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Monday 15 March 2010

A Great Giveaway You Don't Want To Miss

My dear friend, and affiliate, Eleni is having a giveaway that is gonna BLOW YOUR MIND. Yes that's right, I said it. And it's true. Great books, great girls, what's not to love?

So, please, go and sign up now! Let everyone know. I don't post about contests much, but this one deserved the post. I even am going to sign up, I want to win Spirit Bound by Richelle Mead!

Run, fly, whatever works for ya.

In other news, I am almost finished with Betrayals so expect a review in approximately 1-2 days. I am doing my best to finish, you know how many distractions I have lately? Work, school, Final Fantasy 13, Pokemon Soul Silver... Life is good.

But I will have it done soon enough and then Ill let you know how EPIC the book was, and why.


  1. Thanks for posting it girl, luv ya!

  2. This is a great contest!

    And by the way we posted about both of yours.

  3. This is such a great contest!

  4. I love Eleni and Kari's blogs!!

  5. Final Fantasy is AMAZING. <3
    What's your faves?
    Mine are FF7, FF8,FFX, FFX-2 :)
    I know that wasn't book related, but oh well. XD
    It being Final Fantasy is worth it.
    Pokemon is also awesome! :) Miss Pokemon.

  6. I love Eleni! She is such an awesome blogger, as are you Taschmina! :D


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