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Wednesday 10 June 2009

I'm getting pretty good at the post-things-the-day-after-they-are-suppose-to-be-posted thing-here is like Thursday 1:46 a.m. Yeah, I'm seriously considering it to be my special thing or something like day. The problem of the day was *drums* *suspense* *people eating their nails and begging for the anti Christ*... MY INTERNET WAS NOT WORKING! Wooohoooo!!!!! *drums end*
It was terrible.I think the Gods are punishing me for some of the following:
A. Going on vacation
B. Posting late yesterday
C. Not believing in any of them
D. All of the above

Well now then, I'm going to do with D... What do you think? Anyways I'm going to post my wish, let's see if it actually comes true...

The Van Alen Legacy by Melissa De La Cruz. This is the fourth book in the Blue Bloods series. The series may start a little slow, but it keeps getting better and better with each book. Unfortunately, the author has not let not one once of gossip about this book out, and its coming out in October which is good and bad. Good because I have no money, bad because, well, I want to read it now!

Do you think my wish will actually come true? Or is it like when you blow up the candle of a B-day cake and your suppose to not tell your wish to anybody? I guess well find out...

In other good news I, your fabulous and incredible admin, am going to post an interview I had with Tonya Hurley author of Ghostgirl pretty soon. Maybe sooner than you think. And to spice things up I asked a guest blogger that you may very well now by the name of Eli, or Tainted Poet, to ask Tonya some questions of her own. Exciting? I think so too.


  1. Can I ask questions too?....hmmm nevermind I can only think on perverted questions.
    Btw tell Tonya to make an anime about the book...I think it would be fun

  2. Cool, can't wait to see the interview! And I hope your wish comes true!

  3. Oh Thank you, so sweet ^^
    I'm going to try to post the interview today, or maybe today at 12 a.m. since thats my specialty now hahaha

  4. Taschima, the Van Alen Legacy is the forth book of the series.
    ... just saying.

  5. Thanx Sushi girl! I was in a daze! Where have you been!? Miss your comments ^^


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