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Friday 14 August 2009

Heath Ledger's Last Stand

As you all know Heath Ledger died. He was an amazing actor. Some roles he played were from a gay cowboy called Ennis Del Mar in Brokeback Mountain, to the crazy, but incredibly smart, Jocker in The Dark Knight. He was so good in the Dark Night some people started saying he eclipsed Batman and the movie was all about him! Anyhow, he had such great potential... In his last appearance, his last stand, he plays the part of Tony, in The Imagination of Doctor Parnassus.

Here I leave you guys the trailer.

I think it is amazing. This movie has more stars than the sky. Johnny Depp? Heath Ledger? Jude Law? It will be an incredible movie. I am so sad it's his last one. He had such promise. Rest in peace Heath.


  1. Come pick up your award!

  2. I was affected by Heath Ledger's death more than by any celebrity before or since (so far).

    There is no logical reason for it; I was only a casual fan.

    This movie looks very intriguing, and you're right--what a cast! I still haven't quite been able to bring myself to watch some of his movies that I'd always intended to getting around to, but I'm going to have to check this out for sure!

  3. Heath is a great actor with some really good performances in movies! No wonder he got oscar although many actors who have been around for a while havn't like adam sandler, christian bale!

  4. That looks like one big trip fest! In a good way though. :)
    My favorite Heath Ledger role was Patrick Verona in Ten Things I Hate About You.
    I think what made his death so sad for me was that it was really easy to picture him as a kid. I've never seen any pictures of him from when he was young, but I could imagine what he looked like.

  5. This is so, so sad.

    I don't know if I will be able to get through the film without crying.

  6. Awww-- saad. I guess I have to see this. >__<

  7. This seems like a really good film, even though it was a great actor's last :(

  8. If you were a Heath fan, I'd definitely urge you to watch this small Australian film he did with Abbie Cornish and Geoffrey Rush called 'Candy.' Heath and Abbie play couple of heroin addicts whose addiction to each other is as dangerous as their drug. *That* was truly Heath's number one performance but, unfortunately, as it was a small indie Aussie film, it hasn't been seen by too many. He's superb in it.


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