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Tuesday 17 May 2011

The Cover for Haunting Violet by Alyxandra Harvey, Looks Familar?

Well, it should. I don't know if this is a remake of the original cover or if its just the UK cover or something like that, but it exists in Bloomsbury.com so I'm saying it's official.

**Edit** I believe this is the UK cover. UK for the win!

Hardcover, 352 pages
Expected publication: June 21st 2011
"When the Dead Lead, The Living Must Follow"

This is the same artist they use for the Fallen covers! Same girl, same atmosphere. I like the cover obviously, but I wonder why they felt the need to come up with another version. Were people responding badly to the first? Or just for the hell of it, better marketing strategy? The Fallen covers are legendary, half the people pick up the novel because of the cover, so it makes sense.

Which one do you like more? Be honest...


 Are you most likely to buy the book with the Fallen-esque cover?

PS; US wins. I mean I love the Fallen covers, but this cover just fits the story. Plus I love how the girl looks almost in the brink of death and the flowers. I liked the US cover all along too.


  1. I prefer the old cover. The new cover just looks that much more like the typical paranormal now. Comparatively.

    Maybe I'm in the minority. I haven't heard much about this book though. Might catch it in the paperback round...

  2. I like the first one better actually but I think that partly has to do with the fact that the newer version looks like the Fallen covers as you say.

  3. Yeah it's UK and US covers. I like both but considering I do photography I am a sucker for a pretty dress.

  4. So looking forward to this :) I really wished I lived in London to go to the signings :(
    Donna x x

  5. I'd probably pick up either cover. The new one looks more like it's a computer animation or something, like the back of a sim. I like that the old one looks more real, and it seems more eerie to me with the girl's position.

  6. I thought it sounded good anyway, but the new cover would definitely attract me to it.

  7. To be honest, i like the first one better. I love the fallen covers, but this one just seemed... flat i guess. i certainty prefer the original. So much prettier and unique.

  8. Honestly I'm liking the old best. I like the tagline better on old one as well. And it just seems more of its own... Granted, the Fallen books are doing really well and imitation is the highest form of flattery. But, people might pick up the book and expect one of the Fallen ones... better to have their own covers.

  9. If you go to the author's website, she still has the old cover as the book cover...

  10. To be honest I've seen to many pictures that look just like the Fallen covers over the years and I myself have done some art that are similar(I also used the same stock images). So these are just white walls for me. Too much of the artsy haha. :D If you hang around Deviantart.com a lot you'll understand. :D Anyways, I love the second one. It has more substance not like the first which looks too solid and dark plus the bottom bit of the dress is the same as Fallen's cover. :D I love using that dress for my manips. Its just so versatile. <3

    Thanks for posting!

  11. I prefer the old cover better!! I wouldn't go for the Fallen look-alike! it's just too close to the original Fallen books...
    the old one is beautiful!!

  12. I love them both! I would definitely try out this book just from looking at either cover. :)

  13. I like the old cover. I would most likely pick up the old cover first. It looks different. The new cover reminds me to much of Fallen

  14. WHOA, you're right!!!! I prefer the first cover!

  15. I prefer the US cover. Maybe because I saw it first and was immediately drawn to it because the cover was so striking, but I'm pretty sure I'd still prefer the US cover even if I saw the UK version first. The UK version is too like Fallen; it'd prolly confuse fans of the Fallen series.

  16. I really like both - I think they are both gorgeous and eerie.

  17. Us cover because the other looks to much like fallen/torment? What do you think?


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