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Tuesday 21 December 2010

**My Blog Has Been Nominated, FTW?!**

My blog was nominated for Best Blog of 2010. Could you PLEASE for the love of GOD help me out here? I have no hope of actually winning... Kristi from The Story Siren has been nominated so all my hope went out the window instantly. BUT! We can make noise! And it's pretty awesome to be nominated at all so.

So if you like my blog please go HERE and vote for me =D Small request! As a thank you I will post this hilarious video that I found online.

The video is title I Am Harry Potter (see? still having to do with books, kind of) and is Daniel Radcliff being interviewed, but in a funny manner. It's just funny so please watch it even if you don't vote for me. Though the voting thing is highly encouraged.

Hahahahahahahaha... HAHAHAHAHA...

“Dan is a fantastic character…I really enjoyed playing him.”

“So when you’re not Dan, you actually are fighting evil spirits?”
“No. They’re dead. I’ve done that.”

“I talk to women. Tell them I’m Harry. See where that gets me.”

“Would you like to see a scar I have from playing quidditch?” 

“Put your pants on.”
“That’s broom burn.”


  1. That's great news! I'll vote for ya! Great video too!

  2. I tried to vote for you but the link doesn't work, blogger tells me it doesn't exist or something.
    Sorry :S

  3. I just voted for you! :)

  4. Oh, Harry was just awesome! LOL


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