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Thursday 18 June 2009

SSSHHH... It's A Take Over O.o

SSHH – Come closer

Be quiet - closer

Are you paying attention?

You may not know – but my friend and I will be hijacking Mandi’s blog for a week.

We had to battle some murky waters to get here – Demons, Vamps, Smexy men and tripped
over a whole lot of books on the way to give you this info.

We will not be dithered from our quest to take over this blog ……..

Oh gosh - Someone's coming - SSSSSHHHH

Do me a favour …

Post this banner on your blog sidebar for a week and come back here for further instructions on the 27th June…

Wish me luck that I can get away to spread the rest of the info….

Dear lord – they almost upon me ….. Not a word to Mandi -- This is just between us three…

(Running as fast as i can) - remember come back here on the 27th… Remember to link back to this post.


This is a new thing that is creeping in the blogging world, don't ask me what it means, because I have no idea. But I am spreading the word, and can't wait for the 27th!

Also I visited the The Write Game, and had a little chat with Lee. Click here if you want to check it out.

New Update on my contest for an ARC copy of Eyes Like Stars, there are currently 18 people in the contest, join now and have an even bigger chance to win!


  1. LOL!! I'm so intrigued now!! What's happening on the 27th? This post made me giggle!

  2. I have no idea lol Im as intrigued as u are!

  3. hahahaha aw Zombie Girrrl you always make me laugh ^^

  4. Things like this always makes me nervous! :)

  5. Attack of the blogger snatchers? like puppet masters, maybe they will make everyone zombies ( except zombie girrrl , she is already one)


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