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Saturday 20 June 2009

Look Alike's

I was planning to do this long ago, but with everything that I am doing lately *cough* vacation *cough* well I have not had the chance! I know Im long past my Review due, but I am just having so much work... Who am I kidding, I am having a blast that's why I haven't been able to post the review Lol Sorry guys!


Don't the posses seem familiar? they are all kind of offering something to the reader, may it be a butterfly, a rose or a kind of diamond.
I love all 3, but if I had to chooce 1, I'd chooce Fragile Eternity. What about you?

PS I am going to be participating in the YA Book Carnival! So expect a new contest tomorrow from moi! Wonder what I will give away...

Stay Tune!


  1. I'd choose The Awakening. (GREAT book by the way.) I actually like the Summoning cover. out of the two.

  2. I know right! And there's too many covers with butterflies right now too...

  3. Good catch! Another book added to my wish list (King's Rose).

  4. Wow, they even have like the same hair! Can't wait for tomorrow, BTW! I'm on a contest kick right now, or maybe everyone else is, because there seem to be a lot of them going on right now. :)

  5. Wow, those are really similar. :) I really loved King's Rose - great historical fiction.

  6. I like The King's Rose best.
    awwww@taschima's comments. *hugglehuggle* ^^!
    I can't wait to read City of Bones-I want to read about Jace! xD And I'm starting to like Sookie. She's funny. I don't know if I like Bill but I kinda like Sam. Does anything happen with him? :D

  7. Nice observation.

    Great covers, great books!


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