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Monday 9 March 2009


So I went to the movies today with some friends and apparently you cannot get a ticket to an R rated movie if u do not have I.D, which is pretty stupid cause u know what I did then? bought the ticket to another movie and sneaked out to the one I really wanted to watch Lol Anyways so I bought the ticket to see Benjamin Button, but I really went to see the Watchmen and OMG is that movie good. Its amazing, the characters, the story line, the grafics, but most of all the message behing it all.

You see one of the many themes in the movie, and the thing that most caught my attention, was the human race as a whole. The movie is situated in the times of the cold war and, according to the movie, we were in the brick of having a nuclear war. It is amazing that what we needed to get out of that brick of destruction was, in fact, more destruction. It is just incredibly stupid the things we would do to be the best at something, or to just prove to the world that our government is better. But, you know what is really scary? This could in fact happen. Right now, without a warnning. We have the capasity of destroying the human race, and if someone actually sirvives the world would be so filled with radiation that they would have to go underground for god knows how long. Now, isnt that scary?

My favorite character in the movie was Dr.Manhattan. He is the one that analyzes everything and tries to look for the meaning of things, like for example life. Don't u ever wonder what life really is? what it really means? Why are we here? And, are we really necessary? Would our world run better without us in it, and if so, would we be capable of taking the hard choices in order to save our planet?

Ill leave u with that one, im tired and theres school, not to mention FCAT tomorrow, which I already passed but anyways, see ya guys.

PS; Finishing Lover Enshrined, post review soon, after that one is Eyes Like Stars review. We will probably have an interview with a new author next week, so keep in touch!


  1. I went and saw that movie tonight. It was pretty good.

  2. it was an awesome movie really, long, but totally worth while.

  3. Hey! I nominated you for the I Love Your Blog award! If you want check out the post for your award and the rules to keep spreading it.


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