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Monday 6 December 2010

CSN Review: Laptop Sleeves

If you are a blogger with a laptop then this is the post for you. If you are a college student with a laptop this is also the post for you xD A couple of weeks ago I got as a birthday present this cute little laptop. It's very small but does the trick. Anyways, I was so scared of taking it with me to classes because my backpack was not very, am, safe. I threw it about and well it doesn't have specific safe places to put the laptop on. So I went to CSN.com and looked for laptop sleeves.

This is what I found:

There are more laptop bags and sleeves, but I decided to get these two. I have them, have used them, and this is what I got to say about them:

First off, the blueish one is super cute, and the red bag is very elegant looking. So props on the aesthetics. Although, I thought the first one was going to be more blue than green. It's got a blue/green thing going on. The picture of the tree is awesome, and it has a design both on the front and back.

Second, how comfortable they are. They both have specific places for the laptop, plus more space for anything else you wish to take with you (a notebook, paper, a book, you know). For the blue one you can actually choose the size that fits your laptop. I thought that was pretty cool. Out of the two the red one is the biggest and has the most sleeves and stuff like that were you can put your stuff in. What I liked most about them is that your things don't go dancing inside your bag when you are walking, they stay in their rightful place. Exactly what I needed. I was so tired of trying to get my keys and coming off with, well, let's just say not my keys xD Now I don't have that problem anymore!

So besides the color mismatch thing, the bag and the sleeve have been nothing less than great! Now I am able to take my laptop to class with me without thinking that at any second I am going to break the screen. It's very college friendly these bags!

Anyways, if you are in need of stylish sleeves or laptop bags that aren't black and generic, please go to CSNStores.com and get the best of the best for a fair price ;)

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  1. The blue one is very pretty! We have a mini PC that our 6 yo uses. I just use the sleeve it came with but we hardly ever take it out of the house.


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