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Wednesday 15 December 2010

Cassandra Clare, City of Bones Movie News: Clary Has Been Chosen!

OMG OMG OMG! She has been chosen!! Heck yeah! 

Well first off some information on the actress...

Name: Lily Collins
Age: 21
"In December 2010 it was announced that Lily won the role and will star as Clary Fray in the popular young adult novels Mortal Instruments which are currently in the process of being made hopefully into a successful movie franchise which spans 4 books written by Cassandra Clare. 
Lily’s role will revolve around her character Clary who is a 16 year old shadow hunter that is around 5 feet tall with red wavy hair who is physically enhanced with angel blood that has mystical powers to seek out demons. Filming locations, plots, & etc are unknown at this time due to that it is early in production."
Information from lily-collins.net  

What Cassandra has to say about this:
"She is completely adorable and looks right for Clary to me. 
ETA: Look, no actor or actress is going to look perfect or right to absolutely everyone for the part. Keep in mind *I* don't choose the actors or actresses who star in the movie — I have to trust the vision of the producers and director, and I do. I hope you can be optimistic too, but if not, super-nasty comments about Lily are going to be deleted."

Information from Cassandra's Blog.

I agree with Cassandra. I think the actress is adorable and can pull it off! Now speculation about Jace's actor are about to start. Who will it be... Someone who is hot, dark, and mysterious no doubt. Do not pick Robert Pattison pleeaasseee. I like him lots, but I think Jace deserves his own original one of a kind actor.

Here are more pictures of the girl:

Let's all hope that by the end of this movie endeavour we will all be rejoicing like her in this last picture. Oh yes, she is also a model, she is pretty enough so that doesn't surprise me.


  1. I actually really like her for Clary. I was worried about who they would choose, but I think Lily is the best actress for the job :)

  2. YAAAY!!! Wow, she looks good as a redhead. I bet she can totally pull off Clary.

    And I agree. I'm going to throw up if RPattz is cast as Jace. Jace should be someone we've never heard of. Or maybe just go ahead and cast Alex Pettyfer. :-P

  3. @Lena Oh gosh he's hot, but a blond. I don't know how he would look with dark hair...

  4. omgosh! I think she looks great for Clary and the natural red hair is a total plus.
    When I search Jace on google I get tons of images of Pettyfer, and he looks pretty good ^_^

  5. I haven't seen The Blind Side, but will watch it now just to see her act, but she looks perfect.

  6. Muy bella esta chica ^^

    Besos de letras con Tinta.

  7. While I agree with the fact that she is cute, I can't help but wonder if the reason that Cassandra Clare likes Collins is because she looks to be a much prettier version of herself, making it seem that Cary is definatly a self-insert of the author. Sometimes that is all right, but sometimes that can be a bad thing.

  8. I was surprised when they chose Lily as Clary, she looks great, though I hope she can pull of the akward and fierceness Clary sometimes has!

  9. Well, at least she can rock the red hair. I'm kind of excited about this movie, though I'm not going to get all my hopes up and stuff because it's probably going to be awhile till it comes out. I'm totally going to see it though.

  10. I think she going to put off as clary. She's really pretty. I hope they picks someone hot for Jace.

  11. I don't really think she is the best person to play clary,she is pretty but she just isn't the right person to play clary,I just hope if she is clary that she can pull off clary's personality


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