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Friday 22 January 2010

US VS UK (6)

I just noticed that when I write US VS UK you read it like us vs UK... Lol totally not my intention.

US VS UK is hosted by moi. I don't know how long ago. But I found it is a great way to compare and contrast what works for some and what doesn't.

This couple of rounds are for the series Blue Bloods by Melissa De La Cruz.

Round 1
Blue Bloods by Melissa De La Cruz


The US one looks too pale for my taste. I do like how the city is on the bottom of the cover though, representing the setting and the class standard of the Blue Bloods. Now in the second cover the girl is pale but not pale dead like in the first one. They are similarities, the pearls, the bite, but are different in color, pose and font. For me, this round is won by the UK.

Round 2
Masquerade by Melissa De La Cruz


This has to be an US win. Though I enjoy the color of the second one I think the US one is stronger. The UK one is hell a pretty, but the US one for me is more in tune with the story. It's just not showing how pretty they are, but how powerful.

Round 3
Revelations by Melissa De La Cruz


UK win! I like the pose of the model and how vulnerable she seems. While the US one seems like a sticky tattoo is put on the back of her neck and the model doesn't really show us anything since the focus is on the tattoo.

Round 4
The Van Alen Legacy


They both are pretty, they both have bridal themes, but the US one is prettier. The pose for me is just better. I love it xD One of the best covers of 09.

Well that will do for today. Its a tie!!! Yay!


  1. I agree with the ones you chose. I really like seeing how different the US covers are from the UK ones.

  2. totally prefer the US of Blue Bloods. Those pearls on the US are just too much for me!
    For Masquerade I totally prefer the UK one. The colors are so pretty! The US one kind of turns me off a little bit. . .
    For the other two, though, I agree with you!

  3. For Round 1, I agree with you, UK so wins!
    For Round 2, I don't like either
    For Round 3, I like UK too
    For Round 4, I love both of them!

    I never knew how the UK versions looked like, I need to explore U.K. covers! Great post!

  4. This is a really interesting series - I hope you do more like this! If I look at the Sookie Stackhouse, Vampire Acaemy and House of Night books, I'd have to say that I prefer all of the UK covers to the US ones.

  5. I have to agree with you one most of the covers. I've only read the first book, but I didn't love it. Are the others better?

  6. this is so great! and I love your choices. I haven't read the books but I like how you chose the winners and I agree with u!

  7. I actually like the US version of Blue Bloods to be honest, But I definetly agree with you on the rest.

  8. I actually love all of the US ones. I love that you see the city that each book revolves around at the bottom. And I also love that you get a great look at the characters. Like in Masquarde I love how the model has bright blue eyes because that represents Schuyler. And the same goes for 3 and 4 as well.

    haha, I could go along like this forever. I love this series!! SO brilliant!


  9. I'd say...
    Blue Bloods - US - I don't mind the pale and the city scape works for me.

    Masquerade - US - more mysterious and exotic. Too much of the girls face on UK for me.

    Revelations - UK - just more attractive somehow.

    Van Allen - US - I like seeing less of the models face, having the veil across her whole face and again, the cityscape works.

    Fun post!

  10. Okay I'm Loving the U.K cover fir the Blue Blood series I would buy the U.K pretty :0

  11. In all of the US covers the city landscape is at the bottom - strange that it's not in UK? Perhaps it's to kinda be like NY except the masquerade cover which is obviously and Italian cityscape.

    But I like seeing the different covers :)

    Have you read any of the UK editions of the series?

  12. I have to say, I agree with all of your choices. Especially the first one, because the US one always freaks me out when I see how pale she is ;)

  13. @AmberSkye I gotta say after the first book it gets better. The series is not out of this world good, at least not for me, but its very entertaining.

    @margaret I haven't actually xD I have read the US ones, do you think they are any different? Other than some of the language of course.

  14. I agree with you on most points. Although I think that bite marks on the UK cover of Blue Bloods look a bit too fake. I love the font of the UK covers though, and the color. I find it surprising how alike yet different the covers are. They all have the same elements but are presented in such different ways...

  15. Hmmm...for me, I'd go UK covers all the way, with the exception of The Van Alan Legacy. US wins on that one!

  16. I actually love all of the UK covers. I think they're all gorgeous.

  17. I usually prefer UK covers over US covers, wishing we over here in the US could have choice, or at least as pretty of covers as the UK gets.

    For Blue Bloods, I don't like either cover. Although I agree with brismus - those pearls are out-of-control big, so maybe the US would be the win on that cover.

    For Masquerade I actually prefer the US cover. I like the contrast of the eyes with the mask. I also like her nose (I like wide noses). I noticed that Masquerade is spelled "Masqerade" on the UK cover? Is that really how it's spelled in the UK? Usually UK words have more u's than we do. :)

    Revelations: I prefer the UK cover. It's more delicate, with the star looking more real.

    The Van Alen Legacy (spelled differently on each cover). - I prefer the US cover - a little more mysterious.

  18. I agree with all of the ones you chose. The UK Blue Bloods one looks more real, like she actually got bit while the US one looks like it's painted on.

  19. Hahaha so funny how some people think the bite marks in the US are fake but some other think the ones in the UK one are fake. Different views all around =]

  20. I really like the UK set, they're really pretty. I've always wondered why they have different sets of covers for different countries/regions etc. It seems to me like they'd save a lot more money if they just kept the same picture. I'd like to know why they do change it up.

  21. I prefer the UK on all of them except the Van Alen Legacy. But they all are really pretty.

  22. I prefer the UK versions, their so much prettier!

  23. Thanks for posting, it's cool to see how they compare! I'm a fan of all the UK covers but the last one, The Van Alen Legacy (I prefer the US one there). However, the UK covers would be even more pretty if they had the city skylines, that adds some drama and beauty!

  24. I actually love the UK version so much more. It sells to me a lot better than the US.

  25. Thanks for sharing! I LOVE these covers!

  26. I prefer to US version. The UK just looks like some kid tried to do a remake of the cover.


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