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Wednesday 18 May 2011

Take a look at Katniss! Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss.

... She looks great! My doubts have been erased from my mind. All that is left is to see her act. You look awesome Katniss!! Thank you casting director for Katniss, now fix Peeta and Gale please!!

Do you like her now? Did you always thought Lawrence would do a great job? What do you think!?

PS; I NEED to get this issue!!


  1. I was a little skeptical about her playing Katniss, being so blonde... pale... but they did a GOOD job! Can't wait to see how SHE does with this epic role!

  2. I agree...everyone had doubts about Lawrence playing Everdeen, but she looks phenomenal in this picture and I'm sure she live up to the book's hype!

  3. I think she makes a perfect Katniss! Hopefully they can transform Peeta as well. I’m not loving the casting choice for him at all.

  4. i didnt like her at first, but now she looks perfect!!!!!!!!! yaaaay!!!!

  5. I was thrilled with this choice from the beginning. After I saw her performance in Winter's Bone, as a character with some very similar personality traits as Katniss, I knew this would be terrific. I also trust Suzanne Collins completely, and she was her biggest supporter. I never doubted they could make her look the part. This just makes me more excited!!


  6. oh my gosh she looks exactly how I pictured Katniss! I'm starting to get really freakin' excited about this!

  7. I think everyone can't help but feel a little dubious at first when you hear the casting choices, but then you sorta get to know more about them, google search them, see what they've done and they grow on you :)
    I think Jennifer will be perfect.
    She looks the part already.

  8. Goosebumps when I saw this earlier this afternoon!! She looks perfect.

  9. WOW! I think she looks great! When I first saw her though I actually did think she would look good as the role. Just dye her hair and you're good.

    But yeah, this is fantastic. I cannot wait for this movie!

    ~ Sarah ♥ I'm Loving Books

  10. Oh, I have a subscription to this, I hope I get it today!



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