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Sunday 21 June 2009

YA Book Carnival (^ ")>

And it has officially begun! The YA Book Carnival, all with it's fun, games and fabulous prizes!

For this wonderful occasion I decided to not give one book away... BUT TWO! For two diferent persons. So you will have double the chance to win! I will chooce (or randomize) the winner at the end of the week, so hurry up and sign up, because it ends as quickly as it came. Now Ill shut up and give you guys what you really want...

Prize number 1

The Dangerous Days of Daniel X by James Patterson & Michael


The greatest superpower of all isn't to be part spider, part man, or to cast magic spells--the greatest power is the power to create.
Daniel X has that power.

Daniel's secret abilities -- like being able to manipulate objects
and animals with his mind or to recreate himself in any shape he chooses -- have helped him survive. But Daniel doesn't have a normal life. He is the protector of the earth, the Alien Hunter, with a mission beyond what anyone's imagining.

From the day that his parents were brutally murdered before of his very eyes, Daniel has used his unique gifts to hunt down their assassin. Finally, with the help of The List, bequeathed to him in his parents' dying breath, he is closing in on the killer.

Now, on his own, he vows to take on his father's mission--and to take vengeance in the process.


For what Ive seen not a lot of people give this book away, and it's a damn shame cause its good! And well there is another book Im giving away...

Prize numer 2

It's a surprise O.o
So sign up, and then at the end of the contest Ill let the first winner decide between the Dangerous Days of Daniel X, or the surprise book.
But then again she/him nor anyone will know the name of the book until she chooces prize number 1 or 2. If she/him chooces number 1, number 2 goes to the second winner; if she/him chooces number 2 ill then let her know the book, and give number 1 to the second winner.
How does that sound?
Trying to make this even more interesting and fun!


1. US only, don't have money for out of US, sorry >.<
2. Post everything in ONE entry (name, email, each of the things you did WITH LINK)

To Enter:

+1 For everywhere you post this contest or link my blog (ex: Sidebar+1, Blog Roll +1, etc.-- make sure to leave a link or else it will not be accepted.)

+2 Post about this contest in your blog, in an actual post. (leave Link)

+2 If you enter my other contest for an ARC copy of Eyes Like Stars- also if you do number 1 and/or 2 of that contest give yourself a +1 for each.(Also Leave Link)

+3 If you are a follower or become a follower.

And I cannot stress the leave link enough, I will check, and it's bloody important.
This contest ends the same day the carnaval ends, June 27. So hurry up! I will notify the winner the following day June 28. If the winner does not respond in the first 24 hours, the prize will then go to the runner up and so on.

So make sure to check your emails!


  1. Shayla

    +2 Entered the ARC for Eyes like Stars
    +3 Follower

    Woo. Exciting! =) I love Mystery Prizes.

  2. Oh, very exciting. I'm interested to see what the secret prize will be.

    +3 already a follower.

    Thanks for posting about the carnival and holding your own giveaway. I hope you get a lot of visitors. :)

    lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

  3. A Mystery book!!

    I follow you!


  4. +1 Added to sidebar
    +3 follower

    Lexie (Lexie.Cenni@gmail.com)

    I'd enter the Eyes Like Stars contest but I have a copy so it wouldn't be fair :)

  5. The anticipation is nerve-wrecking. I'm so curious. lol. I found out earlier that you, me, Eli, and pirate penguin are all scorpios. lol. How weird is that?

    +1 You are on my blog roll

    +1 Link to contest in my sidebar here: http://thebookpixie.blogspot.com/

    +2 Entered Eyes Like Stars contest

    +3 I'm a follower


  6. Yay! More contests!

    +1 for Sidebar advertisement - under Win Free Books http://bookworminginthe21stcentury.blogspot.com/

    +1 for tweeting it - https://twitter.com/bookgoil

    +3 for being follower

    +2 for entering Eyes Like Stars contest
    +1 for adv. ELS contest:https://twitter.com/bookgoil
    +1 for sidebarring ELS contest: http://bookworminginthe21stcentury.blogspot.com/ (in my side bar under WIN FREE BOOKS)

  7. +3 for being a follower
    +2 I'll enter the ELS contest right now!


    well...you already know my URL and e-mail, but just in case! >]

  8. + 3 for being a follower..


  9. Mystery prizes are always fun, fun, fun! What a great idea! Please enter me :)

    +3 I'm a follower


  10. I'd love a chance to win!

    +1 Posted on Sidebar

    +2 Signed up for other contests

    +3 If you are a follower or become a follower.

    email: cnhand84 at yahoo dot com

  11. I really like the mystery book idea. Very Cool. Please enter me and thanks.
    Also, I am a follower of yours.

  12. I would love to read this!

    I had already entered the ARC for Eyes like Stars

    I am a Follower


  13. Ooh, I love carnivals! The rides (that may break down and kill you), the carnies (that give me the creeps), the food (that comes with the high risk of botulism), happy days!
    +1 There's a linky-loo on my sidebar. (you know where, crackinspines.blog.com)
    +2 I signed up for your other contest *squeal*.
    +3 On account of my bein' a follower an' all.
    I just realized I've already put my email on another site >.<, so here it is.

  14. This reminds me of Let's make a Deal and I loved that show!:)

    I'm a new follower!

    greenbeanteenqueen at gmail dot com

  15. blogged

    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  16. Whoo hoo, I wanted to read Daniel X and the other is a surprise yayyy...okie..

    +1 It's on my sidebar:http://lafemmereaders.blogspot.com
    +1 You've been on my blogroll [dunno if that counts as one]
    +2 I made a post with it: http://lafemmereaders.blogspot.com/2009/06/2-books-giveaway-by-blog-bloody.html

    I also twittered it: http://twitter.com/lafemmereaders
    +3 I am a follower


  17. +1 posted on sidebar at: http://laurelsyareviews.blogspot.com/

    +2 I posted on my blog about it at:

    +2 I entered your other contest
    +1 I put a thing on my blog for the other contest on the same post as the other post.
    +1 I put your other contest in my sidebar

    +3 I'm a new follower

    Laurel's YA Book Reviews
    yareviewsbylaurel [at] hotmail [dot] com

  18. Exciting contest!
    +1 I posted about this contest on my sidebar (http://cornucopiaofreviews.blogspot.com).
    +2 I entered your Eyes Like Stars contest (which is a book I can't wait to read)
    +1 I also posted about your Eyes Like Stars contest at my blog at http://cornucopiaofreviews.blogspot.com
    I don't know if it counts as an extra entry, but I also twittered about the Eyes contest. I also just posted about it on my Twitter. I'm not sure if that counts for #1, but the URL is here https://twitter.com/Cornucopiaofluv
    +3 I'm a follower

  19. +3 for following
    +1 I'm heading over to advertise it on the sidebar of my blog (www.readingrocks4me.blogspot.com)

    Great contest!

  20. +1 linked in sidebar http://thelifeofateenlibrarian.blogspot.com/

    +2 If you enter my other contest for an ARC copy of Eyes Like Stars

    +1 Linked that contest to sidebar http://thelifeofateenlibrarian.blogspot.com/

    +3 already a follower


  21. Okay, I'm in. ELS is mine. I just know it. *Large smile*

  22. Lisette
    I'd LOVE to enter for the surprise book :)

    I entered your other contest too.

    I'm already a follwer.

  23. Ooh, sounds like a great giveaway! I'll take...the surprise book!

    +3, I'll become a follower.
    +1, I'll also put you on my sidebar.

  24. For everywhere you post this contest or link my blog-Shelfari

    entered other contest for an ARC copy of Eyes Like Stars- http://www.shelfari.com/lianne94 and

    If you are a follower or become a follower.


  25. mmmmm, I love a good surprise so please enter me!
    + posted about this here: http://feedyourimagination.blogspot.com/2009/06/in-my-mailbox-week-3-and-more.html
    + entered your Eyes Like Stars contest and posted about it (same link as above)
    + I'm a follower

    Kristin (email = dazdnconfusd@comcast.net)

  26. I definitely want to read Daniel X, so a surprise prize would just be a bonus. Great giveaway!

    +1 posted on the sidebar of my blog at: http://ceceliabedelia.blogspot.com
    +4 for entering your Eyes Like Stars giveaway and answering #1 and #2: http://tinyurl.com/mk3ywo (the proof)


  27. I like the surprise idea

    +3 I am a follower
    +2 entered your eyes like stars contest


  28. This book looks awesome and I love surprises!

    +3 Entered Eyes Like Stars contest and did #2
    +3 Follower.
    +3 added to my Blog Roll(links below)
    +3 contest added to sidebar
    +2 Post about this contest


  29. Love the suprise idea!

  30. please entrer me

  31. Another cool book to win -

    I am a follower!

    kherbrand at comcast dot net

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. thanks for the great giveway!
    +3 (im a new follower)
    my name is emily.


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