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Tuesday 17 November 2009

Teaser Tuesday x 3

I am currently reading, 3 books at the time. Which are: Behind Every Illusion, Beautiful Creatures & A Touch of Dead.

As far I can tell Behind Every Illusion is in the realm of fairy, Beautiful Creatures is in the realm of mystery and romance, and A Touch of Dead is some short stories, extra to the original series of Sookie Stackhouse but related either way; is supernatural, and is for those fans of Sookie who just can't get enough (guilty as charged).

"Looking up, she saw Bethany jogging slowly backwards on the sidewalk and the cross-walk sign ahead of them changing from "walk" to "stop" at what seemed an impossibly sluggish rate. To the left, a red car began driving toward them. All this happened in less than a second and suddenly Tatiana knew what was about to happen.
She knew that in just a few moments, the car would run through the red light. In her mind, she saw Bethany's foot tripping over the curb, tumbling her backwards into the busy road. She saw the speeding car attempt to come to an impossibly fast halt before its sudden connection with Bethany's falling body."
Pg. 16

I was free falling, tumbling through the air.
She called to me, and just the sound of her voice made my heart race.
"Help me!"
She was falling, too. I stretched out my arms, trying to catch her. I reached out, but all I caught was air. There was no ground beneath my feet, and I was clawing at mud. We touched fingertips and I saw green sparks in the darkness.
Then she slipped through my fingers, and all I could feel was loss.
Lemons and rosemary. I could smell her, even then.
But I couldn't catch her.
And I couldn't live without her."
Pg. 4-5

"His eyes went blank, and his eyes were empty. Flakes began to drift from his skin as he crumpled.
But as the self-proclaimed Dracula sank to the floor and I looked around me, I wasn't so sure. Only the presence of Eric at my side kept the assemblage from falling on me and taking care of business. The vampires from out of town were the most dangerous; the vampires that knew me would hesitate.
"He wasn't Dracula," I said as clearly and loudly as I could. "He was an impostor."
"Kill her!" said a thin female vamp with short brown hair. "Kill the murderess!"

Pot calling the kettle black."
Pg. 66

And that's all for today! I am liking all 3 books. Will be posting a review for A Touch of Dead tomorrow.


  1. Great teasers! I love how you posted teasers for all three books-- very nice. x)

  2. Niice teasers!!! 3 books...wow! I can barely read one book right now b/c of school.

    BTW...I love the cover of Behind Every Illusion.

  3. I like the Beautiful Creatures teaser.

  4. Great Teasers. I feel like I have to read Beautiful Creatures, like, NOW! Even just that little teaser felt intense!


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