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Tuesday 3 November 2009

Holy Cow! Bunch of VA Covers! (Special US VS __)

This would be like round 5 of the US VS UK posts I do over here. I could not resist after founding these oh so many different covers of the Vampire Academy Series. Let's start. Oh and If you want to see the other rounds, just click on the number and it will take you to the post: one, two, three, or four. PS; All the covers are in order.

The ones we know about, the US covers:

Germany Vampire Academy, Frost Bite and Shadow Kiss Covers :

Sweden covers for Vampire Academy and Frost Bite:

Russian Cover of Vampire Academy:

So let's talk. Personally? I love the German covers. They look amazing! But I have to agree with Richelle and say that the Russian cover is a great representation of Rose. The girl looks deadly. So my list would have to go:


Lecture heureuse! (Happy Reading!)

PS; Click here and read something you might consider hilarious.


  1. I definitely like the German ones best too! Then Russian, then US, then Swedish!

  2. Thanks for showcasing other country's covers. I think I will agree with your order of faves. But was a really hard pick between US and Russia.

  3. This may surprise you but I like the German ones best followed by US, then Russian, then Sweden. XD lol. Great minds think alike, do they not twin?


  4. I like the US ones - especially for books 4 and 5 - but I also really like the german ones :)

  5. I agree, the German ones look great.

  6. German is definatly the best one!

  7. I was never a fan of the US covers, but I agree with you that the German covers look great.

  8. I agree about the German ones. But I like Sweden's too.

  9. I Totally Agree With You And Briana.. Those German Covers Are Awesome!!

  10. I love the Russian! I think that is the best representation of Rose I've seen. The US covers don't look anything like her and it drives me nuts.

  11. I like the Germany covers, their so dark!

  12. I agree I really like the Russian one... I would like to see what more of them look like


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