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Thursday 30 December 2010

News: Vampire Academy Going Comic Style


Whats with YA going going comic? It is, apparently, the new thing to do. James Patterson did it with his Maximum Ride series, even Stephenie Meyer with the Twilight series, and now Richelle Mead will join the parade with her Vampire Academy series.

You know what? I can't wait for it really. I bet those fight scenes will look awesome in comic mode, and if they make Rose a little less scarier (have you seen the cover above?)  I could live with her comic self. Also, I'm not really sure about Dimitri, he doesn't look like my imaginary Dimitri, which looks a little like this:

Not too shabby uh? This anime character's name is Amon and he's from Witch Hunter Robin (anime series- one of my favorites). Ive used Amon in my mind when thinking of Dimitri cause they are both kick ass, silent, mysterious, wise, and hot as hell.

This is what Richelle Mead has to say:
"Pretty awesome, huh? That's the cover, and the full book will be out August 2011. For now, I'm just really excited to be able to share this with you and can't wait to see other artwork come in. I've seen a few samples of other pages, and everything they've done is really amazing."

August 2011!! I can't wait for the comic, would have bought it anyways if only to add it to my Vampire Academy collection, but truth is I'm genially interested in what the outcome might be.


  1. Thats exciting!
    But the sad bit about printing books into comic versions is that the characters start getting sketched in the way of certain people's imagination and then it clouds up are own! Like Harry Potter, i bet all of us had a different image in our heads while reading the series and now that he has a face, its always comes together-HP and Daniel!
    I don't like the way Rose and Dmitri look, i can't see Lissa's face! Rose has humongous boobs which make her look very weird!

  2. I dont know... Im not too fond of the cover. I think they're too cartoony for me. Ill definitely check it out though cause I am definitely a Vampire Academy fan.

  3. Hah, I love Amon from Witch Hunter Robin too! I think making graphic novels from books is a great idea. I've read some of the others you listed and enjoyed them (also the Wicked Lovely series). I subscribed to Yen Press so I could read (and see since the images are usually so great to look at) Patterson's Maximum Ride in manga format. Thanks for your post.

  4. I love that so many books are coming out as graphic novels - not because I truly love graphic novels, but because I work in a high school library and reluctant readers love graphic novels! I am thrilled that so many great stories are now available in a format that appeals to teens who would normally not grab the book! I do LOVE the Jeff Smith Bone books - probably because they were the first graphic novels I read - I have James Patterson's graphics and will be getting these too - happy reading!

  5. Woah, did NOT expect that. haha. But the art looks great and all but I'm not too sure about Dimitri either. I never imagined him so big and bouncer looking. Oh well, I can't too see the fight scenes either. Should be awesome!

  6. @kiwi Yeah that would suck, but for us who already have the characters on our minds it should be fine =]

    @leilani Vampire Academy fans unite!

    @Meg You watch Witch Hunter Robin? *.* omg I didn't think I would find another... I thought about reading the James Patterson ones, but I can barely read the books so...

    @Beverly Yeah I thought of that too, that more reluctant readers would start reading more because of this, and I think thats awesome.

    @selfcentered Hai!

  7. I never imagined Dimitri and Rose to look like that! They're too fierce looking(?) Lol

  8. It seems that all novels are going that way, not just YA. I mean Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake series has been a comic book for how long? And Patricia Briggs just jumped on that bandwagon with her Mercedes Thompson series. I can't tell if it's a good thing or bad thing yet. I mean it's interesting to see the interpretation of the characters and flip through the storyline if I don't know I want to read it. However, while it is still reading, I would rather have the actual book, details and all.


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