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Sunday 14 March 2010

Laptop Malfunction

Yeah, I'm sorry if I don't post as much in the next few days, but my laptop doesn't want to charge.


I will keep posting from school and stuff, but it ain't as good. You just get so attached to your laptop you know?

Has anyone had this problem before? Did anyone ever want to just scream and make a riot?

(That would be me screaming at the world,
and the bird/laptop would be calling social services
Bird:"Why yes, hello, my owner want's to throw me in hot water,
and then hit me till me little internal pieces fall off, what do I do?")

I want to scream and make a riot... But at the end of the day I still love my Tashiba (that's my laptop's name).



  1. Sounds like you might need to buy a new battery. I had to with my Dell laptop when the battery wouldn't hold a charge.

  2. Scream and make a riot about my computer breaking down?All the time!!!!
    About other things?Same answer!

  3. Tashiba isn't, by any chance, a Toshiba? :)

    I hope you sort out your technical problems!

  4. AWW POOP! Well I hope you get it figured out

  5. If it works plugged in but not on battery I would suggest a new battery. After a while they stop holding a charge. I think it's a built in manufacturing "defect." We use Lenovo laptops at work and they come with a one year warranty on the battery. At just over a year the batteries stop chanrging

  6. Crap. That's never fun. It happened to me once, but it turned out my dog had chewed through the cord just enough so I wouldn't notice it, but enough to cut the power connection. So I'd check to make sure your cord isn't frayed or rip, because buying a new cord is usually cheaper than buying a new battery. Hope you get it figured out soon! :)

  7. Homer screaminggg!!!!!! ahhh! thats so baddd!!!!

  8. Yeaaaaah. I didn't have a computer all last week and it drove me mad!!! D:

    I'll miss your posts!

  9. Can't you use it just plugged in? I never use my battery, I just have it plugged in.

  10. So sorry! That sucks. Gregory just had to give his up because it got a virus and the computer guy had to take it for fixing.

    Will look forward to your posts whenever we get them!

  11. i am very attached to my laptop even if it is a bit old and kind of clunky- I stare at prettier sleeker ones but feel as if I shouldn't, except when it malfunctions then I'm all about finding a new laptop.


  12. It's the same with me and my laptop too...always!

  13. Technology is a blessing and a curse. I know what you are talking about. I have been through several laptops in not that much of a period of time. It is no fun being sans technology.


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