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Friday 20 November 2009

New Moon, The Movie, Review

Rating: .5

I gotta say, the movie didn't suck. Everything was a degree (or two) better. The actors, the special effects, the adaptation, and did I mention the acting? I can honestly say these were the best parts of the movie.

The special effects were wow. The wolves looked awesome and BIG. I always kind of imagined the Underworld werewolves but this ones will do the trick. Not only the wolves, but I like how they illustrated Edward when she is hearing things. And the fighting sequence near the end. Oh but I gotta say, I still laughed when the vampires started to "sparkle". That's always going to be funny to me.

I say they did a decent job of adapting the book into the movie too. I mean, I could understand the whole story, didn't really care for anything that they might have changed... scratch that, I do care about ONE thing they changed. But Ill get to that later.

Now, the acting. On the first movie was... horrible. On this movie? I likes it. I can finally say Bella is not a zombie. Edward is still the same, though I feel more emotion from him. Mr.Abs was awesome. Oh, Mr.Abs is my nickname for Jacob. The minute he took off his shirt... I think all the women in the theater were short of breath. The things Hollywood pays you to do uh?

Now to the cons. When you watch this movie you can get a clear and shocking picture of how desperate Bella is. The depression, stupid self sacrificing, the break down... If you didn't get it that much on the book (or were too into the romance to notice the bad side of the story) you will get it on the book. That is not a good message, woman should not break down and isolate themselves after they have lost a man. But it is fiction so.

And finally, the major CON... The ending. Goodness I hated it. Why did they have to do THAT like THAT? It just wasn't right in ANY way. I don't understand how could they. People are still going to watch the third movie if they had finished with another ending. They could have played it better.

All in all, it did not suck. Is worth the wait, and is worth your money.

PS; Something that might have helped was that I was in a free-twilight-maniac environment. It was like watching every other first day release movie.Crowded, but not crazy.


  1. I can't wait! I want to see it today but we have plans to see it tomorrow w/ friends! I will have to twist hubby's arm to see it today! Just need a sitter.....

  2. I'd like to see this but I don't know if I'm going to go and pay to see it. I might wait until it's released on DVD so I can borrow it from someone. I'm like you - I thought the acting in the first one was really bad. I'm glad to know they've improved a bit in this one.

  3. I loved it and thought it was sooooo much better than Twilight in so many ways! Oh the ending, that was dumb because that does not happen til the 3rd book towards the end, so why bring it up in the 2nd movie? Oh well, that and the many almost kissing of Jacob and Bella were the only things that I found to be very wrong compared to the book.

  4. Great review! I loved it as well. The ending wasn't that bad in my opinion. I felt like they were kind of cramming everything in there as quickly as they could and they sort of just shoved the proposal in there.
    Though, I wouldn't care if the movie were 3 hours long, I'd still love it.

  5. I agree! this movie was much much better.

  6. Observation: Taylor Lautner made all the other actors in this movie look out of shape and/or flabby by comparison

  7. @psoriasisguru.com Oh your so right ;)

  8. Glad you liked it. I've yet to see it, but I'm sure one of my twilight obsessed friends will drag me to it. :)

  9. I haven't seen it. nor do i plan on seeing it. maybe i would if i didn't have to hear,"edward I love you." or " Jacob you are so sexy" everyday at school :/

  10. I pretty much agree with you about everything, and now I'm wondering why I didn't write one single thing about the wolves in my review. They were awesome, weren't they?
    I didn't hate the ending, though. Sure, it was lame, but I also thought it worked. And everyone in the audience when I saw it gasped and sat there, mouth agape, as the credits passed. I guess maybe they hadn't read the books. . .

  11. I liked the movie too, and I agree the acting was better and the special affects were amazing. As for the *breakdown* I agree that a woman shouldn't react that way because of a guy, but it unfortunately it does happen, that's life. Some women are stronger than others. The way Bella acts around Edward and how she falls for him so quickly shows that she is not particularly strong - but on a lighter note, can you blame her? Edward is h.o.t. :D

  12. Haha Mr. Abs... when he took his shirt off you could literally hear all the women like suck in a breath.... it was awesome and then some random man in the audience went wooohooo... it was hilarious

  13. Yes, definitely entertaining.. :) This movie made my hubby into Team Jacob - he said Jacob's a real man, not a wimpy, pale, love-sick vampire.

  14. New Moon was so much better than Twilight! Mr. Abs is the perfect nickname for Jacob =D!


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