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Thursday 7 January 2010

Things NOT To Do:

Hey people of Earth. Listen to my story.

It is a lovely night. The weather is nice, kind of cold but nice. You are thinking of trivial things like laundry or some hot guy and suddenly your tummy grumbles. You do not know what to do. You are hungry, that much you know, but you are too lazy to cook! So what are your options? Here they are:

(a) Cook
(b) Eat your kitty.
(c) Eat yourself; hey cannibalism may not be accepted by society but some people still do it.
(d) Go to a fastfood place.

BINGO! fast food. You are too lazy, so you won't cook. You are not going to eat your poor kitty (and if you do shame on you). Eating yourself? stay away from me Good luck with that. The most tempting one is to go out and eat. But it's 9:39! Who would be open at this hour?! Do you care? No, you just want food. So you go out in search of the holy grail. You see a fast food joint that is not 24 hours and probably the people inside already closed in their minds, but do you care? No, you just go to the drive through.

And here is where I stop. Dude's, if this ever were to happen to you I got some advice that you will probably want to follow for the rest of your life.

Number 1- If you do decide to go out and go to a fast food to bother people buy food, well have the decensy of being, well, decent and not a total douch bag.

Number 2- Be careful with what you order. Think before you act. Seriously, people are going to be annoyed with you if you keep changing your mind at 9:49 in the freaking night.

Number 3- Be nice. I got a costumer today a minute before where the place I work (yes, it's a fast food) is suppose to close. A MINUTE BEFORE. I was tired, and slightly annoyed that is just a minute till the store closes and I have to yet again make fries because you decide that you NEED dollar value fries at 9:59 of the night! NOT COOL. I cleaned for crying out loud, and then the person is a total asshole bad person who has no compassion for other human beings. I swear when I said "have a good night" to that person I was really saying fuck you with my brightest smile.

Number 4- If you are not willing to do 1, 2 or 3, I got 3 words for you -> Just stay home. Wait till tomorrow honestly. Or better yet find someplace that is 24 hours.

Anyways, that is some tips for your people our there on Earth. Oh and take the number 3 one seriously, next time you may not get someone as nice as me and they may well I don't know, spit in your food or something worse. Keep that in mind.

Sorry for any typos, I'm tired and I have to do HOMEWORK. Whoever said being a senior was a piece of cake should get shot. I get a little cranky when I'm sleepy. Hehehehehe.

Have a nice night, and this time I mean it.


  1. Sorry your night sucked! I work in a place where people show up right before closing, too...and it's never fun!

  2. But being a Senior in High School is a piece of cake. =P Wait til you get to be like me and are a senior in college. Now that's challenging.

    Good luck with homework though!

  3. Amen! I have never worked fast food but I give huge props to the people who do. After all, they make food for the masses! Show some respect!

  4. "I swear when I said "have a good night" to that person I was really saying fuck you with my brightest smile."

    LOL! I've felt the same way with people but not because of a work-related experience. But yeah, I know what you mean. As a customer, I ALWAYS try to be as nice as possible because employees are people too and they have crappy days like the rest of us humans.

  5. good advice.Good luck at your job I have seen how Bitchy some people are just hang in there.

  6. Sometimes work just sucks. And working with the public also sucks - you get exposed to a lot of assholes. On the other hand, there are little moments where there's a laugh from someone, and there are a lot of people who are polite, they're just overshadowed by the rude.

  7. My mom used to work and manage in the fast food buisness so I had to call her in to read this with me.

    Number three had me trippin out girl. I'd have been the same way.

    Oh and my mom said there is so much truth in what you were saying and to wait til you have a bus pull up that close to closing. lol.


  8. Very nice rules to follow. This isn't exactly the same thing, but its close:
    I hate it when I go out to eat with someone, and they are bitchy to the waiter/waitress. I mean, your not the only table they're serving, and they aren't the one cooking the food, so being an asshole seriously isn't helping. They have to be patient with you, so you can be patient with them. Ugh, it's just so cringe-worthy.

  9. Well said. I hate it when customers are rude to employees, at fast food places or otherwise. So sorry you had a bad night. Hope you got a good night's sleep!

  10. Crappy...Sorry bout your night. Been there.


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