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Saturday 27 March 2010

US VS UK, Round Eleven

Today is a fabolous day. I got my laptop back, and I am going around Disney taking pictures with all the characters we can find. My sister even bought my mom The Hat. The one that the Mad Hatter wears in the new Alice in Wonderland movie. Let me just tell you that she is a very happy girl.

Does anybody like history? I had the greatest time learning about Walt Disney's history and how everything happened. I don't know, I guess I'm just amazed at how people can evolve over time. It's pretty interesting and exhilarating. It gives me an idea for a novel...

Well, anyways, this post is not about Disney, it's about the thing that most of the time makes us buy books, the thing that leave us in awe, the covers.

There are always two version's to a cover, but in this post we are putting the US and the UK head to head to see who comes with the best cover.
Our contestants are...

Round One...

The Agency by Y. S. Lee


I just LOOOVE the us cover don't you? It's sooo pweetty! (yeah, Pwetty). I also like the Italian cover, I think it adds that mystery the novel certainly has. But I like seeing the face of the model, so it's a tough choice. Like the face of the novel, but also like the background of the Italian one. Oh not to mention the colors of the US. And the US model looks like she is hiding something; like she has an ulterior motive no one should know. Now the UK one, well, it's nice and all, but, kind of plain don't you think? If I were going pass an aisle and see these 3 covers I, most likely, would pick up the US one, would look at the Italian one, and completely ignore the UK one.

So my list is...


Whats yours?


  1. I agree that the US one is just so pretty! But I love the Italian one most, so my list would have to be:

    1. Italian
    2. US
    3. UK


  2. Oh wow, I had no idea that the UK cover of The Agency happened to be the SAME EXACT book for the US's The Agency. *fail* I guess I should've paid more attention to the author's name since I saw the UK cover first. I seriously thought these were two different books. The italian cover is nice but it doesn't really draw my attention like the US cover.

    US wins! xD

    DISNEY! You're the second blogger who's said that they're going to Disney. I still haven't gone there but I will one day, I will!!

  3. My favorite is the Italian cover. The US would be second. I don’t like the UK cover much at all.

  4. Mine would be Italian, US, and then way dead last UK. The Italian cover is really interesting and mysterious!

  5. I'm with the pirate penguin, originally I didn't know the UK and US cover were for the same book! I later realized they were but only after visiting the author's website.

    I agree with your lineup; US, Italy, UK.

    I'm going to Disney too =D

  6. I really like the Italian cover. That would be my first choice. Then at a close second would be the us.

  7. Italy, US, UK. I really like the Italian cover cuz I'm not big on seeing the face of the character. I like to imagine them up so to speak. And yay your at Disney (thats where I work)! I hope you have a great time and I would love to see your pics!

  8. @Rheanna Really?! Wanna meet up? Im at Orlando though...

  9. Oh wow, that sounds totally awesome Taschima!

    As for the covers, I couldn't put it better than you did. Not to be a copy cat but I feel the EXACT same way about each one and would list them in the same order. :D


  10. I would pick Italian cover every time...so mysterious!

  11. The Italian cover, hands down. It's so mystical and gorgeous!

  12. I gotta say, I'm not feeling the UK or the US covers. But I love the Italian one. :)



  13. I'd have to go with the Italian. It easily draws my attention faster than the other two. So magical and mysterious. UK, and US would be second and third. I'm one of those who doesn't like to see the model's face. Great fun as usual!

  14. UK first because the red and black really stand out to me and I love the key. I want one of those on a necklace. Then the Italian cover because it's mysterious and really pretty. Then US last. I don't really like that one much. It's kinda boring and the bar at the top is ugly to me. I would grab the UK one, check out the Italian one and ignore the US one.

  15. I like all the covers really, for different reasons. I have to add that I love history :-)

  16. I actually like the UK cover. The red is really eye-catching.

  17. I can't pick between the US cover and the Italian cover. =/ The Uk version is just way too plain. It makes me go,"Eh!"

    I haven't read it, so I can't really choose between the US and the UK. I think I'm going to have a look at what teh book is about.

  18. Oooh! I just read the summary for it on Shelfari and it sounds really, really good!! Thanks for having it up. :P You're making my wishlist grooowwww.

  19. i think like you: US, Italian, UK... i'd love to read this book!

  20. All of the covers are great, but I actually favor the US design. I think it has the appropriate Victorian era feel to it. :D


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