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Saturday 8 August 2009

Review: Deeper By Megan Hart

Title: Deeper
Author: Medan Hart
Pages: 400
Tags: Erotica, Supernatural.
Published: July 1st, 2009.
by Spice

"Love comes when it is less expected"

Twenty years ago she had her whole life spread out before her. She was Bess Walsh, a fresh-scrubbed, middle-class student ready to conquer the design world. And she was taken. Absolutely and completely.
But not by Andy, her well-groomed, intellectual boyfriend who had hinted more than once about a ring. No. During that hot summer as a waitress and living on the beach, she met Nick, the moody, dark-haired, local bad boy. He was, to put it mildly, not someone she could take home to Daddy.

Instead, Nick became her dirty little secret— a fervent sexual accomplice who knew how to ignite an all-consuming obsession she had no idea she carried deep within her.

Bess had always wondered what happened to Nick after that summer, after their promise to meet again. And now, back at the beach house and taking a break from responsibility, from marriage, from life, she discovers his heartbreaking fate—and why he never came back for her. Suddenly Nick's name is on her lips…his hands on her thighs…dark hair and eyes called back from the swirling gray of purgatory's depths.

Dead, alive, or something in between, they can't stop their hunger.

She wouldn't dare.

Taschima's POV:

Deeper is the story of Bess, the young and the old version. It evolves around her and the choices she makes, and the things that happen when she decides to risk her faerie tell ending for something a little bit more dangerous and uncertain. Thus comes Nick, the 'Bad Boy', who isn't really bad but a confused, and full of hormones, teenager who needs to find his way in life. Mix with emotion and sex, this book is deeper than the ocean.

I enjoyed parts of this book, the writing, the characters, the whole concept, the past and present game... But I also was left with a blanks on other parts.

As I said the writing captures your attention since the first page, it's like you start reading it and you just keep going. Megan Hart has an amazing talent.

Character wise, well, I sometimes wanted to smack young Bess in the head, but she IS a teenager so, what the hell right? Adult Bess, though involved in a non-future relationship, she seems more in control of who she is. Nick, well, Nick... Am, I seem to want to eat him up like a candy bar, but that's like it. He is so insecure, I just want a big Eddie. I so want her to end up with Eddie, and does she? Hm I don't know, and if I did know I wouldn't tell YOU anyways. I can tell you this though, It's one of the few times I was most attracted by one other than the main male character.

And although the book is Erotica, it's not all about sex. It has a clear story line, and yeah sex IS on the menu, but on parts that make sense, mostly.

Now, the non-good parts. I liked that some of the supernatural was integrated on the book, but, I felt like I needed more explaining on that part. No, scratch that, a LOT of explaining on that part. And well it seemed to fit on the story sometimes, and sometimes it just didn't.

Also, why is Bess with Andy anyways? He is a super duper ASS. And well, the ending was a biter-sweet one, and although you probably knew it would happen, you just didn't want to hear it. But, it does leave room for possibility *hint* *hint*

All in all good read, it occupies your time, and a fantastic beginning into the whole world of Erotica, if you want to read some of that well, go with Megan Hart. I am sure to read her other novels!

PS: Cover of this book makes me think of the song "Because" from Across the Universe.


  1. I've been curious about your f*ck up book. It doesn't sound like a bad read, I might have to pick it up sometime. Thanks for the review!


  2. Interesting Taschima, have I ever told you O love your name, it's so unique! Anywho...your review was mixed which is spot on, I once read an erotica book and well it had a good storyline but just didn't do it for me. I still like the cover though, makes me wanna do something naughty in a pool hehe.

  3. @Eleni Thank you! I also love my nick! I am so sad my mom thought it up 13 years late. That could have been my real name!!

  4. Good review! I was excited to read your review of it :) I'm glad you enjoyed it!


  5. Great review! (Love the .9) Hee hee. I really like how you review a variety of age range books. It's very refreshing!

  6. Great review! I was intrigued by the summary, and then I read your review and it got more interesting. I might pick it up once I get over being a prude. LOLLL.

  7. Love the cover, that guy's got a great back! It sounds like an intriguing read too

  8. *giggles* I... erm... Yeah, no.

  9. I'm just useless. All I can do is giggle immaturely. :P

  10. Ooh. I'm curious about this one. I love supernatural books...and the cover looks really awesome. I'll have to read this one. :D


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