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Friday 3 December 2010

US VS UK; The Replacement

Even though they both are very dark and creepy, they are very different. The UK one is blue and black,  the second one has more color. The guy on the first one is sort of cute, and the background is super creepy! But, I still love the second one more. The scissors and knifes and other stuff on top of the crib? Are you serious!?!? Also the crib looks amazing, and this cover is so much creepier than the first one. 

Which is why US wins HAND DOWN! The Replacement is one of the best covers of 2010!


  1. I totally agree, the US version rocks! It's so creepy, the cover alone makes me want to hide behind a cushion!

  2. The US version is better by far. It's super creepy and strange. It's better than a random hot guy posing any day!

  3. I like both of them too, but the US is my favorite too.

  4. I have to go with the US cover-it captures Mackie's story and it's just so creepy-looking! It's perfect! The UK cover's not bad but....nah, no comparison!

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  6. I agree-- the US cover is my favorite of the two. I wonder why they even changed it, why with all the positive comments on it!

  7. I do like the second cover. It's totally creepy!!!
    Book Channel

  8. I agree with you, hands down the US cover is better.

    What I love about the US cover is how different it is. How many other covers out there look like that? None that I know of. Plus, it suits the story perfectly and specifically.

    The UK cover is just so generic. That cover could be for any YA paranormal book. It doesn't stand out and it doesn't connect to the story specifically. I also don't like the guy's haircut, but that's just me.

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  9. I agree, US wins. Books with people/faces on them just aren't as interesting as a unique photograph.


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