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Sunday 7 June 2009

Best Award Ever

So I was ciberwalking, just checking up on the blog, seeing if there were any comments-which BTW I love! Any kind of feedback, good or bad, love to listen to your guys opinions-when I see that Eli, also known as Tainted Poet, left me a link on the Wordgasm. I click on it, and my heart melts. Eli has made an award to thank bloggers who have help her along the way, kept her company, and just been there, and she chose me as one of her ciberbuddies. I am honored, and flattered. I love the award, its beautiful. And I love the meaning behind it. I love all my awards, they are all special, but this one stole the cake, ate it, and went back for more. Eli has also been there for me in this crazy world of blogging, and I just want to say thank you for everything.

This award kicks serious arse!


  1. Awwwww! I'm so happy it meant so much to you! You really have been totally awesome-- As members of the generation of new bloggers, we must stick together!! x)

  2. hahaha I liked the cake bit.


  3. Hahaha Thank You Robin (Btw Like the name)

  4. *And when taschima was leaving the stage , she almost let the award fall and juggle it a few seconds, almost hitting the ground.*

  5. Oh Shut Up BB, I know 149 different ways to kill a person...

  6. Congrats on the award!! =D

  7. Aww, that's so sweet! I know I wouldn't have started blogging were it not for the support of my crew over at 13 & Co. It can feel so lonely when you first start out and knowing that someone's reading your stuff can really take away from that talking-to-yourself-in-an-empty-room feeling.
    PS> love the line about cake!

  8. Hey! I was joking about when the girl who plays bella on the twilight movie dropped the MTV movie award

  9. I know... >.<

    Ps; Cake bit came when I was going to post the, am, post lol It was last minute, Im glad you all liked it though! ^^


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