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Thursday 16 December 2010

News: Bloodlines by Richelle Mead

I KNEW IT! I know who the male lead is, as everybody who read Last Sacrifice does xD California? Nice. Human School? Hmm maybe. Sydney? I likes her. In the same world? WELL GET TO SEE ROSE ONCE IN A WHILE, AND LISSA AND DIMITRI AND CHRISTIAN!!!

Cover from Amazon.com, probably not the official cover.
This spin off reminds me of Jeaniene Frost's Night Huntress World books, a spin off from The Night Huntress books. Jeaniene managed to be super successful with her spin off affair, and I bet a copy of Bloodlines that Richelle is also going to pull it off with flying colors. I just can't wait!

 Richelle's spin-off series, "Bloodlines," will hit bookstore shelves in August 2011. 2010 was a wonderful year for YA, and 2011 can't get here fast enough!

If you want to read some Bloodlines teasers click here!


  1. wow, I hadn't heard this, thanks for letting us know. :) I'm only a third of the way through Last Sacrifice, but I have a good guess on who the male lead will be too. :) (or at least I'm hoping.)

  2. hmmm okay I thinking Adrian as main male BUT I really dont want him to ed up with Sydney OR Jill!!!! So I'm hoping for someone else :P

  3. Yeahh, so does she mean A or she could fool us all, and have it be some one random that was like barely mentioned as a love interest, that would be sad, I want it to be him. I love the entire concept though.

  4. @Roni Loren I think we are ALL hoping for the same person ;)

    @I Want To Read That I KNOW!!! The dream of every Vampire Academy fan *.*

    @Badass Bookie I'm thinking he's gonna end with Jailbait... >.<

    @Caitlin It has to be him... You saw how broken he was at the end. Richelle needs to pick up the pieces, and she must let us watch.

  5. Hahaha yes. I am assuming its him for the love interest, given how Last Sacrifice ended since it wasn't totally tied up. I agree- I think Richelle will pull this one off with flying colors and give us another wowing, intricate, whirlwind of a plot. Plus, since boy in question is basically my fave YA boy ever, I am SO in hahaha. And I can actually see him with Sydney- shes so controlled, they could have a seriously hot and spicy romance ;)

  6. Ooooh sounds good. Unfortunately, I haven't read Last Sacrifice yet *shaaame* but there's pretty much only one male, single, character that jumps out to me, assuming nothing too major happens in the main book.
    I'll bet the book will be great though, as per usual :P
    Must go read Last Sacrifice now!

  7. I still haven't gotten my hands on a copy of Last Sacrafice yet, which is driving me nuts. T_T I sat there and counted down the days for when it would be released, knowing I still wouldn't be able to read it. >>

    I can't wait for Bloodlines. :) It sounds pretty interesting. It's going to be super weird reading though.

    Thanks for putting this up!

  8. I'm really excited she's writing a spin off series. I've got the last two VA books on my night stand right now and I've been putting off reading them because I was going to be sad there were no more. Can't wait for this. Thanks for sharing the article.

  9. Thank you for letting us know! Im looking forward for bloodlines aand how it will come out on August considering my birthday isss in august i already know what im getting as a present! *wink*

  10. I hope the lovers Rose Hathaway and Dimitri Belikov are in it

  11. I can't wait for this book!!

  12. i can't wait to read 'Bloodlines' i have a good idea who it is also and i know if it's written by you i don't care who it is. i read all your books within a month and a week and so cool i can't wait!!!!!

  13. i hope you check out my googl account

  14. I agree with Kari ! But if Adrian isn't in that book I won't read it... Ok, of course I will :D I'm looking forward !!!

  15. No way Adrian has to end up with Sydney, becasue he is badass and dating humans is against the rules.
    And we all know how much Adrian likes breaking the rules ;)
    And the relationship would be good cause Sydney would be trying so hard to hate him but she would fall for him in the end, because we all know no one can resist Adrian. (: and they both need somebody to love. especially after Adrian got his heart broken.

    P.S. Besides he thinks of jailbait as a sister, so that would be kind of weird (:


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