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Monday 30 March 2009

Review: Hunted by P.C.Cast

Title: Hunted
Author: P.C.Cast
Series: A House of Night Novel
Book #: 7
Pages: 336
Reading Level: YA
Book Rating: 
Goodreads Rating: 4.21
Published: March 10, 2009
by St. Martin's Press

At the start of this heart-pounding new installment of the bestselling House of Night seres, Zoey's friends have her back again and Stevie Rae and the red fledglings aren't Nefert's secrets any longer. But an unexpected danger had emerged. Neferet guars her poweful new consort, Kalona, and no one at the House of Night seemd to understand the threat he poses. With the looks of an angel, Kalona has the House of Night under his spell. A past life holds the key to breaking his rapidly spreading influence, but what if this past life shows Zoey secrets she doesn't want to hear and truths she can't face?

Taschima's POV:

A wonderful new intstallment to the series! I read this book in less than 24 hours! It was that good. Zoey, along with her friends, keeps growing and changing into this amazing character who the future of the vampire race will rest upon.

There's a few things that bug me about this series, and one of them is the time spam. I mean, its kinda hard to believe that all of this happens in less than 6 months, and this book is, if I remember correctly, only a week worth. But it is true that at any giving moment your life can change forever, for better or worse, so I wont complain much about this fact.

Another thing is you don;t get the feeling that the story has had much progress. Its a good thing the characters are so much fun, because if not I think the books would have a problem of being "too damn slow". I like how everything worked out, although, again, not much progress was made, but still can't wait for the new book!

Side Note-If she can't chooce between her man Ill make it easier for her, give Erik to me!! Bring him over here!

Tuesday 24 March 2009

Book buzz: What's new on the list and in publishing

A mother-daughter author team is on the rise in the teen-vampire world; Twilightauthor Stephenie Meyer gives a little help to a friend; and a timely tale of modern-day pirates hits the high seas.

Fresh blood: Teen vampires again reign over USA TODAY's Best-Selling Books list, but this week the No. 1 spot doesn't belong to Stephenie Meyer. It goes to mother-daughter team P.C. and Kristin Cast and their novel Hunted, which went on sale March 10. It's the fifth book but first hardcover in their House of Night series about fledgling vampire Zoey Redbird — and their first debut at No. 1. (The fou

rth book, Untamed, entered the list at No. 10 last October, the highest previous ranking for the 2-year-old series.) There are 4.3 million of the first four books in print in paperback; publisher St. Martin's is reissuing all four in hardcover in September. Two of the titles are in USA TODAY's top 50 this week: Marked at No. 24 and Betrayed at No. 45.

Helping a friend: Stephenie Meyer, whose Twilight series has dominated the list for months, made news this week when she announced on her website that she would make a rare public appearance at a fundraiser April 4 in Tempe, Ariz., for Faith Hochhalter, a friend being treated for breast cancer. Meyer and other authors of books for young adults will participate in a panel discussion, and some of Meyer's early manuscripts will be auctioned. Hochhalter, whom Meyer described as "one of my dear friends and mentors," has worked as a children's book buyer and arranges school visits for authors. 

For more information about this go to the main page Project Book Babe.

Pirates ahoy! Clive Cussler's latest best seller, Corsair, which lands at No. 11, features modern-day Libyan pirates. Cussler, 77, says he wasn't surprised by the news last November of real-life Somalian pirates hijacking a supertanker. "It's pretty much a coincidence," he says, "but we did our research and knew there have been pirates for years and years in places like Indonesia, even Nicaragua." Corsair, Cussler's 37th novel, was written with his collaborator, Jack Du Brul. Cussler says he's appealing a recent California judge's ruling ordering him to pay $13.9 million in legal fees to the production company that adapted his novel Sahara, a flop on the big screen. The firm countersued after Cussler's breach-of-contract suit over final script approval. The appeal may take a year, he says, "but till then, I'm not keen on selling to the movies."

Sunday 22 March 2009

A rookie mistake...

I recently made an interview with Jonathan Bernstein and discovered that apparently, in the internet, Jonathan has a double. The page I thought was Jonathan's was not, it was another Jonathan completely but which have the same name!! I edited the interview completely and I learned to never trust the internet Lol Its not good...

The interview is edited, with the REAL Jonathan's BIO. Once again I apologize for everything hehe, it was a rookie mistake that I will never again commit!!!

Review: Wondrous Strange by Leslie Livingston

Title: Wondrous Strange
Author: Lesley Livingston
Pages: 327

Publisher: HarperTeen
Published: December 23, 2008
Tags: Fiction, dark fantasy, faeries, magic.
Reading Level: Young Adult
Rating: <3<3<3<3

"Up and down, up and down,
I will lead them up and down.
I am feared in field and town.
Goblin, lead them up and down."

Seventeen-year-old Kelley Winslow is just a normal actress in the edge of making her big break in the theater Avalon. For her Faerie stories are just that, stories, that is until she meets the dark but enchanting Sonny. Now Kelley's eyes are openning not just to the Faerie that sorrund her but to heritage that awaits her.

Sonny is one of the thirteen Janus who guard the veil between this world and the Faerie Realm. The Samhain Gate, usually kept shut by order of the ice king Auberon, only stands open once a year, and its the Janus's job to keep the dangerous creatures from the Otherworld where they belong, by any means necessary. This was his first year of service as a Janus and would be his first time guarding the Gate. Sonny could hardly wait.

This year, as the time approaches when the Samhain Gate will swing wide and nightmarish Fae will fight their way into an unsuspecting human world, something different is happening...something wondrous and strange.

Taschima's POV:

This magical story is full of dark enchantment. Its a story about discovering new worlds, but mroe than that, is a story about discovering yourself. In a world where light doesn't always equal good, nor dark always equal evil, Kelley goes thought this story with the strength of a thousand horses and the grace that only belongs to the Fae royalty. I cannot wait for the new book to this series, it is going to be Wondrous.

Saturday 21 March 2009

Blood Promise and Stargazer <3

Omg Omg I was just at Richelle Mead's Live journal blog and guess what? She posted her new cover!!!

Isnt it amazing?!?! Also there is going to be new covers for her other books in the series (Vampire Academy, Frost Bite, Shadow Kiss). This book is on my TOP TOP books to buy!!

Also in other news The new Evernight novel, Stargazer, is coming out in less than 2 days!! Im so excited! The last book was a very good start and I just cant wait to see what happens next in the world of Blanca! For those who don't know about this series I recommend to go to Claudia Gray's home page. Now a little about Stargazer...

Stargazer (March 2009) returns to Bianca's story a few months later. Both she and Lucas will stop at nothing to see each other again—even if it means living a life of secrets and lies. But even as Bianca finds herself torn between two worlds, she soon discovers they aren't the only ones keeping secrets. Will powerful forces within Evernight Academy keep her from deciding her own fate, or claim her forever?

Pre-order Stargazer at Amazon.com!

Get a sneak peek at the Stargazer prologue and chapter 1!

Future books in the series:


Friday 20 March 2009

An Authors Whisper

Hello and welcome to another Authors Whisper. Today we got with us Jonathan Bernstein author of the new YA novel Hottie. Jonathan Bernstein is also the author of Knickers In A Twist which is a dictionary of British slang that addresses Cockney rhyming slang, TV catchphrases, pop-culture references, swearing and incomprehensible abuse that I brought with me from my native Scotland. His book was called Pretty In Pink: The Golden Age Of Teen Movies which was an extremely un-intellectual look at the 80s, taking in every genre from slasher to gross-out and paying extended homage to the John Hughes canon. Raised in Scotland, and currently living in Los Angeles.
Now we start the questions...

Why did you decided to write Young Adult?

The best audience. The most voracious readers. The most honest and immediate feedback. Plus teens don't have college tuition fees or car payments or mortgages so they can afford to buy books...

What inspired you to write this book?

Every fermale superhero movie was boring and humorless and miserable. Catwoman was worse than Elektra which was worse than Aeon Flux. I just wanted to take all the stuff you'd expect to see in a superhero story and make it funny.

How much time did it take you to write the book?
About two months. Then there were a couple of rewrites that took about a month each. Then another month of so of edits. Publishing is a slow lumbering beast so it was actually quite a speedy process.

Can you tell us a little about this book?

It's the story of Alison Cole, the most popular and privileged student at Beverly Hills High. Her social standing makes her best friends so insecure and jealous that they persuade her to undergo experimental cosmetic surgery. The operation has side effects: whenever Alison gets mad or excited or angry, flames shoot out of her fingers. She loses her popularity and begins a shunned loner. She attracts the attention of another shunned loner: a comic-book-obsessed geek who sees her superhero potential and helps her evolve into Hottie, LA's most fashion-forward firestarter.

I know some people have described the book as Clueless meets X-Men, but how do you see the book?

That's a pretty accurate description. But it's also about what happens when you lose all the things you take for granted and you find that you're an entirely different person than you thought.

Will there be sequels?

I've just finished the second draft of Hottie 2 which might-- but probably won't-- be subtitled `Burning Ambition'. It'll be out this time next year.

Where did the idea for this book come from?

If you mean the sequel, it's `The Devil Wears Prada' set in a teen magazine. With a real devil.

When writing, what do you do for brainstorming?

See how much better and more popular other writer's books are. Become insanely jealous. Vow to destroy them. Plunge into despair. Switch on daytime TV. Switch off daytime TV. Return to computer. Start new chapter.

What are some of your hobbies?

Movies. Music. And cheeses. I like all sorts of cheeses.

Was writing like your ultimate dream?

It really was. I'm amazed I've been able to make any sort of living at it. But along with YA fiction, I also work in journalism and screenwriting. And if I can do it, anyone can.

If you were to give advice to the young writers of today, what would you say to them?

There's a very, very smart and helpful website called http://queryshark.blogspot.com/. It gives a good indication as to what agents and publishers are looking for and what they will and won't respond to. It also continually hammers home the point that you can have the most boring and cliched story in the world but people will be interested in you have a unique voice and a different take on the subject. The prime example of that is Twilight. If someone had just given you a two sentence description of that book, you might not have been interested. But the way the author dealt with her world sucked you in, bad pun intended.


What are some of your favorite authors?

Richard Price. George Pelecanos. Megan Abbott.. In YA, John Green, Louise Rennison, Scott Westerfeld.

What is your favorite superhero (s)?

Probably Iron Man because the movie was so good. And Rorschach from Watchmen.

Your number 1 book?

"We Need To Talk About Kevin" by Lionel Shriver. Not saying it's the best book ever written but it's the last one i can remember staying with for a long time after I finished it.

And with that we conclude our interview. I hope that u guys like it and go run to buy the book when it comes out! Im in kinda of a hurry right now, because I got to go to the twilight movie thing on borders, so Ill see you guys later!!

For more information about Jonathan or Hottie you could go to his Blog or you could go to his Shelfari Page. Enjoy your night fellas! ^^

Tuesday 17 March 2009

My bookshelf <3

The part of my room that I love the most, the part that gives life and makes my room a happy place, my bookshelf paradise. Well actually I have two HUGE bookshelves-ok maybe not that huge but still they are pretty big.

This Is part of what Ive read so far. First row, as you can see, is the Vamp Kingdom, here you can find from Stephenie Meyer to Scott Westerflend. The Vamp Kingdom is first because vamps are my favorite supernatural creature so my favorite stories, usually, have vampires involved.
Second row starts with Magical Wonderland, Harry Potter, Blue is for nightmares, Magic or madness, etc. However this row is not strictly for magic wich leads us to Randomness Land. Now in this part we dont distriminate we have a grand variety which includes fairies, the Uglies series, The Luxe and much more.

This is the continue of the "Read" shelf. Now Randomness Land was overpopulated, due to the Queen-AKA me ^^- spending ridiculous amounts of money on new installments, so these remaining books had to move and create a new land called Chiibookaland. So here recide the small paperbacks and my collection of Chii mini dolls, with Ichigo and Lucky-the horse.
some books here are Reincarnation, Maximum Ride, Morganville Vampire series, Black Dagger Brotherhood, etc. (Arent those Chii CUTE!?!?)

Now here is my "To Do" list. This entire shelf is called Limbo. Why Limbo? Because here the books dont know whether they are going to be read, not even when for that matter, or whether they are going to be trade in paperswaps.com.
And well there you go guys! I have a huge "To Do" list and still I keep buying, but arent we all like that uh?! We Bookaholics just can't help ourselves!!!
Actually, I did some improvement, yesterday I went to borders and left wuthout a single book, NOT ONE! Can u believe that?! Its insane! Well anyways im going to post like 2 more pics and thats gonna be it, and also don't be shy and let me know what you think, Im always up for a little chat. Keep reading!!

Sunday 15 March 2009

YA Review: Eyes Like Stars by Lisa Mantchev

Title: Eyes Like Stars
Author: Lisa mantchev
Series: Théâtre Illuminata
Book #: 1
Pages: 352
Reading Level: YA
Book Rating: Photobucket
Goodreads Rating: 3.79
Published: July 7, 2009
by Feiwel & Friends
Lisa Mantchev's Website

Beatrice Shakespeare Smith is not an actress, yet she lives in a theater.
She's not an orphan, but she has no parents.
She knows every part, but she has no lines of her own.
Until now.

Welcome to the Théâtre Illuminata, where the characters of every play ever written can be found behind the curtain. They were born to play their parts, and are bound to the Théâtre by The Book--an ancient and magical tome of scripts. Bertie is not one of them, but they are her family--and she is about to lose them all and the only home she has ever known.
Taschima's POV:
This is my very first ARC copy Ive ever gotten to review, and by the looks of it we're off to a good start. Bertie is a kick-ass main character that lives in the Theatre Illuinata with friends and family, only thing is that she is an orphan and causes more trouble than good. With her last stunt the theatre manager decides to kick her out unless she can find some "invaluable way" to contribute. With this in mind our heroin sets off on an adventure that not even herself could have though possible along with her friends Nate, Peaseblossom, Cobweb, Moth and Mustarseed.

In a world were friends might be enemies, and enemies might be friends, Beatrice must fight against all odds and find whats hidden behind the curtain, the truth.

When I think about this book specific words like charming, enchanting, and exciting come to mind. This is a wonderful start to a great series, with an amazing plot and even greater characters. Lisa Mantchev has created a world full of wonders that lets you wishing you could just dive to it and never come up for air.

A standing ovation, bravo Lisa, Bravo.

Friday 13 March 2009

I <3 Your Blog Award

Omg! I got nominated for the I <3 Your Blog Award! Thanks to {Insert Book Blog Title Here}!!
My blog is happy, I am happy, and im sure my fellow followers will be happy too ^^

Here are the rules:
1) Add the logo of the award to your blog
2) Add a link to the person who awarded it to you
3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs
4) Add links to those blogs on your blog
5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.


Keep spreading the love!!

Monday 9 March 2009


So I went to the movies today with some friends and apparently you cannot get a ticket to an R rated movie if u do not have I.D, which is pretty stupid cause u know what I did then? bought the ticket to another movie and sneaked out to the one I really wanted to watch Lol Anyways so I bought the ticket to see Benjamin Button, but I really went to see the Watchmen and OMG is that movie good. Its amazing, the characters, the story line, the grafics, but most of all the message behing it all.

You see one of the many themes in the movie, and the thing that most caught my attention, was the human race as a whole. The movie is situated in the times of the cold war and, according to the movie, we were in the brick of having a nuclear war. It is amazing that what we needed to get out of that brick of destruction was, in fact, more destruction. It is just incredibly stupid the things we would do to be the best at something, or to just prove to the world that our government is better. But, you know what is really scary? This could in fact happen. Right now, without a warnning. We have the capasity of destroying the human race, and if someone actually sirvives the world would be so filled with radiation that they would have to go underground for god knows how long. Now, isnt that scary?

My favorite character in the movie was Dr.Manhattan. He is the one that analyzes everything and tries to look for the meaning of things, like for example life. Don't u ever wonder what life really is? what it really means? Why are we here? And, are we really necessary? Would our world run better without us in it, and if so, would we be capable of taking the hard choices in order to save our planet?

Ill leave u with that one, im tired and theres school, not to mention FCAT tomorrow, which I already passed but anyways, see ya guys.

PS; Finishing Lover Enshrined, post review soon, after that one is Eyes Like Stars review. We will probably have an interview with a new author next week, so keep in touch!

Thursday 5 March 2009

In My Mailbox

Nothing fancy, but I did got books Ive been craving to read since as long as I can remember!! Lets start with numero uno (number one), Drum roll please *drum roll*...

Eyes Like Stars (ARC copy, comes out in July 7, 2009) by Lisa Mantchev.
From what Ive read this book is awesome! I mean talk about imagination, all the characters of every play that has ever been played are here! and Bertie is an amazing main character! Trust me when this books come's out you have to buy it!

I had an interview with the author of this book, if you want to check it out its in An Authors Whisper part of the blog.

Lover Enshrined Book 6 in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R.Ward. I love this series, its my favorite one, and Ive been waiting for this book for like, forever! Every time I went to borders or Barnes and Nobles it was never there! But trust in your friend amazon to find just what you need!

True Love. False Friends. Scandalous Gossip.
Welcome back to Manhattan 1899.
Rumors, a The Luxe Novel by Anna Godbersen.
I wanted to read this one since I finished the first one! I'm hoping this one will be more about Diana, and I would love to know if Elizabeth did find the man of her dreams or not, can't wait to find out!

And last, but not least...

The Society of S by Susan Hubbard. This book sparks my interest, and yes it is about vampires. Set in upstate New York, England, and the American South, The Society of S explodes stereotypes--of the home schooled, vampires, monkeys, FBI agents, and academics. In this strange new world, vegetarianism, environmentalism, biomedical research, and the ability to disappear are options for those who drink blood and face the prospect of eternal life.

Im waiting for 4 more books Bridget Jone's Diary by Helen Fielding, When Will Jesus bring the Pork Chops? by George Carlin, Minion by L.A. Banks, and last, but not least, A Kiss of Shadows by Laurell K. Hamilton. Can you say woohoo?

Wednesday 4 March 2009

Todays talk is: Books by their Cover

Have you ever judge a book by its cover? I know Ive done it, and most of you have done it too. One book that I bought because I liked the cover was Twilight, and I got lucky with that one. Another one I bought for its cover was Sticky Fingers, but I didnt get so lucky on THAT one. Most of you know the phenomenon that is Twilight, Girl meets vampire, vampire meets girl, they fall in love and have to battle adversity to stay together, but not much of you know what Sticky Fingers is about. Here is a little summary:

Busting my ass makes me feel good.
Bulletproof, that's how Jenna Kassarian sees herself. It's all about control: As long as she works hard, nothing can hurt her. So Jenna constantly pushes -- for perfect grades, the ideal boyfriend, the best, best friend.
The only problem is, she doesn't know if she can stop. If she relaxes even for a second, she's afraid she'll lose control...

I didn't like it because I felt it was flat out boring, but you never know right? You may like it better than I did! Im more of a supernatural gal so...

Speaking about Books by their Cover I was just at Yan's blog and I found out incredible news! You must all know about the House of Night book series, Its about a vampires, well they are making it a tv show! well they make everything a tv show this days but this sounds pretty awesome right?

Here is a direct link to Yan's post:


Also Hunted is coming out very soon! March 10! Im dying to read it...
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