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Tuesday 7 December 2010

Twilight BARBIES!!!!

Do you imagine all the possibilities with these Barbies? Little girls making their own stories. Bella will NOT end up with Edwards, because there is a Jacob BARBIE. Or maybe Jacob will kill Edward once and for all, or the other way around. If anything Bella could end up alone, Jacob and Edward could make a run for it... ;)

Now! I present to you the Twilight cast!

Jacob, Edward and Victoria.
Sadly, is not the whole cast. To tell you the truth, these would make kick ass collector's objects... Also I didn't find Bella, they didn't have her. Normal Barbies are a thing of the past, now if you want to get something cool for your niece or very gay nephew get them a Twilight Barbie! (Please if you ARE going to do this at least get them the books too...)

Here are the DOLLS by themselves...


Edward has no fangs... Sad...

Shirtless Jacob!! Not just Jacob, oh no, SHIRTLESS Jacob!
I think Edward should come with Fangs included and Jacob must be like a power ranger with the option of going wolf style. Maybe a pajama with fuuuurrrr. (Shirts come separately; who am I kidding no one will actually cover him up)

Last and definitely least...

Victoria...Why exactly she's here I have no idea.
You would think that if they were going to make an evil vampire they would go for Dakota's character. Anyways, a red head Barbie!!! The world is coming to an end!!!

They are all $25.00!!! The sick thing is people will buy them!! With $25.00 you could buy 2 to 3 books or a T.V. Series, or something else... Maybe about 4 other less popular Barbies.

Anyways, I was having some fun with these Barbies, and this is some of the scenarios my twisted mind came up with...

Ass many fan girls would agree, they finally did it. Left Bella behind and realized their true feelings for each other. The classic tale of the vampire and the werewolf who fall in love even though EVERYTHING is against them. I'm rooting for you guys T_T. 
 Or if you like Jacob A LOT...

Extra Extra! Jacobs two for one!! This is just a bit sick, but so much fun...
I had more ideas, lots more, but my mother was hurrying me along so I could only take these pictures with my phone. SO! There you have it, what do you think? Will you buy them?

These DOLLS (it's so funny calling them dolls; Jacob is a doll; Edward is a DOLL hahahahahahaha) are sold separately at a Target near you. Well, at least they were at my Target lol

PS; The sick thing is, I likes them. I would buy them if only to collect them.


  1. dear goddess.. please make the twilight torture stop!!

    the books were Ok to a point, but its gotten so bad i cant look at anything twilight without cringeing.

  2. LOL these are so awesome! I loved your Jacob being with Bella scenario! haha I agree if I ever did get them they would be for collecting only.
    Love this post! I can't wait to see these at my target! haha

  3. But who'd want the Victoria doll? Maybe only to complete the collection, I guess. I find them slightly creepy.

  4. Wow..I knew they were making dolls, but seriously?? $25 for a doll? Sure, I'd love them, but I think that I would just get the books or the movies. I mean a poster I would buy before the dolls.

  5. @LunaMoth Hahaha it will never end!!!

    @Katie (Call Me Crazy) I plan to return and see if I can find a Bella doll, and see which others they have!

    @Alessandra @Out of the Blue I find them slightly creepy too! And Jacob? The real one is so much cuter...

    @BrittLit It totally brings a smile to your face xD

  6. They look like bobble-heads. Kind of top-heavy...

    I hate Twilight, so I probably shouldn't buy any of these. I'd have way too much fun doing very mean things to them.

  7. Oh noes! Eddie and Jake have helmet hair.


  8. Jacob's head looks huge!

  9. These are on my Christmas list :)

  10. Oh man, just no..

    Jess :)


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