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Wednesday 11 November 2009

Stupid, stupid MATH.

Well, I received my score for the composite, and it was great, but the stupid math part of the ACT got me HARD. And I love math! I really do, but when I go to take the test my brain freezes and I can only do things that involve algebra. I love algebra. And I'm so good at class, but not on test. I hope that they take in consideration my other parts of the test, not only math. I mean come on I am not even going to university to mayor in math, but in English! (yes, English, I'm probably going to be poor and eat stuff out of the streets until I make a huge book and people pay me millions for my words -J. K. Rowling much?)

Anyways, yes, this was a 'vent' post. I wanted to vent.

What do you guys think of this course? I think it's pretty great.


  1. Im sure you did great Ive known people who are like geniuses at math and they still didn't do that well in the math section. Hope you get those millions.

  2. Nah, no one looks at the individual scores. Composite is what will get you in. If you got below a 19 they may make you take a remedial math class. But as a fellow English major, once you actually get into college - the ACT is a thing of the past! :)

  3. Oo You took at ACT? I only took the SAT. I'm sure you did well enough in the other portions to make up for the Math score! Do you have enough time to take another one?

  4. A lot of people who are good in math always fails the exams. It's not you; it's the questions. The course sounds interesting, but it's your call :)

  5. I absolutely abhor math. my worst subject ever ;) I love PE.

  6. I love math but freeze up with numbers. Love writing but freeze up with spelling. That's life. Hope it went okay enough. And good luck.


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