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Tuesday 17 March 2009

My bookshelf <3

The part of my room that I love the most, the part that gives life and makes my room a happy place, my bookshelf paradise. Well actually I have two HUGE bookshelves-ok maybe not that huge but still they are pretty big.

This Is part of what Ive read so far. First row, as you can see, is the Vamp Kingdom, here you can find from Stephenie Meyer to Scott Westerflend. The Vamp Kingdom is first because vamps are my favorite supernatural creature so my favorite stories, usually, have vampires involved.
Second row starts with Magical Wonderland, Harry Potter, Blue is for nightmares, Magic or madness, etc. However this row is not strictly for magic wich leads us to Randomness Land. Now in this part we dont distriminate we have a grand variety which includes fairies, the Uglies series, The Luxe and much more.

This is the continue of the "Read" shelf. Now Randomness Land was overpopulated, due to the Queen-AKA me ^^- spending ridiculous amounts of money on new installments, so these remaining books had to move and create a new land called Chiibookaland. So here recide the small paperbacks and my collection of Chii mini dolls, with Ichigo and Lucky-the horse.
some books here are Reincarnation, Maximum Ride, Morganville Vampire series, Black Dagger Brotherhood, etc. (Arent those Chii CUTE!?!?)

Now here is my "To Do" list. This entire shelf is called Limbo. Why Limbo? Because here the books dont know whether they are going to be read, not even when for that matter, or whether they are going to be trade in paperswaps.com.
And well there you go guys! I have a huge "To Do" list and still I keep buying, but arent we all like that uh?! We Bookaholics just can't help ourselves!!!
Actually, I did some improvement, yesterday I went to borders and left wuthout a single book, NOT ONE! Can u believe that?! Its insane! Well anyways im going to post like 2 more pics and thats gonna be it, and also don't be shy and let me know what you think, Im always up for a little chat. Keep reading!!


  1. I wish I had a bookshelf. No room. So my books just lay on my dresser until I sell them or give them away.

  2. YES!! BLUE BLOODS! and wow so many great books...GONE!! ah I want to read it!

  3. Awesome selection of books! You have tons that I've been wanting to read! =D!

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  5. Jeje They are all mostly supernatural like, fiction, nothing too real you know? I mean I dont want to read about real things that happen every day xD

  6. your book shelf is awesome! I loved seeing the pikachus, chobits and the cute doggie♥ I like stuffed animals too! I'm especially fond of Eeyore. xD

    My bookshelf is pathetic. It's one of the crappy wooden ones and there's this huge chunk missing on the right side that I'm too lazy to glue back on, lol. Half of it is filled with my books from childhood and the other half is filled with books that I've bought on (super!) sales from B&N that I have yet to read... I actually have more adult fiction than YA...that has to change though!

  7. I used to buy a lot of YA, these days im going more to the Science Fiction/Mystery/Romance section of a bookstore lol

    But I still love my YA!

  8. Omg, we have so many of the same books =) I instantly recognized a dozen spines, lol.


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  10. Aww...It looks so nicely organised.Cute Chii!

  11. I have a big book collection too, and whenever my parents look at it, they're totally freaking out! And usually, the lecture on how to save money comes next. :D

  12. Hahahaha My mom never tries to give me the lecture, she knows she will just waste her time, and besides, She loooves that I read, only one in the family who does. So whenever I reeaally want a book, I give her the puppy eyes, and if Im lucky, she will just go, which one is it?! Lol

  13. Lucky you. As much as I love my parents, they're not quite supportive about my book collection. At first, for the first 20 books perhaps, they were like "Oh good. My daughter's a reader." but then when it came to like, about a hundred, they were like "Can you just have another hobby? A LESS costly one?" Lol. :)

  14. Wow, you have so many books that I'm dying to read.


  15. u have awesome taste in books.
    i freakin died and went 2 heaven.
    I love the Black Dagger Brotherhood, I'm reading Lover Avenged. it pretty big compared 2 the other ones.

    I can't go N2 a bookstore w/o buying NEthing. so lately i haven't been going 2 NE book stores(tear)

  16. I love this! So very impressive! I'm eternally jealous!

  17. I sympathize with the statement that your books are what make your room a happy place. Home is where your books are- there is nothing like walking into a room filled with books and knowing they are all yours...


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