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Monday 24 August 2009

Contest Winner

This contest was a success! The only thing I asked for was more than 40 entries, and I got 67! Thank you guys!! So...

Sab H. from Crystal Reviews

I will be emailing you shortly. I hope you like your prize.

Now, today was my first day of school. It felt so good! I wasn't new anymore! And I'm a senior! which rocks. Now these are my classes...

Government Honors
AP Biology
AP Literature
HOPE (also known as Life Management Skills, I think)
Draft & Design

Now, after much evaluation, I think I will be able to read on HOPE, Draft & Design, Construction, and of course AP Literature. Yay!!! So, now I can actually have MORE time to read believe it or not. I usually do most of my reading at school lol

So, expect more reviews now. And my review for Fragile Eternity is going to be up tomorrow. Or not. I may be posting an interview I had with Daniel & Dina Nayeri. So, lots of things coming up.

My Mega Palooza is still up and running, so if you haven't had a chance to sign up click here. You don't want to miss the chance to win a lot of books, do you?


  1. Sab. H is one lucky person!

    I love that kitty picture xD

    I'm starting school the first of september...I actually had orientation today!

  2. Nice kitty pic!

    And whoot! Congrats Sab!


  3. Congrats Sab!

    And good luck to you, Taschima, for the new school year. Hope you enjoy your classes!

    Sarah :]

  4. Congrats Sab!

    HOPE? What's that? Health and PE?

    Have fun back at school!

  5. Thanks guys!! An Thank you Taschima!!
    Cant wait to get it! Already emailed you back! ;D

  6. Sab H., Congrats and enjoy! I hear such great things about the book!

    Taschima, what is HOPE?

  7. Hahahaha HOPE is the lame name they put to Life Management Skills... No offense!

  8. Awww, look at the kitty! So cute! Congrats Sab! Enjoy your book.

    ~Briana :D

  9. School! What to say? I'm excited to be back but at the same time not. I'm glad you like all your classes!

  10. Congrats to Sab :-D

    Glad you enjoyed your first day back. Those classes sound amazing - Wow, our schools were so boring compared to yours.

  11. congrats to the winner :)
    Yay for class of 2010

  12. I wish I could read while I am working..I can listen to my mp3 player though..books on tape

    They called HOPE, CAPP in my school..weird how it's call something different everywhere

  13. Love the picture. The classes sound good.

  14. Congrats Winner! Your classes sound fun I am almost done with my current quarter woo hoo! Only 2 more to go till Im outta college! Whats your major?

  15. Hmm High School lol

    I don't know what I'm going to major in...

  16. Oh lol man you seem so mature for your age and when I was in High school we never had those classes, you must be a real smarty pants =) What grade are you in? I wish I could go back to high school lol! Good luck this year =)

  17. I'm a senior this year ^^ Yay!!!

    and I'm 16, B-day is in November, so I graduate at 17!!

  18. Nice I graduated at 17 too lol and now I will be graduating college at 20 woo hoo go us!


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