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Bloody Bookaholic's Commandment:

Thou Shall Read Till Thy Eyes Bleed

Tuesday 30 June 2009


Welcome To My World

Reading a book is like falling in love, you start by getting to know the person, you laugh, you cry, and you get bloody mad at times. It's all part of the journey. In the best case scenario you will find the one for you and live happily ever after, or you could be left behind with good memories. In the worst case scenario you had just wasted your time and learned nothing from it.

My duty is to help you not to waste your time, and find the best match for you. Whether it's fiction or non, supernatural or chick lit, the one book for everyone is out there, you just gotta look.

I also promise you that I will give you honest to whatever-you-believe-in reviews. Honesty is the best policy, and if I don't like something about the book I will surely point it out in a nice way. I'm not into book bashing, that is just wrong. But I will write the truth, and nothing but the truth (according to how I feel about the book).

Challenges, reviews, and a bloody good time is what I'm offering, you in?

Who is Taschima?

Taschima is my bookworm alter ego. My true name is Natascha, but don't repeat it, people might start calling me that. As most of you know I am an avid reader with a burning passion for the world of literature. I think of books as an escape route out of this reality, a world you create were you can just forget about your problems and be free.

I created this blog to fulfill my duty as a Bookaholic by making reviews and alerting those fellow bookaholics out there about the amazing stuff that they are missing. Besides I was bored and this seemed like fun ^^

Why Cullen?

Well as you all know there is a disease going around the world, it's called the Twilight madness. I myself read twilight before all the madness, and by people being so overly fanatic I have lost a little of the love I use to have for the series. Saying this I can't change my last name, cause everybody freaks out when I do. Ive had it for a long long time, so the Cullen stays.

Who is Chaz?

We also have Chaz, our reviewer extraordinaire, who helps me review books from time to time. He is my little helper, and a great friend!

Click here for Taschima Cullen's ABC's

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