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Wednesday 25 November 2009

Teaser Tuesday (On Wednesday)

Well, it's 4 a.m. So technically it's Wednesday. But I'm just going to ignore that, as I usually do, and post my Teaser Tuesday of the day. I finished Beautiful Creatures! And it was awesome, I will be posting the review soon, most likely on the day that it is released or on the day before.

Anyways, I'm still reading Behind Every Illusion, but don't take me wrong, the book is good, it's just hard to look at it. It's so big that is just hurts my eyes. But I will keep reading it and have a review for it soon enough though. I will not surrender because, as He Man, I have the power!!!

Today's Teaser comes from yet another book I started reading called The Mark by Jen Nadol. Our first 2010 teaser.

"There is nothing like the gut-hollowing experience of watching someone die, especially when you know it's coming."
Pg. 1

What a tremendous opening sentence uh? This book is only about 228 pages so I should have the review VERY soon considering I have the rest of the week off. I will be juggling between AP Literature, the blog, and reading. FUN!

Also, for those of you who didn't see my previous post I am having a Huge Contest, and I would advice you to take a look at it. ^^


  1. ACK - I am SOOOO excited for this one!

  2. That teaser is awesome. I really want to read this book.
    I loved Beautiful Creatures. I'm looking forward to seeing your review.

  3. Oooh, great teaser! I'm so excited to read The Mark. :)

    ps. Yay for Stop and Stare!

  4. I have been hearing about this book, all over the place. Heard it's good.

  5. I'm dying to read this book!

  6. I also have this on my shelf waiting to be read! Can't wait!!

  7. What a great teaser from The Mark. I can't say that's an experience I know anything about. . .

  8. Great teaser! I definitely will be reading this one at some point in the coming year.


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