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Tuesday 5 January 2010

Teaser Tuesday

From The NaNny Diaries

"Brandford's meals are really quite simple," she says, gesturing to the frozen food as she closes the freezer door. Translation: they are able to feed him this crap in good conscience on the weekends because I will be cooking him four-course macrobiotic meals on the weeknights. There will be a day to come when I stare at the colorful packages in the freezer with raw envy as I resteam the wild rice from Costa Rica for the four-year-old's maximum digestive ease."

And another one just because...

"There isn't a single trace of food in the entire kitchen big enough to fill a grown-up hand. Despite the myth of "help yourself," it will take a few starving evenings of raisin dinners before I discover THE TOP SHELF, which appears to be trip wired and covered with dust, but contains the much-coveted gourmet house gifts that have been left for dead by women who see chocolate as a grenade in Pandora's box. Barney's raisinettes, truffles from Saks, fudge from Martha's Vineyard, all of which I devour like crack-cocaine in the bathroom to avoid the crime being recorded by a possible security camera. I picture the footage being played on Hard Copy: "Nanny caught in the act -heady with delusions of entitlement- breaks cellophane wrapper on '92 Easter Godivas."

This is so funny! I love the humor in this novel, I will be finishing this one in no time for sure.

Oh and happy birthday to Bleeding Violet and Chasing Brooklyn!!! Today it's their release date. I haven't read either but their summary's are awesome so I will be buying and reading them ^^



  1. Ahh! I have to read this! I loved the movie :D

  2. I haven't read any of these but they do look like fun! Great humor!

    Our 3 are at


  3. You changed your blog look! pretty.

    I read the Nanny Diaries. Great book, and all the more compelling because they were based on actual experiences. All I can say it....my kids should be glad we weren't rich!

    I'm looking forward to Bleeding Violet - (should have snuck to the bookstore tonight!)

  4. What a great book this is! I can't wait to read the new one!

  5. I read this a year or two ago and absolutely loved it! I enjoyed it much more than I expected to, too.

  6. It must be just me but she seems judgemental about food they feed their own kid. LOL


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