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Tuesday 30 June 2009


In my short time as a blogger I have been lucky enough to meet a lot of different people. These people have been great to me, and since they like my blog -who would have known right? o.o- they gave me all these different awards!

Thank you {Insert Book Title Here}

I would like to thank Tricia, Rachel,
Shayla, Faye, Bri, The Zen Leaf & Dahlia

Merci beaucoup Fantastique Livre Critique! Zombie Girrrl, Eli,
The Penguin, The Bookologist, B.A.M. Book Reviews,
Donna, Pamela Mclean, Miss Cindy, The Bookologist & Natasha

Thank you Eli for the Phenomenal Blogger award, You Rock!

Thank you Bri, Eli, The Penguin,
Rachel, Shayla, Rebecca, Dahlia & Zombie Girrrl
I guess it does work! ^^

Thank you Katie, The Penguin, & Lexi

Thank you Eleni, The Penguin , Lexi, Chica Reader,
ReaderGirl, Steph, Rachel, Eli, Tricia, Lori, The Bookologist & Dahlia

Thank you Bri, The Penguin, OIKZ, Juju, & Rachel

Thank you Eleni , Zombie Girrrl, The Penguin,
ReaderGirl, Steph, Bri & Bookworm Barista
for the Humane Award!

Thank you Zombie Girrrl, The Penguin & Ceri

Thank you Jessica for the Inspiration Award.

Thank you to Bookworming on the 21st Century, Eli & Rachel

Thank you Danni for the Spread the Love Award!

Thank you Shayla, Jenn-ay & Zombie Girrrl for the Me-to-You Award!


Thank you Ramblings of a Teenage Bookworm & Book Chick City

Thank you Bri for the Super Comments Award!
U are awesome twin

Thank you Teddyree for the BINGO Award!


Thank you Natalie for the Superior Scribbler Award!

Thank you Sandi & Eli for The Great Look Award!


My 20th Award!! Thank You Bookologist & Amber Skye for The Splash Award!

Thank You Zombie Girrrl, Lindsay, Robyn, Aimee & The Bookologist for the Honest Scrap award!

Thank You Zombie Girrrl & B.A.M. Book Reviews for the Dragon's Loyalty Award!

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Thank you Kilee & B.A.M. Book Reviews for the My favorite Blog Award!!!

Merci beaucoup Zombie Girl & The Penguin for the Ohh la la! J'adore your blog! Award.

Thank you Zombie Girrl & Margaret for the Your Blog Is Over The Top! Award.

Thank you YA_RockStarlette & Kilee for the Kick-Ass Blog! Award.

Thank you Black and Blue Ink & Kilee for the Cleverly Written Blog Award!

Thank You Eleni, Kilee & The Bookologist for the Blog Monster award!

Thank you The Bookologist for the Profilic Blogger Award!

My 30th award! Thank you Ninefly for the Happy 101 Award!

Thank you Brianne for the Love Your Header Award!
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