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Saturday 6 March 2010

US vs UK, Round Ten

There are always two version's to a cover, but in this post we are putting the US and the UK head to head to see who comes with the best cover.

In honor of the movie Alice in Wonderland (which I'm going to see at 10 tonight) this round will be all about The Looking Glass War books.

Round One...


I like the whole setting of the U.K. cover, it gives you a picture of their world. But I like more the U.S. cover. It just looks so kick ass!!! Very pretty and neat. And it really makes it look like they are preparing to war. Also the symbol and the font are very nice.

Round Two...


Yeah, any of you guys psychic? Then you know my answer. U...S... Wiiiins. It looks like art! I would so buy a poster of that picture and put it on my wall. It's beautiful and dark and slighly creepy. While the U.K. looks, well, slightly boring and with a lot going on.

Round Three...


Again, this one is a bit like the first book. It's about action and power. The U.S. wins hands down. It looks like it took a bit of work to do that cover, and even though I really like the scenery in the U.K. cover, for a cover it just isn't as powerful as the U.S.

It also comes to my attention that the U.S. covers look like more of a series than the U.K. covers. The first and third one of the U.K. look like part of a series, but not the second one. If I went to Borders and saw all 3 in different places I would somehow connect the dots.

So, what do you think?


  1. UGG can I say I don't like any of them. OK, if I HAD to pick...
    rnd 1 UK
    rnd 2 US
    rnd 3 UGG-UK

  2. I appreciate the UK covers of book 1 and 3 because they seem a bit more wonderlandy. The US of #2 is far superior to UK though. In the long run I must agree that US actually wins them all. They are just more Awesome!

  3. I like the US covers for the first and second books... but I prefer the UK cover for the third.

  4. Umm wow I can't pick between either cover for all three. I like some things about each cover, and I just can't pick a favorite one haha.

  5. I can see what you mean about the U.S covers look more like a series. I especially like the second U.S. book. It looks amazing!

  6. I love the US covers. The 2nd one was more of a toss up but I think the woman in red (sorry I don't read this series) is a little too far away and you don't really see as much as you'd like. My favorite cover is the 3rd by the US.

  7. I liked the US covers better for all three books. I've read this series, and I believe that those covers fit the story more.

  8. Quite honestly, I don't like any of the covers lol

  9. Oh my favorite series! I love the U.S. covers. To me they are so much more of a depiction of what the stories are about. War.

  10. I prefer all the UK ones :)

  11. I just wanted to let you know that I have passed on awards to you! Check them out at my blog

  12. some covers are good another are crap! but these one are cool^^


    PD: im in the ridiculous contest!

  13. 1: US
    2: UK - much better than US
    3: US

    Did they mix up the covers for round 2 cause it totally looks like it. :)

  14. I don't really care for any of the covers. If I have to pick my favorites are books 1 and 3 UK covers. UK cover book 2 doesn't seem to fit with the other two.

  15. Hmm. I like the UK covers better. I can't exactly explain why...

  16. Round 1 US
    Round 2 UK
    Round 3 UK

  17. I agree with them not looking much like a series.
    But they all are pretty.
    Here are my thoughts for the covers separately.

    Round One- UK
    Round Two- Can't decide.
    Round Three- UK

    That's just my thoughts because I haven't read the books, but I LOVE Alice in Wonderland.

  18. definetely, i prefer the UK ones, they're just so beautiful! the artwork it's fantastic!
    but i don't have anything against the US ones, they look pretty well, but i simply love & adore the UK ones!

  19. I actually like all of the US covers because they have a fantasy element, yet are war-like, which is appropriate for the series. :D


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