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Wednesday 20 January 2010

Twilight: The Graphic Novel

First of all, you ever heard of the saying "Don't kill the messenger"? Yeah, well, don't. I am the messenger, I didn't actually did the idea of making IT into a comic book.

While I think the comic book idea will surely bring more readers into our great YA genre, I just have to say it. A comic book? Seriously? I thought Twilight was famous enough already xD It just seems like they are just trying to squeeze until it is completely dry. Aren't a couple of you people just tired of Twilight?

I just wish some novels like Beautiful Creatures, City of Bones, The Hunger Games and Vampire Academy received his much attention. These are a couple of my favorites, and they are amazing in writing, plot and characters. Why don't they get as much attention? It is all just plain old luck?

Anyways, yeah, they are making a comic, and I guess I have to admit the art is pretty great... No, not great, FANTASTIC. Love the art.

Look at the cover:

Fan-fricking-tastic. The light, the color, the drawing in itself... I would give my left hand just to be able to do this from my mind (can't give the right one because then what's the point?).

Although I think the character is way to perfect to be Bella. She ain't suppose to be this wow. She is a rather normal girl until she goes all vampire mode. Then she is beautiful, just like in that picture.

I think the series lacks the action you would expect from a comic book. I mean superman and other heroes live here people. But it would make for a good addition to the Twilight phenomenon considering the pictures that talk angle. And yes I may be a little hypnotized by the art, but who wouldn't be?

One more pic before I go:

That's as large as I could get it to be. But if you would like to read an article about the comic, and see a larger picture, please click here. I found about this because I was at Stephenie's site looking for news about The Host, her adult book which I really liked. Will they ever make a sequel to it? Goodness I hope so.

Anyways let me know what you think, good or bad addition? The art? Do you think the girl in the cover looks like Bella or do you join in my thoughts of this girl looking too perfect to actually be our clumsy HUMAN Bella?

Gotta go to sleep, write ya all later!


  1. Admittedly, I am a Twilight fan. I think Twilight will work well as a graphic novel, I love the art, and I think that this is an interesting idea. I'll make sure to check it out once it releases. I definitely think that there are things that go TOO FAR in commercializing Twilight (i.e. Barbies, "Edward" glitter, etc) where it just gets ridiculous, but I think this will be okay.

    As for Bella, I think that she does look a lot more "perfect" than Kristen Stewart's portrayal, but I really dislike Stewart's performance in the movies and I think that this version will be a nice change and will mesh better with the graphic novel format.

    On a side note, I too would LOVE to see all of those novels you mentioned getting more coverage. At least we have the knowledge that right now they're more like Twilight-pre-movies/fan explosion haha. We get to know how great they are first until everyone else :) But Hunger Games/Beautiful Creatures/Vampire Academy/etc graphic novels? COUNT ME IN. haha.

  2. This CAN'T be human Bella. This is too perfect (though the art is quite lovely) to be human Bella. For me, it's more like a vampy Bella.

    However, the artist made Edward look very yummy :)

  3. The cover art is beautiful but I agree. Bella never looked so good human!

    With so many great books, and better than Twilight, it's interesting to see the impact a series can have. Is it just luck?

    If only we could bottle this success! Great post!

  4. I am looking forward to this so much after seeing that cover. Even if they don't do a great job (which I hope they will) the artwork makes me hopeful. Even if you are right and she doesn't seem as normal as Bella. Here is to hoping it will be good!

  5. the cover reminds me of alice from the movie hehe

    i wonder if the picture will be better than the movie lol

  6. well.. at least they look better in the comic book then they do in the movie.. -cringe- but really? they DONT need anymore twilight.. anything im haunted/tortured by all the merchandise everywhere as it is.

  7. I think the girl on the cover looks like Stephenie. It's her lips and eyes, not so much the nose.

    I'm not interested in the comic but maybe guys would prefer this over the books? I dunno.

    I like the cover though.

  8. Did they really need to do this? Twilight was great series. Just leave it at that. No more comics or parodies. Please.

  9. The drawing looks really good. That would probably be the only reason I would buy this comic book.

    I loved twilight when it first came out and a friend recommended it to me before it hit off the ground running, and now I just can't stand to look at it that much, because the hype thats been put on it.

    But anyway the Drawing by Young Kim looks really good, and like the way I actually pictured them.

    And I'm also looking for a sequel to The Host. There needs to be one! Just so much was left off to question. :)

  10. Oh mother's ass. When will it end???

  11. I completely agree with you on this entire post. They are going much too far with this series, even if the comic book version looks nicer. And I think with this version of the series it takes away the details and feelings you get when you read the full, proper version. And it would great if these other fabulous series get their time in the lime light.
    Great post!

  12. Wow breathtaking pictures! Shoot Edward and Bella look better in the graphic novel than they did in real life lol. I think I'd love to see Twilight with graphics so I can't wait for it to come out, thanks for sharing chica!

  13. I really loved the Twilight books; but I think they're taking it a little to far. Yes the pictures are beautiful but like you said thats not the Bella I've imagined when first reading the books. She's almost faerie-ish. It's all too Anime for me and I like my Twilight small town, big drama just like it was before all the hype. It's great that books and authors are finally getting attention but maybe we could focus that attention on more than just Twilight. I completely agree with you.


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