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Monday 9 November 2009

Monday's Mental Picture

When you read a book, you always get a picture of the characters. How they are, or should be depending on characterization or description. Even though the author may say something, you sometimes may imagine something else. And so, that's why Monday's Mental Picture was created, to share ideas, or more to the point, mental pictures.

Everybody has their bad boy, boy. The guy who screws your life. The one you can't bring home to the parents. The one that rocks your boat. You don't know if to run to his arms, or go for the hills. He'll surely break your heart, but will he mend it? He fills you with more passion than you ever knew you had. And even though you would love to hate him, and know you should hate him, you can't help but fall in love with him.

Now who hasn't heard of Hush Hush? One of the ultimate bad boys is Mr. Patch. He is dark, he is dangerous and he is part supernatural. What else could you desire?

Oh yeah, a smexy physical.

Here is my mental picture of Patch.

His name is Tom Sturridge. And he is everything a bad boy should be (well, a young adult bad boy if anything, he is but a boy girls). He may seem like a dark, and smexy guy, but on the inside you just know there is something else there, another story that you can't wait to uncover.

This is mental picture number 1. Enjoy.

PS; I was thinking this for a long time, and I finally got over my laziness and decided to not only put reviews by title, but author too! So you have the two options if only you click on my reviews bottom.


  1. Tom Sturridge is absolutely gorgeous and I could completely picture him as Patch.

    :D Nikki

  2. Too cute! Great idea!

  3. Yummy! Now when I read that book, I'll have Tom Sturridge stuck in my head. Siigh!

  4. I think you picked a great representation. He definitely resembles the Patch I conjured up in my head. :)

  5. Oooh! He could definitely be Patch! 8D I can't wait for them to figure out they MUST make a movie of this book! *legiggle* I LOVE Patch! *getsallfangirly* ANYWHO! xD



  6. I'm in love with this guy since I saw him in Gulliver's Travels, then in Vanity Fair and afterwords in Being Julia, I love him, and I agree with you completely, the is more than meets the eye!

  7. OMG. He is what I pictured Patch would look like, too! That's my guess...Because I actually haven't read the book yet.

  8. Oh man.Good one! SEXY!!!!



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