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Monday 27 December 2010

Amazon's 'End of the Year' SALE!! ENDS DEC.31st!!!

I just thought to let you ALL know about amazon's end of year sale. It's amazing, and I would have been very disappointed if I didn't know of this sale, so I'm telling you guys!

I dived into the T.V.Show sale. A lot of big time tv shows are $15!! What I got:

 $14.49 - $14.99

$10.99 - $26.98

 $19.99 - $9.99

 $14.99 - $14.99

$14.99 - $9.99 


Keep in mind that all these series are super expensive when not on sale. Love end of the year sale!!!! Hurry up before it ends!


  1. I love Amazon. I bought SO much stuff from them on Black Friday. I was seriously contemplating buying the first 2 season of Castle today, but one of my good friends owns them, so I told myself to save the money!

  2. Thanks for the heads-up! I ordered a few...*cough*...


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