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Thursday 4 June 2009

In My Mailbox IV

I haven't done this in a while, oh well no $$ so hehe xD. I've recently adquired/received two books from two diferent series that I think are amazing-and may even be in my top 10.

The first one is from author Rick Riordan and it's called The Last Olympian. It's from the Percy Jackson & The olympians series- which I love, although it may seem for 12 year olds the series has so much adventure and the way Rick combines the Mithology world with our world it's just amazing and super entretaining.

The second one is from the most acclaimed Sookie Stackhouse series. I got in the mail Dead and Gone- and may I say finally. I am addicted to this series, it's like a drug. Sooo good, and in my opinion better than the T.V. Show True Blood. Which come to think about it now it only has the characters, cause the story is completely messed up. I hate it when they do that, that's why im so afraid that if they ever make a series out of the Black Dagger Brotherhood they would mess it up, and it would so make a great T.V. Show.

Seems like I got a lot of reading to do, not to mention my TBR pile which is through the roof. AHH why do we keep buying books if our TBR pile is through the roof!?! It's a paradox I tell you!


  1. Great books! Have fun reading them!

  2. I love Percay Jackson & The Olympians! I just got the third one, and can't wait to get the two. Happy reading! :)

  3. I reaaaally wanna read the sookie stackhouse series. My friend tells me that Sookie dates a lot of different people (ranging from vampire to werewolf to psychic) Is that true!? xD

    and thank you for putting me on your fellow bloggers list! That's so sweet of you. :)

    *saw your list of books becoming movies* THE HUNGER GAMES? Whoa whoa whoa-QUE?! :D

  4. I'm reading the first Sookie Stackhouse book right now. I reallllllllly like Sam.

  5. My favorite is Eric rawr I looove him.
    And can't wait to read Dead and Gone!


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