First Drop of Crimson! The twists and turns that happen in this series keep you wanting to come back for more!!!


  155. I have to agree that Bones is hotter than any guy out there! lol I have been reading all the excerpts for FDOC and I can hardly contain myself until Tuesday. Spade is a hottie, we will see if he can match Bones.


  156. Love this series, Love the interview and am so glad you didn't give an author for Bones. Sometimes my idea and an authors idea don't mesh. Could be a little off. But this way I can keep him the way I want in my imagination lol.
    Would love to win this book
    scrtsbpal at yahoo dot com

  157. Very awesome interview! I can't wait for FIRST DROP OF CRIMSON...but I'm even more excited to get back to Cat and Bones - I miss those two already!


  158. Everywhere I go there is praise for Jeaniene Frost and the Night Huntress books. They've been on my TBR pile for a while so I think I really should get around to reading them LOL. Also everyone keeps talking about Bones so hopefully he will live up to all the hype (but with the English accent I don't think he will have a problem!).

    spettolij AT gmail DOT com

  159. I enjoy your books so much, and I'm happy to have been able to read it as it is published, more or less. I'm just wondering what the most interesting comparison of Bones to *blank* any reader has mentioned to you. Comparing vampires to vampires is to be expected, but have there been any comparisons that were more unexpected?

  160. Sadly I haven't had the chance to read any of her books, but that is somethinig I plan to change soon! I can't wait to read about Bones he seems so cool! If he is something like Viggo... ;)

    Please enter me!


  161. I adore Jeaniene Frost books I have all the cat and bones one cant wait till First drop of crimson comes out. Hopefully the 5th night huntress novel comes out soon. Jeaniene such a talented author.

  162. Jeaniene: What can I say? It so wonderful to see so many become acquainted with all your lovely characters. That has to mean alot.

    I do have a new question. You told us you had plans for Spade and Denise to get together before HTTG was even published. This would mean poor Randy never had a chance. Are we allowed to know if the same situation exists with Justina? Was Rodney a dead man walking in more than one sense of the word? Is it possible that you have someone in mind lined up to be Justina's next victim? That would be cruel beyond description, but, I can think of a few candidates who would deserve it.

    And I love how everyone seems to focus on Bones or Vlad. And no one else!!

  163. That interview was awesome!!! I always enjoy the pictures to clarify what exactly bones would look like. I'm not sure I like the eyebrows on Bruce Campbell though. He seems to have an "eyebrow arch". lol. Of course, I still want to be in the contest.


  164. Great interview!!! I'm not so sure about Bruce Campbell either...Bones is too unique! SO excited about FDOC, may have to run out & buy it, I don't think I can wait for the library on this one. Thanks for the original questions, I love knowing more about one of my favorite authors!


  165. You are totally correct on your assessment that Bones is just to amazing to think of a person who could like he does in the imagination.

    I think Scarlet Johannson is super hot...but I think she might be a bit to curvy for Cat...but, maybe not...those pics looked like an awesome representation of her.

    I can't wait to read the newest book and fall in love with Spade as well as Bones.


  166. Thanks for the great interview and I am totally with you on Scarlet... she is smokin'

    mdwartistry at yahoo dot com

  167. This was a very good interview. I haven't read any of these books yet but they sound good. Interesting they started from a dream! I like how you "imagined" Bones from different actors.
    Please enter me too.

  168. (lol, love that yoda speak instructions for leaving your comment! >_< )

    thank you for doing this interview! it was very interesting. love your books, and the way you write i can even 'hear' bones accent in my head. lol doesnt happen often :)

    i love how he's an amalgamation of so many. XD

    please enter me too! ;)
    Wrayth Darkthorn

    thorndreams @ live.com

  169. I love Jeaniene Frost's books! I believe that no matter how many times I read it, I will never think it's boring, or I won't be that excited to turn the page.

    It's really cool how some of the most awesome books come from dreams.

    I think that Bones is too hot and darned sexy to be imagined properly. I always sorta have an altering image of him, always changing looks. If I try to imagine what he looks like in more detail, my brrain just flips through different people that either looks very close to how he looks, or very far. But I've fallen in love with Bones either way.

    I think that Scarlett does sorta look like Cat, in my head, but I imagine that the girl on the cover of the series looks more like her.

    This is an awesome interview!

  170. Whoops, forgot to add email;


  171. Amazing interview.

    I am a huge fan of the Night Huntress series and can't wait to read FDOC

    RoxanneRhoads @ aol. com

  172. What an interesting supernatural series. I was totally intrigued reading this interview!
    My name is Wanda.

  173. I think Paul Walker with some brown eyes would be the perfect Bones!!


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