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Tuesday 30 June 2009

Teaser Tuesday (On Tuesday!)

Ok, I think I got it. Lighting doesn't strike 3 times, but it bounces the third time and then comes back for a 4th strike! How does that sounds uh? I think I may beat Einstein on this one guys.

Well I'm finish linking the lovely bottoms that are on top of my page, they should be working right now. They were made by my candy/movies/food soul mate Briana from The Book Pixie. And I think they look adorable ^^

This blog is going to be under construction for a little while, until I get the new layout going. So please be patient guys! It will all be over soon enough.

Other than that I started a new book called Minion, from the series of a Vampire huntress Legend by L.A. Banks. I'm sure you all have heard of her. Shes the one who creates the monster that lie under your bed, along with Stephen King- remember the clown IT? I loved the movie, I watched it when I was 7 and waited till the next day to watch the second part, I'm a weird kid.

And now for the teaser...

"Damali smiled. She knew that both Shabazz and Rider were carrying. Neither had ever been comfortable with the crossbows. Well, a man had to do what a man had to do. She could appreciate that. Next time she'd smuggle her sword along, too, just like Shabazz had claimed his nine.

Rider and Shabazz exchanged a fist pound, while Mike chuckled low in his throat. Jose and J.L. gave a nod of agreement. Mutiny against Marlene's rules was in full effect."

Page 27

PS; There is a Shiver Trailer over at The Book Pixie's page. You should all go and see it mates- I'm watching Pirates of the Caribbean, bear with me.


  1. Me likey the buttons! Mayhaps I'll get some meself.

  2. Oooo. I have heard of this series. Looks good. Love the cover!

  3. Aww, Briana did a good job! They look so cute. :)

    I started reading Minion a few weeks ago but had to put it down. I didn't feel ready for it, lol. But I want to know more about Carlos...he seems interesting, hehe.

    wow, you definetely have a lot on your plate. I should get a new layout too but I'm so lazy! gah! xD I still can't get two side-bars. x.x I tried and I even managed to get a left side bar but the right one ended up at the bottom of the page, making it look distorted and WRONG. o___O?

  4. yesh, Dimitri. ;) I love Russia♥ XD


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