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Friday 27 November 2009

Contest Update*

We have an extra rule to the contest. I finally decided how I am going to choose the random/extra winners of the contest.

"I will have random winners at the end of the contest, can't tell you how many, or what they are getting. It's a surprise, or a mystery."

If you don't win the top 3 spots of the contest, you still may get something. The people who may be put in this extra draw are the people who do the post on their official blog. I need help for the promotion of the contest, and I thought this would be an incentive that everybody could do ^^

Oh also, I may or may not be posting this weekend. I have plans :O which is in itself a miracle. But I may not have Wi-Fi where I'm staying at. I know sad. But I am finishing The Mark, and I am sure I could finish another book by the weekend. So stay tuned for those.

(Oh goodness I'm watching VH1 and the new Beyonce/Lady Gaga song is up... Will it be good? Ugh, I don't like the lyrics, or the music, only their voices... Yeah, not my fav, I will not add it to my Ipod)


  1. I've been following you for a while, and I have NO idea how I kept missing your contest! I've just entered! You're giving away some amazing books!
    I didn't know Beyonce and Lady Gaga did a song together. :-)

  2. Really? I like the song lol.

  3. They have a song together? where have I been? I have to check it out and I have to enter your amazing contest!


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