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Tuesday 25 August 2009

Interview With Daniel, Dina, & Characters fron AF

So, today is August 25th. And that means that Another Faust comes out today! Happy release day!

I wanted to do something extra, not only a happy release post, but something more. So I asked Dina if we could have an interview, and she gladly said yes, and even Daniel wanted in on the action. It's kind of long, but worth the reading.

Talk to me about Another Faust.

Well, it’s a retelling of the original Faust, written by Goethe. In our version, the events take place at a modern NYC prep school and involve five teenagers who are each so desperate for something that they are willing to sell their souls to the devil (who is embodied by a very unlikely figure in their lives). We wrote Another Faust as the first book in “Another Series”, with every book a retelling of a classic tale, set at the Marlowe School. The idea behind the series is to write fun, modern stories using old tales, so that teens will become interested in reading the originals and see how totally approachable and fun the oldest stories really are. Also,
we’ve packed the book with all sorts of historical and literary references which are fun to figure out. There are several historical characters that we imply “may” have done some deal making, but we don’t name them. So it’s fun to try to figure it out.

Daniel, Dina, which one of you was the one who can up with the idea for Another Faust? How do you guys work? I mean, does one give ideas and the other write? or is it different?

Dina: The idea changed so much since we partnered, that it really wouldn't have been the same without either one of us. We each brought important elements to the original idea. As for ideas and writing, we actually divide that up pretty equally. The writing is definitely 50/50, an equal contribution by both of us (in fact, we both heavily edit even the chapters that the other one writes). As for ideas, we spend hours and hours on skype brainstorming together before we ever set pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard). So the ideas are the result of hours of discussion and brainstorming and daydreaming and fighting.

Daniel: We each write one chapter, then the other one butchers it with a red pen. Then we scream at each other for a several hours, veering off into personal attacks on our childhood insecurities, personal hygiene, and whom our mother loves best. Then we go point by point and negotiate every jot and tittle. We proceed to scream some more, but this time, staying on point. Then we eat something. The conversation turns to food, a subject we're both very excited about, and agree on almost every time. We get excited about tea. Suddenly, the other one doesn't seem like such an obstinate goon. We hug. We consider giving in on one or more points of contention. We get back to the writing. Seems pretty decent. We go with it.

This is a series right? The ending was pretty much left open for possibility.

Dina: Yes, it’s a series. The second book is called Another Pan, and it follows Madame Vileroy as she leaves the house and has to inhabit another body so that she can continue to haunt the Marlowe School. As the name implies, the second book is also a retelling! It takes place in the school year after Another Faust and it gives a lot more information about Madame Vileroy’s personal history (it actually answers the question of, “what was her original identity?”).

Daniel: Yeah, but it's a whole different KIND of series. The through-thread is this idea of classic stories happening in the school of Marlowe, and the darkness that has chosen to infest this school (Vileroy in the first book). So we keep the setting, and the darkness, but everything else will have that new story smell.

How many books shall we expect?

Dina: As long as we have readers, we will write!

Daniel: Well, the Western Canon has what, like, several hundred titles in it...something thereabouts.

Do you guys have favorite characters? Or least favorite?

Dina: My favorite characters are Madame Vileroy and Valentin. I usually like the bad characters best. Though that doesn't apply to Victoria, because I hate her. :)

Daniel: My favorite character? Doc Holiday, Ignatius Reilly, Batman, Don Quixote, Pangloss...wait, you mean in Another Faust? Oh, then, um, Buddy. Least favorite? I'm no fan of any of the parents in Another Faust.

I won't ask anymore questions in concern with the story, I don't want to give out any spoilers xD

As I was talking to Dina & Daniel, the characters happen to stumble in. I decided to question them as well, if not just for the hell of it.

Hey guys, tell me a little about yourself's.

Victoria looks at me like I'm utterly stupid "Isn't it "yourselves"? and No."
Not being able to ignore Victoria's attitude, Bice steps into my defense "No, it can be "your self's" in the sense that each of us is referred to in the second person singular. Now, answering your question Taschima, I used to be a twin."
Belle, completely unaware of the whole thing, gets excited and starts babbling, "What do you want to hear? Wow, the dweeby-ness is making me break out."
Christian goes back to the previous discussion, I don't know if in defense of Bice or myself, but it doesn't really matter, "Yeah, we shouldn't pick on people's writing. It's really mean. We should just answer the question. I live with my best friend. His name is Buddy, though I don’t know where he came from. I hate processed meats."
Valentine, with a huge grin on his face, decides to step in, "What question?" He wouldn’t answer this one. He went back in time and kept me from asking it.

Ok, what was I asking? Oh yeah...

Do any of you have favorites among each other?

Victoria, while yawning, manages to say "Silly question, everyone likes themselves best. Or, wait, them self's."
Belle nods "I kind of see what Victoria is getting at. I mean, I like my sister best, but I mean, I see her point."
Ignoring Victoria and Belle, Christian looks at me and says "Bice."
Bice nods in agreement "Christian" Though she rather it be Belle.
Valentin starts giving me his best argument "You know we're not really related right? Cause if I say I like the hot one best, I don't want you to think it's because she's funny or fun to be around. It's entirely because she's straight up hot." Rewinds, composes himself. "I like Mahatma Gandhi best... or Madame Vileroy."

Am, sure Valentine...

How are you liking your New York life?

Victoria thinks for a second, then says, "Eh. I've seen better.Though people say New York is the only place to be. Give me a year, I’ll rule this town!"
Bice, looks for just a minute a lot older than she appears "It’s the same as my life everywhere else. Confusing. It's nice though, sometimes. But I have my own place I like to hang out."
The one who looks very excited is Belle. "So far good. I have the best boyfriend. I’ve solved my little “problem” and everyone loves me..." She looks uncertain before saying "Except maybe Bice."
Christian looks like he could be anywhere and not really care "I just take it one day at a time...trust in my coaches...give it a hundred percent...I’m winning games. I don’t have to eat generic cereal. So it’s okay, I guess."
Valentin, always the devils advocate, says "I liked it better in fifties. People are the same everywhere. But yeah, New York has the hottest ladies."

Valentine, Victoria, Belle - Do you guys ever miss your parents?

Valentine is the first one to answer "No, they’re jerks. Good riddance."
Victoria looks as if this question were the stupidest one Ive asked yet "Are you kidding? Madame Vileroy is all the parent I need."
While Victoria, yet again proves how evil she is, I look at Belle. She looks very torn, then she says "All the time, but I try not to dwell on it. I don't like to talk about it, really." I leave it at that.

I go back to where Daniel & Dina are and ask them one final question. Last, but not least, can you give us any clues about how the story will continue? Do you have a title for the next book yet?

Dina: Another Pan!

Daniel: Yep, Another Pan. A cursed Egyptian bloodline, the charming yet dangerous Peter and his international orphan syndicate, daring escapes, nerdy angst, lust posing as love, love posing as bad parenting, pretty much everything you could hope for in a second date with the devil.

Well, I gotta say, I really liked this interview! Daniel & Dina are very creative people. Now if you would like to know more about the authors, or the series, check out their Main Website. And if you want to read my review of Another Faust, which I recommend you to, if only to make me happy, click here.

And if you desire a copy of Another Faust, you don't really have to make a deal with the devil in order to get it, since the book is released today!

And if you don't have the resources to get it, well, I'm giving out a Hardcover copy of Another Faust on my Mega Palooza contest, which still has lots of days left, so sign up!

Also Blood Promise, the fourth book in the Vampire Academy series is out and about! So go, go, go to your nearest bookstore, and if possible get both!

I am also giving away a copy of Blood Promise in my Mega Palooza contest so, again, sign up, and maybe you will be the lucky winner who gets them.


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    ~Briana :D

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  6. I loved Daniel's response to your question on how they work.

    "We each write one chapter, then the other one butchers it with a red pen. Then we scream at each other for a several hours, veering off into personal attacks on our childhood insecurities, personal hygiene, and whom our mother loves best."

    That was perfect. xD!

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