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Saturday 1 August 2009

The ABC's of Taschima Cullen


I noticed some of you want to know more about this crazy person. So for that I am doing the ABC's of Taschima Cullen, that, and because B.A.M. Book Reviews tagged me!

The Rules:

- Link to the person who tagged you
- Share your ABCs
- Tag three people at the end by linking to their blogs
- Let the three tagged people know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website
- Do not tag the same person repeatedly but try to tag different people, so there is a big network of bloggers doing this tag.

Taken or single?

- Kind of in the middle. Bf and me are taking a break cause me in Puerto Rico and he is in Florida. So, In the middle, but soon enough very much taken.

Best Friend?

- Girl Best Friend- Kylene, ex co-admin of Bloody Bookaholics
- Guy Best Friend- Yuyo
- Blogger Best Friend- Briana from The Book Pixie

Cake or Pie?

- Cakie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OR Cheescake!!!!!! and if not... Key Lime PIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Drink of choice?

- I am a total Coca-Cola addict. I tried to leave it behind, but I just can't.

Essential item for every day use?

- My laptop foremost, hair Iron, Ipod, and the book of the day.

Favorite color?

- This is the most used question ever. But Ill answer anyways. Since black ain't really a color, I have to say red.


- The way the bible is for some people, google is for me. Have any questions? Go to Google. Need directions? Go to Google. Need eye candy? Go to Google.


- Since I don't live there anymore this question is safe. Hometown name is Rio Piedras, town in Puerto Rico.


- I have too many to name.

January or February?

- I have to say January, although I don't see the difference. But since January is closer to the cold, Ill pick that one.

Kids and their names?

- I dont have any, thank goodness. I am 16, having kids ain't good right now, or ever. But If I were to have a kid, which is VERY doubfull, I like Axl, Taschima (of course), Alice, Seth.

Life is incomplete without...?

- A purpose. Don't you sometimes start thinking just what the hell are you doing here? What difference you make to the world? The world is so vast, so full of people, you sometimes can't help but think, what am I doing here? A purpose helps you continue with life, be it a task, a challenge, friends, family, you need something to live for, in order to live.

Marriage date?

- NEVER... Ok, only if he insist >.>

Number of siblings?

- HAHAHA you really want to know? Ok here is the family tree.

Older siblings? 1, my sister, her name is Zul Joan. She is the life of the party.

Younger siblings? 8, Jun, Jonathan, Angeli, Angeleti, 2 girls I don't even know names (father...), Luis and Pedro. The last two aren't really blood, but they are more than that, so much more.

Oranges or apples?

- Oh the fruit of temptation always, apples.

Phobias and fears?

- Phobias- Needles! And I have my belly pierced, I have the bridge which is this earring that goes across your ear, and I also have plugs. Ironic ain't it? But hospital needles freak me the hell out!

- I fear loneliness. But, aren't we all alone really? We are born alone, and, eventually we die alone.

Fear of death?

- I don't fear death. I fear leaving my loved ones behind, and that they will suffer.

Quote for the day?

- "The past is behind us now, only choice we have left is to look forward, and move on" by Me^^.

Reason to smile?

- Old, bittersweet memories. When someone says I love you.


- I love the cold, and pale beauty of winter. The color of the trees from autumn. And the life that starts again on spring. I cannot seem to love Summer since it's too damn hot.

Unknown fact about me?

- Other than a bookworm, I am a nerd/geek. I need to have all A's, if not I freak. And I love school. I love to learn new things, interesting things. Its such a splendid feeling that of learning. Also I play RPG's and stuff Lol. Another unknown fact is that I want to move to NY, and study in NYU, Yale, or Brown.

Vegetable you hate?

- Vege- WHAT!?

Worst habit?

- Eating after 10.

Xrays you've had?

- How am I suppose to remember this?

Your fave food?

- CHINESE!!!!!!! & SUSHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zodiac sign?

- Scorpio, like a lot of other Bloggers it seems!

Tag 3 people?

- Briana from The Book Pixie
- Shayla from The Book Explorer

And there you go guys! That's a little bit about moi. I will be doing another post about me later on. Much later on. I hope this helps fill in gaps, and also that it wasn't tremendously boring.

Another thing I wanted to say. There is a new blogger in town. Her name is The Undercover Book Lover. Spread the love to her blog!


  1. Awesome!! I also love sushi and could NOT live with Google. :)

  2. "I don't fear death. I fear leaving my loved ones behind, and that they will suffer." Totally agree. Also that I weren't square with the Big Man.
    When you said ABC's, I thought this would three essencial questions, but that was looong! :)

  3. I just added you on MSN :)


  4. Heehee. Always so fun to read the ABCs of others. Oh, btw, in kids & names, you wrote "I have 16". I'm figuring that's a typo. XD I pretty much need all As too, and so does more than half my school, so you're not alone. :P (My school is asian. End of story.)

    - Alex

  5. Ah, a kindred spirit. I also love sushi, the cold, and RPG gaming. I hate Summer, have a phobia of needles, and my favorite color is black.

    Scary similiar. Maybe we're twins, lol. ;)

  6. Haha, this is awesome! Great post Taschima! x)

  7. Haha. Great. x) I think I'll do this post...later today. Bwaha.

    Sad day. =( I'm not number one anymore. lol

  8. @Alex I know! It was 4 a.m. and I was sleep-typing, it's kind of like sleep-walking lol

    I fixed it, thanks for pointing it out though!

    @Julie I knew I had a twin somewhere! Me and my siblings are just to different!

    @The Book Explorer you are kind of number 1, just a shared one!

  9. Brilliant idea and fun too. Another interesting way to get to know those bloggers out there.



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