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Tuesday 10 May 2011

Teaser Tuesday Everyone!

I'm going to give you 3 teasers. One from the latest novel Ive read, one from the novel I'm currently reading, and one that Julie Kagawa posted herself about Summer's Crossing. Sooounds awesome doesn't it? I know it does.

A conversation between Em and Michael:

"I mean," he backpedaled, "she was still at the hourglass trying to help Kaleb, but I didn't want Landers to have access to her anymore. I needed to keep her away from him."

"Aren't you just a knight in shinning armor?" My voice dripped syrupy sweetness, and any warm, fuzzy feelings leftover from last night completely disappeared into a vacuum. "Wherever do you keep your horse? And who scoops up the crap it leaves behind?"

Did I mention just how much I love this girl? The book is coming out on June so guys do yourselves a favor and BUY IT.

Read my Review. It's worth those 3 minutes out of your life.

Scene between Callie and Gregory:

"Hey!" she cried, picking up the nearest stack of papers and hurling it at him.

"Hey yourself!" he retorted, reaching in to tickle her sides. Laughing uncontrollably, she grabbed a pillow off the couch and started whacking him on the head. He let her get away with it twice before he grabbed the pillow in one hand and her wrists in the other, slowly lowering them back down to her sides. Her resistance and her laughter faded abruptly as he looked at her, his hand steady on her wrist, their faces only a few inches apart -"

And that's all you get. Yeap, I'm horrible, but doesn't that just make you want to read it even more? Not that fact that I'm horrible, but the small cliffhanger. This is the sequel to The Ivy (review here), and it's good! I loved The Ivy and Secrets is no let down whatsoever. This series is a collegy Gossip Girl book that I think most of you, not all, will enjoy. Review is coming up soon!

*From Julie Kagawa's Site*

So, here is the very first SUMMER'S CROSSING teaser, as told by the one and only Robin Goodfellow:

"Names are, of course, very important to my kind. Me, I have so many, I can’t even remember them all. None of them are my True Name, of course. No one has ever spoken my real name out loud, not once, despite all the titles and nicknames and myths I’ve collected for myself over the years. No one has ever come close to getting it right.

Curious, are you? Wanna know my True Name? Okay, listen up, I’ve never told anyone before. My True Name is…"

She likes to torture us doesn't she? There is where the teaser stops. Now the novella comes out June 1st, so be prepared people!!


  1. I loved the teaser for Secrets! I think I'm in love with the hero. Who is he? I must read this book! Lol. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. The one from secrets was cute! I want to know what Puck's real name is!

  3. I love the teasers!! Thanks for sharing them! =)

  4. Cannot wait for Summer's Crossing.


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